Sean David Morton ~ Bio


Sean David Morton had his first visions as a child when he predicted the death of a man that was like a second father to him, astronaut and American hero Command Pilot Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom. Gus, one of the original Mercury Astronaut, thought by many to be picked to be the first man on the moon, was tragically burned alive with fellow astronauts Edward H. White and Roger Chaffee during a routine ground systems check on the Apollo 1 spacecraft. All three men were close family friends. Sean’s Irish grandmother, Ruth Croft, was the only one to take heed of Sean’s many youthful visions and warnings, and encouraged his abilities in secret.

From the age of 8 years old, Sean’s late mother, famed radio and TV personality and internationally bestselling health author Maureen Kennedy Salaman, became enamored of fundamentalist Christianity. While they lived in Texas they went to church six days a week. When they were not in church, she put her son on a steady one hour per day regimen of Bible tapes that he was made to study and report on, everyday, 360 days out of the year (excluding a few holidays) until Sean left for college at age 18. This filled him with a scholarly knowledge of history, politics, religion, economics and all the mysteries the Bible had to offer.

Sean-David-Morton-800x1024At age 12, however, Sean began to study astrology, palmistry and tarot in secret, having to keep his occult studies from his fanatically strict religious mother, but using these tools, and with the help and guidance of his Irish grandmother, his intuition and skills began to increase.

At age 16, his family lived in Cairo, Egypt, being some of the first Americans welcomed in to boost trade and commerce as Anwar Sadat’s regime turned from the USSR in the East to the United States in the West. It was there that Sean was deeply affected by his experiences at British International school, by the Moslem children he befriended, and, mostly, by the Great Pyramid of Giza. Spending the night in the Great Pyramid several times, and talking to Imam’s and Rabbi’s and Coptic Christian clerics, Sean began to see the great pattern, prophecy and grand journey laid out for all mankind by the most wondrous and mysterious structure on Earth.

SeanDavidMortonAndShalu_BigWhile still in high school, Sean took Advanced Placement and then later summer school classes at Stanford University. It was here in a basic psychology course that he became involved with a series of rudimentary experiments conducted by the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) that would later become known as REMOTE VIEWING. Years later Sean teamed up with Dr. Elizabeth Targ (daughter of Dr. Russell Targ) and perfected techniques in using Associative Remote Viewing to predict stock and commodity prices and to win at games of chance, such as roulette. Dr. James Spottiswood did his Ph.d. thesis on their work while at Stanford. Sean would go on to teach his own version of the technique, called Spiritual Remote Viewing (SRV) to people all over the world.

In the spring of 1977 at while studying at the University of Southern California, Sean became heavily involved in Erhard Seminars Training (EST), then in the summer, between his freshman and sophomore years at USC, Sean lived in Lake Tahoe with Himalayan Master and Hindu holy man Swami Sri Jaya. He taught Sean palmistry, Hatha Yoga, deep meditation, lucid dreaming, hands on healing and how to see and read auras and the living fields around all life. Swami Sri Jaya began to help hone Sean’s natural gifts and abilities. It was also in this period in Tahoe that Sean and Swami-Ji spent personal time with EST founder Werner Erhardt.

seanandmissysmThrough college, Sean continued his study and practice of astrology with his “Dutch Uncle” Carl Roles, the personal astrologer for the Beatles, and then personally for George Harrison, and meta-physics with childhood mentor and former NASA scientist and contactee Dr. Fred Bell. Sean was also part of the inner teaching circle of world-renowned UFO contactee Dr. Hal Wilcox. Sean graduated from USC in 4 years with a BFA in Performing Arts and a BA in Political Science. He was also only a semester shy from full BS degrees in Astronomy and Organic Chemistry.

In late 1985, after making a small fortune in the stock market, working in the film business and as a part time disc jockey and running a pair of successful HEALTH HUT fast food franchises and becoming partners in the wildly successful downtown LA nightclub VERTIGO, Sean saw the fast paced vapid and empty LA lifestyle destroy most of his friends. After a series of personal heartbreaks and traumas, Sean packed a bag and a stick and travelled to England, Ireland, and then India (for the Kumbha Mela festival) and, lastly, Nepal.

