Ascension Center ~ 09/30/15 ~ Janet Kira Lessin, Theresa J Morris, Phil Laing

Ascension Center b9df4fe7c5d68f414cd3d84e125388c2Hosts Janet Kira Lessin, Theresa J. Morris & Phil Laing reconnect after a brief hiatus to share life, talk about events, swap stories and co-create conscious awareness of things great and small on the Ascension Center, Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 8 PM Eastern Time on

We’ll talk about synchronicity and how it sometimes moves to a level beyond random probability to awareness that things are happening on levels beyond 3D level consciousness.  These magical things become self-evident over time and as people become aware of what’s happening on many levels outside of “normal” reality.

Together we co-create a reality that works for all of us.  We realize thoughts are deeds and there is a point where everything “feels right.”  We reach for the ultimate co-creation, the timeline/multiverse that’s the win-for-all realm where all can play and enjoy life, enjoy bliss in harmony as we create resonate harmony, a field of coherence that all experience as love, goodness, GodSource and light.

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Ascension Center Education Angel Heartw/Janet Lessin, Phil Laing, and TJ Morris

ascension-john-edwardsAscension Center Education Spiritual Science Love as Angel Heart what it means.ACE Metaphysical Insitute a divisions of ACO-ACE. Ascension Center Education (ACE) Folklife Affiliates as Ascension Center Organization (ACO) Radio Show Co-Hosts as Associates for the New 2016 -2018 3 years in Internet Radio for Cosmos Radio Org are Kira Lessin of Hawaii, Phil Laing of California, and Theresa J Morris of Kentucky. Ascension Center
Education supports the Ascension Age with our Education Research Association Community Online Press. Authors and Journalists are sharing various websites that include raising awareness as the conscious awareness in all of us, as well as, the universal awareness for now and the future. We will discuss our shaping up for the life we now lead and how we will learn to co-create with synergy in others. Synchronicity in how three people who have never met can use their former knowledge to come together on Wednesday, September 30, 2015 to co-create something wonderful and motivating to keep them going on planet earth. Not knowing each other except on the Internet is a challenge to share as future associates in forming this continued not for profit unincorporated association created to share information about various organizations all working towards the goal of ASCENSION.

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