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Leo SprinkleHosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview Dr. Leo Sprinkle on the Sacred Matrix (www.freedomslips.com) on Sunday, September 6, 2015 from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time.

Dr. Leo Sprinkle, legendary pioneer of UFO contactee research and reincarnation, began his career in psychology with the idea of being a conventional,practicing “scientist” in the traditional sense. However, two close encounters with UFOs shifted his direction in life.

R. Leo Sprinkle ,  Ph.D.: Professor Emeritus, Counseling Services, University of Wyoming

Dr. Sprinkle is the author of Soul Samples (1999, Granite Publishing) and has published several encyclopedia entries; a half dozen book chapters; and approximately 50 articles on various topics, including:

— UFO research
— Hypnosis
— Reincarnation
— Spiritual Emergence
— Counseling theory and practice

His ground-breaking pioneering research investigating the UFO “abduction” field began in the mid-1960s and set the standard for research in this controversial field of study. He has participated in many regional and national television programs, including ABC TV’s That’s Incredible, NBC TV’s Tom Snyder, Tomorrow Show and has been invited to speak at several international conferences. He founded the Rocky Mountain UFO Conference held every June in Laramie, WY (now in its 23rd year) and he is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science; American Association for Counseling and Development; and the Association for Past-life Research and Therapies.

“My approach is to minimize the tendency to ‘explain’ (or explain away) the reality of psychic experiences, and to emphasize the willingness to ‘explore’ the personal meaning of these human experiences of spiritual emergence.¨

Long before it was popular to explore the possible extraterrestrial presence, Dr. Sprinkle was quietly, professionally and sensitively working on this great mystery. He became a lifeline for those who had experienced unusual contact.

As a professor at the University of Wyoming and a therapist, Dr. Sprinkle has conducted over 500 hypnotic regression sessions with individuals looking to explore their possible UFO contact experiences. Among these were many of the most sensational and well-documented cases of our times.

In 1980, Dr. Sprinkle founded the Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation which is still going strong. The conference has served as a focal point and beacon of hope for hundreds of abductees/contactees/experiencers hoping to come to terms with their
“high strange” experiences.




  • What else would you like to tell our listeners about yourself?
  • Are you an Experiencer?  If so, tell us about your ET contact.
  • What have you discovered about your mission?  What is your mission?
  • Have you been on board space craft?  If so, please explain.
  • ETs are among us – please explain.  How do you know?
  • How did you get started as a Contactee hypnotherapist?
  • You’ve been doing this since the 60s.
  • What kind of results were you getting from the early surveys and research you conducted in the early 60s?
  • What is NICAP and what was their interest in Contactees and UFOs in the early days.
  • Which ETs are here?  What species have your people encounters?
  • Explain the alien species connection to the lesson or education the contactee/student needs to experience?
  • Who’s in charge of this planet?
  • What is their agenda (based on your research)
  • What are the cons and pros of the ET presence?  Please explain what you mean by that.
  • What is the primary mission of psychologist? What is your primary mission as a psychologist?
  • How did you get started doing regression hypnosis with Experiencers?
  • You wrote, “The ET experiencer begins the HERO’S JOURNEY struggling with the decision to accept or to reject assisting humanity for transformation.  How has this been your experience?  [Janet shares her too]
  • How did you get into ETs & Reincarnation?
  • How have your professional colleagues reacted to your interests?
  • How have their reactions have altered with time?
  • Have you ever been sanctioned or threatened, or have any of your ET-believer friends been harassed, and if so, by whom?
  • You’ve written that “There is no controversy about the ET presence”, but that suppressing ET is “the so-called controversy about the ET presence” and is really a struggle between Humans and ETs who wish to maintain political control and information about the ET presence.  Please elaborate.
  • You say, “The average ET experiencer is more scientifically motivated than the average Professional Scientist.”  How so?
  • What were the differences you found between the accepters and doubters of the ET realty?
  • What have you learned from the Star Nations about the ETs & their agenda?
  • What’s the relation between Reincarnation and ET experiencers?
  • How do you recommend ET experiencers activate higher levels of consciousness?
  • How do our loving and hateful thoughts affect all creation and our existence here on Earth?
  • You said, “Some people have good experiences, and others don’t. It may be that the level of consciousness determines the experience.  For example, we may learn from both good and bad teachers, but the individual consciousness may play a role in the actual experience. If your consciousness is highly evolved, you may learn about Light.
  • Where is it going from here?
  • Some governments have released information. When will the big guns come out and disclose like US, China, Russia?
  • Prepare to become cosmic citizens.  We’re not even planetary persons. We’re still national or tribal.  How do we do this?
  • We are being forced to recognize we are a global economy (we are all connected).
  • Fractal Time by Gregg Bradon.  Shift in consciousness, change in DNA. What is happening or may happen?
  • How does human kind awaken to the realization that we are all one big human family?
  • Do we qualify for membership in the Federation. And if so, if not, how do we become qualified.
  • What about religion?  God is everywhere. The whole universe is God according to the physicists.
  • What happens to people most often who have these experiences?
  • What’s the connection between nuclear plants and cattle mutilations?
  • Alien Interview – Lawrence Spencer – Aril the Grey – Earth is a prison planet.  Old Group the Empire vs. the Domain. We are immortal souls. We are “Is-Be’s”.  We is and we be.