In England and Ireland, Sean became involved in a series of on-going quests revolving around The Meonia Stone saga, an ancient mystic jewel said to have been in the hilt of Excaliber. From there he travelled to India, to spend time with the sages, yogis and babas at the Kumba Mela in Hardwar and Rishakesh. After this he traveled to Dharmsala, the current home of the Dali Lama and seat of the Tibetan government in exile. Sean lived there for several months, working at the orphanage as a teacher, immersing himself in Tibetan Buddhist classes, teaching and philosophy.
sean & friends-gallery5After a personal and life changing meeting with the Dali Lama, Sean was instructed by His Holiness to travel to the T’ang Boyche monastery in Nepal for further study and training. He arrived there in late May of 1986. Based on recognition from a past life there, he was accepted as a novitiate by High Lama Rinpochi Lopsang Tundun. Here Sean studied healing, deep meditation, tantric techniques, Tibetan exercises, ceremonial dance and spiritual time travel. Sean studied and trained there until returning home in December of 1986. But not before a prophesied meeting with an Ascended Master in a waiting area of the Delhi Airport, who taught him “The God Force Meditation” which Sean has now taught to thousands all over the world.

In 1990, Sean traveled the world again as part of the documentary crew and co-writer/co-producer and co-director for the series UFO CONTACEES, collecting over 600 hours of interview footage with scientists, researchers, contacees, abductees, and anyone seriously connected to the UFO phenomenon at that time.

mortonsDesperately trying to help the world and fulfill the vow he had taken in the monastery to “Work for the Enlightenment of All Sentient Beings”, Sean desperately tried to find a way to bring his ability to foretell the future to a greater audience. He formed The Prophecy Research Institute and began publication of his award winning “DELPHI ASSOCIATES NEWSLETTER” in March, 1993. This began a spectacular run of 16 years of continuous publication, and a stunning string of successful future predictions in print. He also became the number one guest on the number one late night radio show in the world, COAST TO COAST AM with ART BELL and later with GEORGE NOORY.

Also, throughout the 1990’s, Sean continued to stay in practice and hone his skills as a personal, private intuitive consultant and by working for a number of “PSYCHIC” telephone hotlines. Though most of the calls from the TV ads cycled through the same “boiler room” Sean was featured on the Kabrina Kincaid and Dion Warwick TV commercials.

In 2005 Sean received his PhD. doctorate in Therapeutic Psychology from the International Institute of Health and Spiritual Sciences in Montreal, Canada. Also, Sean attends a yearly summer school studies program with the Astrological Sciences Institute at Exeter College, at Oxford University. It is taught by leading astrologers in the world, and helps Sean keep up to date on current software, theories and developments in the Astrological field.

Sean-On-Beach-Alone-With-Eye--of-AgamattoSean David Morton’s stunningly accurate predictions of future events in his books, lectures and monthly “Delphi Associates Newsletter “, the # 1 publication of its kind in America, in continuous publication since 1993, have brought him international recognition as one of America’s premiere futurists, projective economists, intuitive healers, researchers and spiritual teachers. He has been the director of THE PROPHECY RESEARCH INSTITUTE since 1992. His bestselling, and fabulously well reviewed and critically acclaimed novel “BLACK SERAPH” is currently climbing up the AMAZON and national sales charts. Sean, one of the pioneers of Remote Viewing,Coast to Coast AM radio host ART BELL has called him “America’s Prophet…Frighteningly accurate” and “My all time favorite guest!” Sean’s insight, visions, intensity of information and wonderful sense of humor in his exhaustive extended workshops have brought in sellout crowds, and made him the number one most popular speaker everywhere he goes.

