Joshua Kent ~ 08/14/15 ~ Experiencer’s Network ~ Janet, Karen & John

fractal_tiger_by_mcericGuest Joshua Kent joins co-hosts Janet Kira Lessin, Karen Christine Patrick and Rev. John Polk on Friday, August 14, 2015 on the Experiencer’s Network at 2 PM HST, 8 PM Eastern time (

“Spiritual Traveler, Mystic, and  Rationalist in his late 20’s: Joshua Kent has always been a seeker of Truth. While the workings of the mind have always been an interest of his, having majored in psychology- his true passion lies in where Mysticism and Science meet. Always having a strange predisposition towards philosophy, spirituality, and why none of the religions or mainstream belief systems of earth had the complete package- his journey has always been to lift the Veil and inspire others to do so for themselves.

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Tiger-animals-33788437-1440-900Besides his education in Psychology, Joshua also has experience in martial arts, energy healing and some of the arts (acting and music). Many strange experiences accompanied this journey, and they only got stranger as time went on- forcing him to evolve his POV and consciousness perpetually. These strange experiences have been accompanying all his life from the interdimensional, extraterrestrial, clairvoyant  and many others. There has also been a continuous influx of knowledge that becomes more refined and complex as time moves forward. He has worked hard to translate what are known as Mystery Teachings, which are basic Universal Spiritual truths into a Modern language anybody can understand.

The time for Secrecy is coming to an end! Life Physics is also one of these information beds, and AR was a kind of friend, mentor, and teacher. Worked with him as a student, LPG associate, and potential editor for things he wanted to write but never got to finish. Like other beds of knowledge, Joshua wishes to assist in perpetuating the knowledge AR had to share, and help translate it into a way that is both intriguing and digestible to truth seekers around the world.” – See more at:

Radio Show Talking Points

  • Who I am and my relationship to AR Bordon
  • His Science: The Working Model of LPG (Life Physics Group)
  • General overview of what it is about: the IdeoMaterial UNUM (Multiverse)
  • How it Differs from Standard Model of Academia but also draws upon it
  • The various scientists who were suppressed and/or ignored throughout recent history
  • Putting it all together, how different sciences need to integrate and work together to emerge into a larger picture
  • David Bohm in Working Model: Implicate and Explicate Orders
  • Antoine Priore: The Priore Effect (regeneration, backward time flowing effect, healing cancer)
  • The Subquantum, Tesla’s Aether, Vacuum, or Plenum
  • ENS (extension Neuro Sensing) and its role
  • The importance of Science and Spirit merging
  • Going beyond relativity, Quantum Mechanics and the need for integration.
  • Gnosive (Psychic) abilities, the studying of gnosive abilities, and the science behind them.
  • Why the term “ESP” needs to be eliminated
  • What drew me to his work?
  • LERM/LEOM and MPO – the science of manifestation
  • Intelligence Acceleration- What intelligence is, the various kinds of intelligences. Enteric Brain. Cellular intelligence.
  • SBEG – sonobioelectric gravitic energy. The living energy in the body and how it corresponds to the cellular structures of the body, templates of life, and the living energy.
  • Topological Thinking: What it is, why it drew me to his work, and why it is so important.
    moving beyond bicameral, dualistic, memetic thinking and into topological thought and holographic memory.
  • Biophysics of the Aura (Meissner Field) and Human extended functions (psychic abilities)
  • DNA: The living quantum biowave computer, why “junk” DNA isn’t junk at all.
  • Exopolitical interests
  • Different types of beings: Ontobioenergetic, Ontoenergetic, Ontocyberenergetic
  • The Link: Complexity, imperatives of other biokinds, and our own imperatives. What is required for us to have more open contact?
  • Why topological thinking and extended human abilities are necessary for contact, physical or non-physical.
  • The importance of CONNECTIVITY
  • There is no “Monolithic conspiracy,” or one group who controls everything. Many factions. Many beings here and not from here. Many factors. Disinformation on the internet, sometimes unintentionally, sometimes intentional.”

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