The Invisible College with Leo Sprinkle, PhD by Julia Griffin 
from http://www.spiritofmaat.com/archive/mar3/sprinkle.htm

The article’s title was taken from a now-classic 1975 book by UFO researcher and scientist Jacques Vallée: The Invisible College: What a Group of Scientists Has Discovered About UFO Influences on the Human Race. The book’s thesis, as Leo Sprinkle says in this article, is that, “They want to educate us.”

Leo Sprinkle is a psychologist who has consulted with hundreds of UFO contactees, including questioning them under hypnosis about their experiences. He feels that the Star Visitors have been guiding our civilization from the beginning, and are now helping us to evolve into higher consciousness.

Julia: How did the concept of Star Visitors become the focus of your life work?

Leo: I had two lines of interest. The first came from my personal experiences. I saw a flying saucer in 1949, and later, in 1965, I saw an aerial phenomenon. These were the triggers.

My interest became galvanized when I decided to go into graduate studies to become a psychologist and to focus on the idea of UFOs. At this time, there were huge misunderstandings about the phenomenon.

There were two thoughts about people who talked about such things. If you saw one space ship, you were crazy. If you repeated the experience and saw another ship, then you were even crazier. I thought if I were going to study this, I would be more credible as a psychologist.

I use hypnotherapy with many people who have had experiences relating to UFOs.

Julia: Can we talk about the similarities between people’s experiences?

Leo: Some people have good experiences, and others don’t. It may be that the level of consciousness determines the experience.

For example, we may learn from both good and bad teachers, but the individual consciousness may play a role in the actual experience. If your consciousness is highly evolved, you may learn about Light.

Many people who have these experiences to do not talk about them for fifteen or twenty years. After time passes, they may regain interest in recovering their experience. They may watch movies, read books, or search inwardly through meditation. I tend to think the Star Visitors are engaged in some type of educational program for helping us to evolve inwardly or spiritually. Perhaps these people who have been contacted are being exposed to some type of educational model for the planet.

Julia: What are the changes for people who have these experiences?

Leo: They seem to have heightened psychic abilities. They may have been selected because they had those abilities in the first place, and then those abilities grew stronger after the contact was made.

Contactees believe in reincarnation.

And after the Star Visitors leave, many people feel as though their own family members have departed. The contact of consciousness is so strong that they feel a sense of sadness at its loss.

Many have experiences that involve the workings of Light. They are told about photons and light particles and are given instructions for spiritualizing matter. This seems similar to me to Greg Braden’s zero point ideas. If you focus on the Light or a positive outcome, without negative emotion, the light particles actually coalesce into a coherent wave. A wave of coherent light is so much stronger than particles of light interspersed with particles of darkness.

I suppose that a high wave of love, divorced from passion that flows up and down a scale, could energize the wave of Light.

I also think the information about Light is was similar to what Gregg Braden is saying in The Isaiah Effect, where he talks about praying to God “with all thy heart, mind, and strength.” Many people who have had UFO experiences have been able to visualize weather changes and have them occur very quickly. They can create rain merely by visualizing the rain. I’m not speaking of praying for rain, but rather of imagining what it feels like to be in the rain, to have mud around your feet, to hear the plants growing.

These are some of the profoundly positive changes I’ve experienced around those who have encountered UFOs. Of course, not everyone is able to actualize them because of distortions in thinking or perception that can stem from the physical body.

Julia: When you are speaking about Light, do you relate it to Love?