Sean first came to national recognition with his deadly accurate predictions of the 1989 San Francisco, ’92 Landers, ’94 Northridge and ’95 Kobe, Japan earthquakes. Then for his investigations into Area 51, filming it for the first time and putting it on the front page of the LA TIMES, pulling it out of the shadows and turning it into a worldwide phenomenon. Since then the sheer documented and proven accuracy of his predictions have been nothing short of astounding.

Sean is an award winning independent film maker and has been a reporter/writer/producer for STRANGE UNIVERSE, HARD COPY, SIGHTINGS and Geroldo Rivera’s NOW IT CAN BE TOLD. He has written, produced and/or appeared on, CONSPIRACY ZONE with Kevin Nealon, BEST KEPT SECRETS, DESTINATION:EARTH, SIGHTINGS, ENCOUNTERS, ANCIENT PROPECHIES, MYSTERIES, MAGIC AND MIRACLES, THE OTHER SIDE, PARANORMAL BORDERLINE, MONTEL WILLAMS, VICKI, HARD COPY and has been the #1 guest for 17 years on COAST TO COAST AM.

Sean tirelessly continues his quest to bring the light of world media attention to the paranormal, the prophetic and to the Ascension of Mankind.


It is said, “MAN FEARS TIME€¦BUT TIME FEARS THE PYRAMIDS.” They are the single largest man-made structures on earth. The first and the last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Cheops, The Great Pyramid, over 455 feet, was the tallest building on the planet until the Eiffel Tower. Twice the volume and 30 TIMES the mass of the Empire State building.
The stones, weighing up to 70 TONS, were so finely positioned as to give joints of less than a fiftieth of an inch in thickness. The outer casing of polished limestone (all twenty-one ACRES of it) was leveled to standards of modern optical work.

Though fashioned as a tomb, there’s not a shred of evidence that it ever housed the pharaoh claimed to have made it and the only known surviving statue of him is only six inches high. These are the facts, checkable by anyone who cares to. The STONES speak for themselves.

The theories of how it was built and by who are as numerous and as ancient as the grains of sand that surround it. But the greatest mystery is WHY were they built? SEAN-DAVID MORTON believes he has the answer.

Spoken of throughout the Bible and other ancient texts as a “Prophecy In Stone” and a “Monument of Remembrance to the Lord thy God”

In 2008, nearly $4 BILLION DISAPPEARED from the US and global economy. Where did it go? How did the greatest bank robbery in history go down? What, exactly, is the money being used for? In a PowerPoint presentation that has been described as “STUNNING!” and “JAW-DROPPING”, Dr. Sean-David Morton will show you the startling evidence that science on a global scale is being used to shift the poles, alter the spin of the Earth and calm the solar Cycle 24 of the Sun to stop devastating solar flares expected in 2012. How the “Norway Spiral” linked to covered up UFO activity in China and Russia? And how does this all connect to the BP GULF OIL SPILL, and how is it the first of several MORE spills to come? SEEING IS BELIVING! COME SEE IT…. AND BELIEVE.

Do the Bilderbergers and Iluminati Insiders KNOW what is coming in 2012, and are they spending TRILLIONS of dollars to stop the changes, both planetary and spiritual? How is the grand scheme of Social Engineering and Psy-Ops all coming together with the culmination of the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar? As we journey together on the spiraling Road of Time, the synchronization point of December 21, 2012 is a marker indicating the close of a huge era of human history, and the dawning of a World-AGE of Renewal. We are rapidly approaching this date that the Ancient 5,125 Year “Odometer” of the Maya returns to its sacred Zero Point-resetting at This gateway marks the entrance into a new cycle, a new evolutionary state that shall emerge over generation and generations to come. As we hold the highest vision for the transformation of our world, focused with direction and perseverance, let us also release expectations of how things are supposed to appear, surrendering to the larger unfolding. Our collective course in time will continue reflecting our process of becoming conscious as a species, revealing how our human affairs are collaborating with the living intelligence of the Earth and Universe we are immersed within. ALL WE HAVE IS THIS MOMENT AND THIS IS THE MOMENT OF POWER. The Doctor is IN, and let him show you the miracles that are unfolding all around us.


