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Brenda EcholsBrenda Echols MS, LCDC, CCHt. Is a healer who has a master’s degree in addictions counseling and is licensed to practice in the state of Texas.  She will also finish a second master’s degree in professional counseling October 2015.

Brenda is also a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist through the Denver School of Hypnotherapy in Aurora, Colorado.  She achieved her Master Hypnotist certification October 2006 with 150 hours of training.  She earned her Hypnotherapist certification in Feb. 2007 with 300 hours training, Finally, Brenda attained her Clinical Hypnotherapist certification in August 2007 after 500 hours of training and testing in front of a board of her peers.

Brenda can use hypnotherapy to do past life regressions for healing, such as to find out where a health problem originates and then work out the problem so that it goes away.  She can also do regressions for UFO abductees to help them find answers. Finally, she uses hypnotherapy to assist others in their spiritual growth paths, such as helping people meet their spirit guides.

In addition, Brenda is a Reiki Master, astrologer, works with numerology and the tarot, and is trained in using a pendulum and dowsing rods for healing.  For example using them to help clear possessions. She also uses the pendulum and dowsing rods for other things like finding under ground water or minerals, or to find lost objects.  Brenda also uses crystals for healing.  She is also an experienced herbalist and is practiced in ear candling.

Finally,Brenda has years of experience working with spirit guides and angels.  In fact, her current guides include several arch angels. Brenda’s other interests include cryptozoology and enjoys learning about Big Foot and other beings not yet proven in mainstream science.  Brenda is also interested and UFO/ET activity including information on Ancient Aliens.  In fact, she has actually had the opportunity to successfully regress one UFO abductee.

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