Katerina Roy ~ 08/19/15 ~ Ascension Center ~ Hosts Janet, Theresa & Karen

katerina royHosts Janet Kira Lessin, Theresa J. Morris, Karen Christine Patrick interview Katerina Roy.

Topic: Art Saves Lives – Using art and creativity to sort out life’s mysteries. Katerina shares her story of personal growth through art and mindful living. Katerina and Karen had utilized The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  Music, dance and other forms of positive expression serve as artistic expression therapy as well.  

Katerina Edwards Roy is a holistic wellness coach who helps women recovering from stress, illness, and trauma get their “sexy” back so they can feel better and lead more abundant lives. She does this through her HappyHealthyHot Coaching Programs & her upcoming online school HappyHealthyHot Academy.

Katerina gives women practical, actionable steps as well as loving, no non-sense advice for total transformation. After enduring a decade of her own heartache, depression, and chronic illness, she’s realized that we are meant to experience our everyday life feeling full, turned-on, passionate, and powerful no matter what today may bring.”

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1. Sex.
4.Making a difference.
5.Making money. 

Dolla dolla billz, yo.

I am also somewhat of a spiritual teacher. I’m also a life coach specializing in passion and personal power.

For some reason, these areas haven’t seemed to “mix” well with my professional image… I think I was still a bit scared of speaking out about this stuff for fear that someone would think poorly of me. 

My question today is why? Why are sex and passion so taboo when they are so necessary & important to life?

Katerina Roy bio-shotI help women recovering from stress, illness, and trauma get their “sexy” back through my signature HappyHealthyHot Coaching & my upcoming online school HappyHealthyHot Academy. I give women practical steps to live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. After enduring a decade of my own pain and illness, I’ve realized that we are meant to live our everyday lives feeling full, turned-on, passionate, and powerful no matter what life hands us.


Her inquisitive questioning nature enabled me to see through my own bullshit. Katerina was a supporting hand, voice, and mind so that I could see what I wanted to do in the future, and specific steps on what I could do to get there. And that’s why I believe Katerina can provide that for you, if you allow it – if you allow her to go there with you.

– I. Stern, Estonia



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