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Bret & Karen 11817234_1012295292124114_7141015601674770873_nHosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview Bret Colin Sheppard & Karen Christine Patrick on the Sacred Matrix on Revolution Radio (, Studio B from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time.

On this episode we look at Moon and Mars anomalies and how they prove life is on these heavenly bodies and have been living on them and/or visiting for eons.

On the first hour we covered the role of the Anunnaki in human history and evolution and the next phase, the evolution of consciousness. What’s been going on historically in the universe, our galaxy and planet Earth, who’s in charge, who’s been visiting and which beings have been monkeying with humanity’s DNA.

This is a blog Karen and Bret did a few years about about this imagery…

a page with the links to the videos “All Hail Apollo”

Mars Orbiter anomaly nr 1 !

Published on Mar 27, 2015

This was sent to me by the finder and permission to use his work was given by Bret Colin Sheppard to
Bret´s Lunar Anomaly Research Society (LARS) on facebook….

Bret’s web site

A UFO has been found in a Mars Orbiter image… or it could be an observation deck… but it’s not a natural object, as anyone can see. The object was found by Bret Colin Sheppard, though, in many reports, his name was ommitted and instead the find was attributed to “UFO Hunters” “Anomaly Researchers” and “guys who find faces in rocks and rodents on Mars.”

Also, the discovery went viral under the name Jupiter 2 UFO on Mars alluding to the science fiction show Lost in Space, that being the name of the craft shown in the show.

Bret has many finds as an Anomaly Hunter, most of these are in lunar images. He is an expert analyst on space agency images and has confirmed manipulation by space agencies to omit anomalies by the use of CGI techniques. Bret has been interviewed by international researchers about his find as he has been overlooked by research organizations and media in the United States even though he lives and works on his Anomaly Hunting in Texas. He has a book about his story and finds of embedded imagery on the moon in a free ebook col-authored by Karen Christine Patrick his life and research partner.


That free ebook can be found at

Also, Bret is a computer programmer and he created a virtual art gallery project and a video of his virtual gallery showing lunar anomalies in a 3D format has been made into a video.

Bret Colin Sheppard started the Lunar Anomaly Research Society, but he often turns his Magic Eyes on Mars images as well. Good thing, too, as this is the “Picture of the Century” for Anomaly Hunters. Bret Colin Sheppard was looking at a Mars image on the day of the discovery, but Bret is known for founding the Anomaly Hunter group the Lunar Anomaly Research Society. Contact Bret Colin Sheppard through ufoonmars[at]

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