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Lewis Michael Rhinehart 123478999Lewis Michael Rhinehart –  Lewis retired in 2010 from a company he owned called Sound Hearing Solutions where he was a hearing aid specialist. He spent 18 years as A H.A.S., owned his company since 2004.  His D.O.B. is 5/22/51.  Since his mid-twenties he has been very interested in UFOs and aliens, etc.  In essence I became a UFOologist reading all I could on the subject.

At the same time I became very interested in all things spiritual with a main focus on NDE’S.   9/11 was the catapult for my true awakening as it was for so many others. I knew instantly when I saw a tower fall that something was not right.  This was the beginning of my research into the truth in all things.

Regarding my work with Andrew D. Basiago, I was researching child prodigies when I was prompted by youtube to view  ‘Borskika, the Boy from Mars,’ and interview by Project Camelot.  I was then prompted by Andrew D. Basiago’s “The Discovery of Life on Mars” published on 12/12/08.  I could not find the paper and on  1/08/09 I contacted Andy who responded the same day directing me to the paper.I downloaded the paper,printed it and absorbed the information.  Understand that I was fully aware that we were not alone.  But the last thing I thought was that Mars was inhabited.

I then proceeded to download Spirit Rover image PIA10214, the image that Andy based his paper on and not only found what he did but more.  I communicated with Andy regarding this and began to work on analyzing Mars and orbiter images.

After a short while Andy invited me to be an official photo analyst for Mars Anomaly Research Society.  A bit over a year Andy appointed me VP for Science and Education of Mars.

This years Mars Conference will be the fourth.  Due to circumstances this is the first that Andy will speak at.

The Fourth Annual Southeastern Mars Conference will be held in Mobile, AL at the University of South Alabama. The conference will be held in the Terrace meeting room in the Student Center building. Andy will be speaking from 10 am till 5 pm.  Set aside Saturday, October 24, 2015; a time to hear Andy speak all about Mars. This will only happen with your support. This one day event will include lunch for all. The cost is $100.00 per person. If you have a group of three or more attending the cost will be $80.00 per person. Send a check or money order to MARS-LMR 4260 Grand Bay Wilmer Rd South Mobile, AL 36695. Lewis


Here is a couple of papers I wrote that are part of The Annuals of Mars at www.projectmars.net.



Here are interviews from the past three Annual Southeastern MARS Conferences.




Here are a few of my favorite Mars discoveries.







My phone # is 410-493-2589 and this email is the one I use regularly, rhinehart6996@gmail.com

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