In this dynamic multi-media presentation, Sean will discuss the “Road To 2012 AD” and show how WE are the living prophecy, and that ALL of the ancient cultures and monuments have predicted the coming and incarnation of THIS GENERATION as the AGE OF HEROES. For the first time SCIENCE and PROPHECY are forming a HARMONIC CONVERGENCE and all coming together in 2012. This road to 2012 is the TUNNEL BETWEEN WORLDS will take ALL of us to exercise our highest CAUSAL WILL to create critical mass to form the SPIRITUAL COMBUSTION necessary to ignite the VIOLET FLAME within us all to become the voice for our own evolution.

Sean will SHOW YOU THE EVIDENCE that the GLOBAL WORLD ELITE are actively trying to prevent extinction level solar flares and a planetary pole shift, but also give proof of their conspiracy for complete domination as they are breaking down into three main power blocks that are now in a death struggle for final planetary domination bringing about the Armageddon Scenario.

Become INSPIRED BY THE HISTORY and At ONE WITH THE MYSTERY of the future world that SEAN DAVID MORTON presents, that is our coming heritage and birthright€¦IF we all work together for it in time!

On August 17th, 18th and 19th of 1987, Jose Arguelles in his book THE MAYAN FACTOR trumpeted the heralding call that the ancient Mayan codex pointed to a galactic DNA activation that would be a turning point in human history. If only 144,000 people could greet the dawn in peace, harmony and love for only those three days, that the great planetary disasters predicted by so many would be pulled down by a factor of 10, altering the timelines of universal destruction. Millions, worldwide answered the call in a sudden and unexpected out pouring of the human soul and spirit. Join Sean-David Morton as he speaks of the last and GREATEST turning point in mankind’s destiny, the beginning of the NINTH and FINAL WAVE of the Mayan Calendar on March 9, 2010 AD. Sean will speak of what we ALL need to do to prepare for those days. Will it see us either cowering in darkness and terror at the abyss of global destruction? Or allow us to greet this great dawning TOGETHER with grace, wisdom and courage for a Brave New World.

If you have ever experienced the grandeur and wonder of “Getting your Wings!” with Sean David Morton, then you know a little of what this is about. Experience the Violet Fire Meditation, the Taoist Stance of Immortality and activation of all 12 Ascended Master Chakras, and the stupendous GOD FORCE MEDIATION that Sean brought back with him from India 35 years ago. You will be purified and cleansed in body and spirit in order to receive the ultimate infusement of ANGELIC POWER: The activation of the 11th and 12th WING CHAKRAS in the back. Once activated your wings are used to collect universal power, protect you from harm, and give you mastery over legions of angels whose only purpose and desire is to serve you for your greatest and highest good. If there is time, Sean will demonstrate how command of these angels can be used for healing and prosperity, but this is an event that is NOT TO BE MISSED.

We hope to provide the most comprehensive, multi-discipline intuitive reading and counseling session possible!
“I am he who sits in the labyrinth of granite walls polished to mirror luster.
“I am the Oracle that people in cities and valleys whisper about, whom lunatics and princes and poets and singers, hermits and youth alike, wander far to find. You know me. You have heard me.
“I am inside you, an incandescent presence in your back, thunder and lightning extruded into a beam flashing through your spine, arcing to where you sit on a web of filaments pulsing with stars. Heaven fuses with earth, sending down rain.
“From the Beginning, not one single event has escaped me, and yet every event is new, surprising, and enthralling.”
~The Prophet Zhou-yi~
-A Prophet is NOT a medium, a star-gazer or a sorcerer.
-A Medium is a psychic who bears the power to draw ghosts and spirits into their own body.
-A “sorcerer” is an evil person who practices voodoo and witchcraft to hurt others, or for selfish gain at great cost to others.
-A Stargazer uses only the stars to predict the future, instead of seeing all the signs and miracles of the Creator.
-A Prophet (which means “singer/teacher of righteousness”) is a fortune-teller that is exceedingly accurate in his predictions. A Biblical Prophet used casting oracles, like the Urim and Thummin or the lines in the hand, or “signs in the sky” to predict the future. Many believe the I-Ching is similar to this ancient Hebrew system. They say that a Prophet is the “close friend of God”, and I find this to be absolutely true. When you learn to predict the future, it feels like God is telling you everything about Himself. God has nothing to hide from you. When you start to learn more about God, He encourages you to learn more about Him.
Special for Cruise: $500.00 Package Deal (Regular Price is $750)
-Natal chart and report
-Future transit and report (Special 12 month report, usually a 3-month report)
-Astrocartography €” find the best places to live, work, vacation or for your spiritual quests
-Chinese Astrology €” your sign and description, and which signs are best suited for you
-Mayan day, glyph and description
All these charts and descriptions bound just for you!
You also get a 60-minute live personal intuitive session, recorded and given to you on a CD. Readings include astrology, angelic guides, tarot, I-ching and intuition.