Leo: Certainly, I do. The beginning of all religion is about this transforming or creating in the material world through spirituality. We are all here to learn how to spiritualize matter. Every religion begins with this idea of Love and Light. Love energizes the field of Creation.

Julia: Do you think that we fail to actualize this idea because of distorted perception?

Leo: We have to develop inwardly to be able to express this concept. It’s a hard process to dig through the psyche and change, but doing this process allows us to have the opportunity to serve others. And it’s service that makes our lives worthwhile.

It’s interesting that many times when people see UFOs, the experience symbolizes something that is happening in their world. One woman was driving to Cheyenne with her husband, and she looked out of the passenger window and saw a flying glow with three lights flying. Her husband didn’t see this. When she reported the incident, I asked her to think about its significance. Later, she called and said, “I know what it means. I’m getting divorced and taking our three children.”

The Star Visitors are on a different plane. I don’t think it is difficult for them to perceive our consciousness. They want to educate us in our evolutionary process.

Julia: You said that a belief in reincarnation is common among contactees. Can you tell me more about that?

Leo: The interest in delving into the inner self and reading books about UFOs is often a sign that someone has had an encounter. Most people who have had an encounter do believe in reincarnation.

One of the most interesting examples of this change in beliefs was a young man found himself doing a lot of reading and studying, but didn’t know why. I told him that it was likely he had encountered UFOs and didn’t recall it. I offered to hypnotize him, and he agreed.

I asked him to go to the time when his interests began, and he remembered a Native American lifetime. He saw a star vehicle above the sagebrush and went inside the ship. He was told by the Star People that he wouldn’t remember this until he was in another lifetime as a white man.

As he was relating this experience, he said, “Who would want to be a white man?” He wasn’t thrilled that he was a white man in this life.

Julia: Why does such a length of time pass between the encounter and remembering it or changing from it?

Leo: Many people immediately begin to develop a rich inner life through spirituality, but they don’t remember the experience until they have developed enough to “translate” it. Also, I think that these Beings make a long term communication with the people they contact. It isn’t a one-time encounter. If you meditate and keep a journal, it is possible to receive information from them throughout your life.

So these inward changes continue to take place through an individual’s entire life. There is no question that the evolution continues through a long, not a short, time period.

Julia: Do you believe that people who have had these experiences are more evolved or different from the general public?

Leo: They are not different, in that we all have these latent abilities and it is possible for any of us to develop them. But they are perhaps more evolved in their consciousness. I think that if you decide to look inwardly and evolve, then your level of consciousness is naturally higher.

There was a report by Paul Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson about the consciousness of Americans.[1] They defined three groups. The first was the Traditionalists. They live in rural America and are involved in traditional religion. The second group was called Moderns. These are competitive, urban, materialistic, and scientifically oriented. The third group was named the “Cultural Creatives.” These people are more spiritual, as opposed to religious. They are less competitive and are deeply interested in the environment.

It is thought that this third, Cultural Creative group is likely to gain power as time goes on, both socially and economically, because of their desire to help the planet.

I think it’s likely that the contactees belong to the third group.

Julia: Are either men or women more likely to have an experience related to Star Visitors?

Leo: Approximately two-thirds of the participants in my workshops involving UFOs and hypnotherapy are women, but I have no data on the subject. I think women are more likely to be willing to deal with it or talk about it because women are more used to suffering in our world than men are and they also handle fear much better. I also think that more women may be contactees because the masculine energy is waning and the feminine energy is coming in.

I think this is a time when a balance will be achieved between male and female energies or sexes. This is another evolutionary change on the planet.

Julia: What are the characteristics of contactees?

Leo: Over seventeen years, I tested 225 persons reporting mixed UFO experiences ranging from a light in the sky to being contacted. A study of the profiles of these witnesses showed certain unique characteristics. Witnesses exhibited a high level of psychic energy, self-sufficiency, and resourcefulness, along with a tendency to question authority and situational pressure. They also possessed above average intelligence and assertiveness, and a tendency to be experimental thinkers.[2]

I can tell you, though, that the factors of race — whether you are black or white or purple, rich or poor, male or female — don’t play into these demographics.

The two things that are associated with contact experiences are increased precognition or psychic phenomena, and the fact that those contactees who stick with it — those who develop themselves — become more spiritual. Those are the two constants of the entire experience.

Julia: How does one who has had this experience develop it and “stick with it”?

Leo: You begin by writing it down in a journal and possibly talking to someone who is open about it. You meditate on it, and you try to meditate on the Beings that you encountered. You would be very surprised at the rapid changes and synchronicities that can take place by doing this inner work.

