The Elephant of Reality Meets the Dragon at the End of Time

dragon and girl a9ac1d8177c6d8a0e186e6ca36d9cea4Experiencer Janet Kira Lessin’s reality differed from her family’s. She could sense and communicate with beings beyond the normal range of sight and sound.  Janet shares the model of extraterrestrial, inter-dimensional, bi-local and past and future life reviewing and previewing she learned from her path. She teaches how to cast paranormal experiences in the framework of a lifelong HERO-JOURNEY of self-discovery to acquire boons for all humanity from aliens and spiritual guides.

Husband and hypnotherapist Dr. Sasha Lessin helped Janet recover repressed details of her experiencer journey. He shares what it’s like to work with experiencers and how he’s had to deal with bliss, transcendence, spiritual awakening, emergence and emergencies. He’s work with clients with extreme trauma from abductions to satanic abuse to MILABS experiences helping them release, cathart and reprogram.  Together Janet and Sasha have regressed thousands to assist their hero-journeys and remember details of current, past and future lives that awaken them and eventually all humanity.  

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Janet Kira Lessin is an author, educator, experiencer, contactee, researcher, radio show host, workshop leader and counselor. She and her husband, Dr. Sasha Lessin, facilitate experiencers at conferences, in skype groups and in their growth center in Maui, Hawaii.

Janet Kira Lessin (400) 2015-lessinj329_tShe works with those who channel, who engage in shamanic journey work, or who use tantric ritual to access the super-conscious. Likewise, her specialties include tarrying with those who experience abduction, astral contact or paranormal activity, who belong to alien contact groups, or who have super normal and nature guides.

Janet’s practice encompasses those who access the dead, experienced near death experiences, who get powerful psychic intimations, who experience themselves and others as multidimensional. In her practice, Janet helps ground those in contact with the metacosmic void.

At 13, saddened with the hypocrisy of religion, Janet embarked on a spiritual path — reading hundreds of books on the paranormal, psychology and consciousness expansion and, in seminars and counseling, overcame her childhood abuse issues and learned to help others.

JanetSashaHug_IMG_0971In 1997, Janet wed Dr. Sasha Lessin and began teaching  with him. In their work with experiencers, contactees and pyschics, the Lessins adapt methods from Holotropic Breathwork, Existential Analysis, Tantra, Voice Dialogue, Gestalt, Hypnotherapy, Past and Future Life Regression and Progression as well as Imago Work. They teach experiencers how to center themselves and integrate the energies they access in extraterrestrial and interdimensional, as well as paranormal experiences.

Janet is the author of Dance of the Souls: Pierce the Veil and is the co-author of Anunnaki: Legacy of the Gods, and Anunnaki: False Gods.



Sasha Anunnaki 2Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.), M.A.(Counseling, University for Humanistic Studies) is an author and educator and works with his wife and partner, experiencer and facilitator, Janet Kira Lessin. Together, they specialize  with Experiencers of ET contact, paranormal phenomena, psychic viewing, shamanic journey work and consciousness expansion. Dr. Lessin is certified in hypnotherapy by Dr. Irving Katz, in Jungian & Pastlife Regression by Dr. Roger Woolger, in Holotropic Breathwork by Dr. Stanslav Grof and Yoga by Gary Kraftsow, M.A.  Lessin employs the tools of Existential and Gestalt therapy, Psychosynthesis and Voice Dialogue Centering as taught him by Dick Price and Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone.

Dr. Lessin is the author of Anunnaki: Gods No More and co-author with Janet Kira Lessin of Anunnaki: Legacy of the Gods and Anunnaki: False Gods.


Dr. Sasha Lessin and Janet Kira Lessin lead workshops.  They counsel individuals, pairs, families and groups.  The Lessins tutor, lecture and present Powerpoints at your venue.

The Lessins’ skills include hypnosis, counseling and coaching.  They teach integration of alien and paranormal experiences, past and future lives, life between lives, Holotropic Breathwork, yoga, tantra and Spirit Releasement. They also teach exopolitical deprogramming, Voice Dialogue Centering, existential analysis, Gestalt Therapy, dreamwork, Primal Therapy, shamanic journeywork, spiritual growth and psychosynthesis.

Scroll below for recent workshops and lectures with more to come.   Dr. Lessin’s been teaching and presenting since the 1960s.  Janet started teaching in the late 80s.  The Lessins met in 1997 and have been teaching together ever since.

Janet Kira and Dr. Sasha Lessin, 1371 Malaihi Road, Wailuku, HI 96793, office 808-244-4103, cell 808-214-3442, skype: janetlessin, Email:

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