This also includes a 30 minute follow-up call, to check up on you, and answer any subsequent questions once you have heard the reading.
Solar Return Spiritual Birthday Quest – $199.00 (a $750 value!)

Discover how to use the power of the planets and the energy of the Earth to discover where you should be on your special day. The orbits of the planets transit the Earth everyday, but on your birthday, the Sun returns to the place in the sky where it was when you began your dimensional journey on this world. Using the power of Astrology, Astronomy and due to advances in computer technology Sean David Morton can tell you at exactly what time the Sun returns to its place in the sky it was when you were born and what city you should travel to in order to absorb the greatest effects and good fortune from the Universe that will be most beneficial in the coming year. Need to change or This is a rare and special discipline of astrology, but we can tell you THIS REALLY WORKS! Lives have been changed by the simple and profound act of traveling on a SPIRITUAL QUEST to help rediscover yourself and your profound inner power. Whether you are doing this for yourself, or for someone else’s birthday, this makes the perfect gift for your favorite Spiritual Warrior. Includes a 45-minute live interpretive session, recorded and provided to you on CD.

Relationship Chart and Report – $149.00: Is your current partner your Twin Flame? Find out how to make your love relationship happier and more fulfilling. What areas are you good together? What do you need to work on? How can you improve and move forward together? This chart and reading describes the energy and “new life” two people coming together create, and how to nurture and help that new life grow physically, emotionally and spiritually. Includes a 45-minute live session. Recorded and provided to you on CD.

Compatibility Chart and Report – $149.00: Anyone in your life can be your “soul mate”, your best friend, a business partner, a parent, a sibling, etc.
These also include a 45-minute live session reading and explanation. Recorded and provided to you on CD.
To secure your Reading in advance for the cruise with Sean David Morton:

Phone: 310-318-1848

Sean David Morton Interview ~ 08/09/15 ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Revolution Radio

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Sean David Morton Interview ~ 08/09/15 ~ Sacred Matrix  ~ Revolution Radio

Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview Sean David Morton on Sunday, August 9, 2015 on the Sacred Matrix on Revolution Radio (, Studio B from 8 to 10 PM, Eastern time. Call in number is 310-421-4053 to listen or join the chat. GUEST BIO: Dr. Sean David Morton attended Stanford University and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Political Science degree, with minors in Organic Chemistry and Astronomy from the University of Southern California. He received his PhD. in clinical psychology, specializing in...

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Sean David Morton ~ Bio

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Sean David Morton ~ Bio

Sean David Morton had his first visions as a child when he predicted the death of a man that was like a second father to him, astronaut and American hero Command Pilot Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom. Gus, one of the original Mercury Astronaut, thought by many to be picked to be the first man on the moon, was tragically burned alive with fellow astronauts Edward H. White and Roger Chaffee during a routine ground systems check on the Apollo 1 spacecraft. All three men were close family friends. Sean’s Irish grandmother, Ruth Croft,...

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