A woman who had had an experience or encounter but didn’t know what to do, or who to talk to, went to the public library. Immediately, a book fell off the shelf and opened to a page that said “Leo Sprinkle,” with my address and phone number! She called me, and we talked.

You would be absolutely amazed at the rapidity of synchronicities that will occur for those who pursue contact experiences. This all has to be coming from a higher order, a higher awareness. Many people are ashamed or reluctant to talk about their experience, but it is important to talk about it.

They say that any new science goes through three phases: being ignored, being ridiculed, and being accepted. I’m being ridiculed now, and I’m pleased, because it means that we are close to accepting extraterrestrial contact as a new science. People need to move away from fear of ridicule, though, and talk to someone who can understand and help them make sense of it all.

Also, I think that as contactees continue to evolve, their consciousness has profound effects on other people. They may not see themselves in this light — they may see themselves as mothers or painters or teachers, or whatever — but they do affect the people around them because they are living at a higher spiritual level. People of higher consciousness can profoundly influence those in their individual worlds.

Julia: Who do you think the Star People are? Do you think they come from different galaxies or universes? Do you relate them to angels?

Leo: They may be the forbears of this planet, or they may be visitors from many planets or universes. I don’t think it matters. I have friends all over the world, and I don’t really care where they live. They are still part of my spiritual family, and there is a connection with them.

As far as gods or angels, it may be that we have mistaken the message for the messenger, or the messenger for the message. It could well be that evolved beings have been bringing us these messages that are the basis for all religion. When you think about it, anyone who looks inwardly goes to the guidebooks that are connected with religion, whether it is the Bible, the Vedas, works on meditation, or whatever. It may be that the ETs guide us to the guidebooks they have written for us.

I do think, though, that at whatever our level, the Star People are making an effort to aid in our evolution. It may be that if we are concerned with fear and doubt, we have a frightening experience. On a slightly higher level, we may encounter or become interested in crop circles. Finally, if we are evolved enough, we may meet an angel or a Being of Light who explains Light and Creation to us.

Julia: What impact would it have on our civilization if everyone became aware of ETs and UFOs in such a way that it had to be accepted?

Leo: There are many different ways of looking at that.

Let’s start with the perspective that it might make very little difference.

Two possibilities are that people would blank it out or they would evolve. The evolving group would probably think about it and end up changing society in a way that was more sensitive and evolved.

At this point, the Star People have graciously and gracefully appeared at a low level to allow us to gradually adjust to their presence. They have allowed us the free will to accept, reject, or be doubtful about them, and to have fluctuations in our perception of them.

There is definitely a cover-up about UFOs on all levels: individual, community, military — and on the ET level itself. While it is possible that the cover-ups all exist as a mirroring of the individual level, it would be interesting to have all of the cover-ups dissolve.

Another scenario is that people would be greatly affected by their presence, and they would evolve spiritually in the way we discussed earlier. Certainly, this would be beneficial for the planet. One of the huge long-term effects on civilization would come out of the fact that evolved do not perceive war and violence as positive.

In the end, I am convinced that we are moving from being planetary to cosmic citizens.

There is no question that UFOs and ETs have come as a part of a huge educational program. They are moving the sphere of this planet to a higher level.

Perhaps we are the particles that are becoming the wave. When we accomplish this, we may join the field and become part of the cosmic field or confederation.

Leo Sprinkle PhDLeo Sprinkle, PhD, a psychologist and hypnotherapist, is professor emeritus at the University of Wyoming, and author of the book Soul Samples.

Dr. Sprinkle founded the Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation. He may be reached at 307-721-5125.


  1. The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World, by Paul H. Ray, PhD, and Sherry Ruth Anderson, PhD (New York: Harmony Books, October, 2000). See their website atCulturalCreatives.org.
  2. See The Search for a Psychology of UFO Experience.

Interview with Dr Leo Sprinkle, Decades of UFO/Abduction Cases 4-8-2015

th Leo Sprinkle, PhDJulia Griffin

Published on Apr 9, 2015
Alejandro Rojas with the news, then guest Dr. Leo Sprinkle talks about his two sightings, his vast career and the thousands of cases he has looked into. You can support the show for as little as $1 per month ….. hour two, he talks about free energy, abductees, and J Allen Hynek and more.

