We the Anunnaki ~ 11/05/15 ~ Janet, Michael, David

Anunnaki stele_of_qadesh_upper-frame2Hosts Janet Kira Lessin host a panel with fellow Anunnaki researchers and experiencers Michael Lee Hill and David-Uriel Ibarra (Eagle Heart) on Thursday, November 5, 2015 on www.blogtalkradio.com/aquarianradio from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time.

The Anunnaki now incarnate in human form in many vessels, threads of consciousness from the original over-soul or master soul.  Thoth, also known as Anunnaki God Enki’s son by Ereshkigal is/was a geneticist who assisted Ninmah and Enki in creating homo sapiens, a hybrid mix of Anunnaki and homo erectus DNA.  The consciousness a Thoth now moves through David, Enki moves through Michael and Ninmah through Janet.  Sasha has a web site called www.enkispeaks.com.  Variations (aspects/threads) of Enki, Thoth, Marduk, Enlil, Ereshkigal, Inanna, Ereshkigal, Jesus and many other Gods, Goddesses, messiahs and ascended masters contact us regularly.  Are there really many extraterrestrials currently incarnated?  Are these people crazy?  What’s going on?

In this episode of We the Anunnaki we explore these archetypal stories and how they influence us individually and collectively. We’ll also address the blue avians (a race of bird like beings), Enoch II and the Rainbow Warriors plus much more.

Rev. David-Uriel Ibarra, N.D., CHt., RMT, NESTA-Certified Physical Fitness Trainer

David-Uriel-Ibarra-CaptureMain Areas of Interest: Energy Medicine, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Business Aviation, Aviation, Alternative/Holistic Health, Martial Arts/Self Defense/Physical Fitness, Spiritual Communication, Spiritual Counseling, Spiritual Facilitator, Future Thought.

Affiliations: American Academy of Reflexology, Clayton College of Natural Health, International Hypnosis Federation.

Gifts from Spirit: Clairaudience (Clear Hearing), Clairsentience (Clear Feeling), Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing), and Psychometry (Reading the energy attached to objects and photos) since he was a child through the use of various types of modalities, to include divinity cards, astrology, hypnosis, Reiki, and other Earth and Spiritual modalities.

Motto: To assist people and the Earth attain their highest potential.

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