Mark Micloskey ~ 12/29/19 ~ Stargate to the Cosmos ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin

Mark Micloskey ~ 12/29/19 ~ Stargate to the Cosmos, Revolution Radio, Studio B ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin ~ Producer Thomas Becker ~ 8 PM Eastern, 7 Central, 6 Mountain, 5 Pacific, 3 PM Hawaii time. – live or in the archives later.
On this show we begin the first in a series of discussions around the following topics:
  • How the Establishment seems to run this planet for the benefit of the hidden ET Overlords.
  • This includes ancient events, origin of the species, ET gods, cosmic wars, the interference of Secret Societies since the founding of America as a colony owned by the British Crown’s Virginia Trading Company;
  • The Illuminati’s backing of the French, American and Russian Revolution;
  • The control of the air, water, food, medicine, finance, entertainment, news in the world;
  • The Shadow Government/unelected overlords who control the secret/Dark Programs including underground bases
  • Space Force, cloning, soul recycling, time travel, human trafficking
  • Music industry which includes Tavistock / Beatles / Grateful Dead/ Tim Leary/ rap music, subliminal messages chanting over master tapes.
  • The battle between the Illuminati branches known as the Fourth Reich vs the Zionists.
  • The Q-anon rumors of the “Military Tribunals” in which a group of Right Wing self-labelled “patriots” support Trump’s battle with the so called “Bad Actors”/ Dark State and propose that JFK Jr. is the hidden figure “Q”.
  • The various visitors to the planet and who sides with who.
  • The hidden science that is rumored to be hoarded by the Elites
  • Free energy, space travel, reversing ageing.
  • The Nazi scientists who built the V-12 Flying Disk
  • Nazi alleged moon base and base on Antarctica
  • Sighting of Dr. Mengele in New York
  • Infusion of the scientists and leaders into America in Project Paperclip
  • The need for the International Child Sex Ring for occult ceremonies/blood-drinking / pedo-blackmailing
  • And a long list

Mark Micloskey was born in Waterbury CT and after several moves now resides in Missouri.  At age 17 he was heavily influenced by a chance encounter at “The Cafe’ Wha’?” in Greenwich Village where he got to “pre-discover” the legendary Jimi Hendrix as “Jimmy James and The Blue Flame”.  This was 13 months before Jimi’s first U.S. LP release.
Suffering the loss of his brother in Vietnam  in 1969 sealed his resolve for Peace. After returning home from his Army assignment in The Canal Zone he began his hobby of writing rock and blues songs, playing drums and building his own electric guitars.  When he arrived in Missouri he noticed the town’s lack of a used record store so he opened “Mr. Vinyl’s Record Exchange” in order to “bring music to the people”.
In 1992 he participated in a group UFO sighting which spurred his interest in researching a variety of topics including Ufology, Ancient Mysteries, Spirituality/Religion, Conspiracy Theories, Secret Societies and Metaphysics.
He has written one book (“Miranda’s Shadow” – see link)  about “perhaps the most abused girl in America” in which he discovers her four alternate personalities who surface to assist the host in remembering her tragic history.
He retired after 23 years of being “Mr. Vinyl” to spend time on his songs and his research.

Miranda’s Shadow Kindle Edition

After I began my interview with a 36-yr.-old Northeastern U.S. housewife about her child abuse, it soon became evident that this case may be about “the most abused girl in America”. Suddenly, the story changed direction, as Randie’s DID (multiple personalities) sent the time spinning backwards – stopping in 1977 with her now an adorable but damaged 5-yr.-old victim! A second personality fragment soon arrived to torment Little Miranda, as she had all her life. Two adult versions of the host joined in to answer all my questions and fill in the abuses that PTSD had repressed over the years.
Miranda’s Shadow is a shocking and graphic bombshell of horrific treatment that you’d expect in a third-world POW camp – only it happened to one of America’s kindergarteners – and didn’t end for five long years.
If you love the hero and hate the villian you will get satisfaction from your time spent with Miranda. As unspeakable as it is unforgettable, this heartbreaking tale covers the sexual-sadism and brainwashing that caused a lifetime of shame, self-hatred, PTSD, OCD, MPD (DID) and suicidal tendencies.
Whether you care about the safety of our children and wish to raise the awareness needed to prevent this tragedy from recurring or you are interested in psychology and therapy and want to study multiple personalities, you will not be disappointed in the time you spend with Miranda Windham.
This book is not suitable for children or extremely sensitive adults.

About Mark Micloskey (Author Profile)

I am known as “Mr. Vinyl” in Sedalia, MO because I own Mr. Vinyl’s Record Exchange. This used-record and CD store opened in 1991. Feel free to stop by to see my Wall O’ Fame autograph collection.

While I restricted myself to writing blues and rock songs for my own amusement, it was not until I heard of Miranda Windham’s tragic story that I decided to write my book. She was not able to remember it in chronological order let alone write it objectively.
People ask why I haven’t written any other books and I tell them I have not heard another important story that needed telling.
I’m still a bachelor, and was born in Waterbury, CT in 1949. My mother and brother live in CT still, but my older brother has been killed in action in Viet Nam and my father is now deceased.

I moved to California for seven years before settling in MO in 1991. My main interests are music and reading. I made my electric guitar from 500-yr.-old red birch wood. The topics I enjoy reading about are Ufology, Ancient Mysteries, Metaphysics, Conspiracies and Spiritually.

People are surprised to learn my book is about the psychology of child abuse – since it was never an interest. But I think it came easily to me and I’ll keep my eye out for another story that needs to be told.
If any publishers wish to contact me about Miranda’s Shadow, I have a Face Book profile.

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