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This presentation describes the “Cons” as the “confidence” people who try to con us into discounting or denying the ET Presence and the “Pros” as the “professional” people who profess the reality of the ET Presence. Leo refers to the evidence of UFO activity and ET encounters that support the thesis that ETs have herded us throughout human history. Further, it raises the question: Are we humans former ETs whose souls have accepted the challenge – or chore – of living in a human body on Planet Earth?

UFO Abduction and Close Encounter Research

Published on Jan 28, 2014
Dr. Leo Sprinkle began his UFO research in 1961, and has been at the forefront of abduction and close encounter research ever since. Unlike most researchers, he does not edit his findings to fit his theories, but edits his theories to fit his findings, and the result makes for an enthralling and enlightening experience.

In all the years they have known one another, Dr. Sprinkle has never before been interviewed by Whitley, so this talk between arguably the greatest abduction researcher of all time and the world’s most prominent close encounter witness is not to be missed.

Dr. Sprinkle’s decency, his gentleness and his clear and open mind are a refreshing contrast to all to many researchers. And the information here, gathered over nearly FIFTY years of research, is of unparalleled importance and value.


by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

Have a partner give you the directions below or read the directions and experience the visualization in private. If you do this with a partner, tell her or him to read the cues printed in bold, but not the directions enclosed in [square brackets].

Sit comfortably. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. With each breath, relax more. [Let her or him take ten full breaths.]

HEAR THE CALL TO ADVENTURE (Initiation. Cut off from the world)
Imagine a voice softly calling you from once-upon-a-time. Lift a finger when you hear it. [Wait till she or he lifts a finger.]

You’re drawn by it to a safe, private place, perhaps one you knew as a kid. Raise your finger when you see it.

Smell pleasant scents here.  Your private place has a door leading to the wondrous realm. Open the door and see steps down. Grasp the rail and step onto the smooth wooden steps. Descend ten steps to the landing. With each step, relax more. With each, breathe more deeply.

Get in a boat at the landing. Curl up on cushions in the boat. Feel safe and drowsy as the boat gently rocks and drifts. It beaches on the shore in front of the gate.*

Encounter a creature or force who will help you pass the guardian.

See your helper near the gate.

Pretend for a moment you are that helper. Raise your finger when you start to feel what it’s like to be Helper. Say aloud what you are like as Helper. As Helper, tell your person how you can help her or him.

Be yourself on your quest again. Imagine you approach the gate and its guard.

Become the guardian. State your existence, Guardian. Challenge the person approaching the gate.

PASS TESTS.** (Initiation, Conflict, Struggle)
Now become yourself and confront the guardian. Talk to it/her/him. Make up and tell me the story of how you defeat or get by the guardian. In the story you construct, imagine you get help from your helper. [Encourage her or him to use the present tense]

Describe going alive (or dying and going dead) into the realm.

Experience and triumph in the greatest imaginable test. Describe the scene to me.

Gain the reward, take the boon.***

If you’re blessed by the powers, go under their protection. If not, flee, encountering obstacles. Describe your exit.

At the threshold, leave behind the powers of the realm and re-emerge with your boon.
Find the boat drifted on the beach. Get in and fall deeply asleep. Become dimly aware that the tide is rising, lifting and gently rocking the boat. Know that you’re safe as the boat drifts back to the landing. Go up the steps to the sanctuary.

ELIXIR (Return and share your gift with the world)
Become the boon, the gift you have brought back to the world. State your existence as boon. Tell humanity your significance.

Now become yourself again, deeply relaxed. As I count from ten to one, become increasingly alert. Ten, nine, eight–you’re becoming more alert. Seven, six, five, four–get ready to be wide awake. Three, feel relaxed and refreshed. Two, feel alert and wonderful. One–WAKE UP. What comments do you have on his experience?

Now change roles with me and guide me through this cue-sheet.

* The fantasy, thus far, is inspired by Masters, R. and Houston, J., Mind Games, New York: Viking, 1972. The rest of this exercise is adapted from Campbell, J., The Hero With a Thousand Faces, Cleveland: Meridian, 1956, pages 245-246.
** Among the recurrent tests at the threshold and deeper in the Wondrous Realm, Campbell finds battles with brothers and dragons, journeys of wonder and in the sea, dismemberment, crucifixion and descent into the beast’s belly.
*** “The triumph may be represented as sacred marriage, father atonement, divinization, bride theft, fire theft; intrinsically it is an expansion of consciousness and therewith illumination, transfiguration, freedom” (ibid., page 246).

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