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Lynn Hartrum is a Reiki Master, Regressionist, Program Director for FREE’s(Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters) Peer Support Program, and an Experiencer. At the beginning of her career she received her Bachelor’s in Psychology and worked as a counselor with the intention of going on to get her PhD. After having children however, she decided to be a stay at home mom, which also gave her the time to train in Reiki and Regression Hypnosis, as well as some other certifications.

As time went on Lynn began to talk with more and more people about their ET experiences. She realized that there is a strong need for help and that her metaphysical training, in addition to her own experiences with the Arcturians and Reptilians, could be used to specialize in working with Experiencers of abduction and ET contact.

In addition to her other work, Lynn is claircognizant and an empath, and has learned to work with her multi-dimensional self and concurrent lifetimes.  Most recently she has uncovered memories of working in the Secret Space Program as an empath specializing in ET animal communication and behaviorist.  While she still has more memories to recover, Lynn is using this information to help broaden her understanding of life in the Universe.

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Lynn Hartrum is a Reiki Master, Regressionist, program Coordinator for FREE (Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters), and an ET Experiencer. At the beginning of her career she received her Bachelor’s in Psychology and worked as a counselor with the intention of going on to get her PhD. After having children however, she decided to be a stay at home mom, which also gave her the time to train in Reiki and Regression Hypnosis, as well as some other certifications.

As time went on Lynn began to talk with more and more people about their ET experiences. Lynn realized there is a strong need for help and that her metaphysical training could be used to specialize in working with Experiencers of abduction and ET contact.

Lynn is also currently the Program Coordinator for FREE’s Peer Support Program. In addition to her training, Lynn is claircognizant and an empath, and has learned to work with her multi-dimensional self and concurrent lifetimes.

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Kiara - hybridTo try and find a beginning to my contact experiences would be nearly impossible.  I’ve been having them for as long as I can remember, even when I didn’t realize what it was.  As a child I was very open to the idea of the paranormal or anything outside the realm of what most people would deem “normal”.  The earliest experience I can remember happened around the age of 3 or 4.  I saw the spirit of my great grandmother sit on the edge of my bed, even before knowing that she had died.  This didn’t frighten me, in fact it felt quite normal, aside from the fact that I could see through her.  I always sensed that there was more around me than I could see with my eyes.  I could feel that someone or something was always nearby.  Was it an angel, a ghost, or something worse?  Well, that I wasn’t sure of and to a certain extent the not knowing frightened me.  But in another aspect, the few moments when I’ve felt truly alone without the sensation that something was nearby, were the moments that scared me most.  It wasn’t until I was an adult that I began to understand why.

As I grew up, I experienced a multitude of things.  I would not only sense entities nearby but I also experienced telepathic communication.  I had no idea that this wasn’t the norm for everyone.  I thought it was common to wonder about a question and then suddenly think of the answer, regardless of the fact that I had no knowledge on the subject.  I would also have complete conversations in my head with myself (or so I thought), so real to me that it even got to the point of asking my questions out loud as if I was conversing with another human right in front of me.  To me there was nothing strange about it. To others it looked a bit bizarre, and more than a few people would point this out.  I didn’t mind.  I was always amused by their reactions.

Lynn reptilianOther experiences as a child include waking up with strange bruises almost daily, waking up in strange positions (e.g. upside down or one time I woke up standing in the middle of my bed), and often wanting quiet moments to myself.  The world around me seemed strange and frantic, I needed those quiet times to center myself.  It didn’t help that I grew up in a stressful environment where I was often told I was being naïve for wanting to believe that people had good intentions in most situations.  I always felt, and still do, that even the worst of humans has some good within them, even if it was to show a small gesture of goodness, such as a smile or admiring a beautiful flower.  I lacked the knowledge to see just what was going on around me which would’ve allowed me to see their intentions a little more clearly.

I grew up in a military household with my father, step-mother, and three brothers.  My father was a colonel in the Air Force, and at one point a division commander (Civil Engineering) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  My step-mother was someone whom I grew up thinking had some serious mental health issues, including paranoia and delusions.  Looking back now, I realize there might’ve been more going on.  Holding a high office at Wright-Patt, I now believe my father knew much more than he was letting on.  I clearly remember one day, completely out of the blue, my dad asked me if I believed in aliens.  Now he and I had many philosophical conversations so this didn’t seem strange to me, even though it was a new topic for us.  I stated that yes, of course I believed in them.  I’ve never doubted that, even without proof of it.  I’ll never forget his response.  He smiled and pointed up towards the ceiling and said, “Just look at the night sky.  Really look at all the stars out there.  In a universe that big, how could we possibly be the only beings alive?”  He then smiled and that was the end of the conversation.  Perhaps he was trying to hint at something, or simply just trying to get me to think about the subject.  Either way, that has stuck with me for more than 20 years now.

My relationship with my step-mom was another thing altogether.  To say that our relationship was strained would be putting it lightly.  She was constantly watching me like a hawk, using the excuse that she felt I was always trying to get away with something.  I could never understand this as I was a pretty good kid.  I always focused on my schoolwork and made the honor roll.  I graduated high school with a 3.8 and then graduated college cum laude.  While I had plenty of friends, my parents were very strict with me and I tried my best to always respect that even when I didn’t agree with it.  More often than not I simply tried to lay low whenever I was home, to stay under the radar of my step-mom.  It wasn’t until my older brother discovered that she had set up a device to immediately start recording any phone call the moment the receiver was picked up when I began to think that something serious was going on.  In addition, once we had moved to Ohio my step-mom started working for Lockhead Martin, even though prior to that she’d had no related job experience. She had always worked as an executive assistant.  So I was left with the question, why would an executive assistant work for Lockhead Martin heading up projects?  I now wonder if she was sent into our lives to monitor me or us, but back then I had no idea that this could even happen, let alone realize why anyone would feel the need to.

As time went on I married and had three beautiful children.  During this point in my life, I lost myself a bit, getting caught up in being and wife and mom.  Very little in the way of contact happened during these years, or if it did I was simply “too busy” to notice.  Unfortunately this wasn’t an easy time either and eventually after 9 years we were divorced.  As bad as that was to go through, on the other side of it I am now happier and more fulfilled than I could’ve ever dreamed possible.  With this happiness has come a greater understanding of myself and the contact that I’ve had all of my life.  I’ve always felt that I was different than others and perhaps had a greater knowing about certain things, but in the last 5 years I’ve had a surge of understanding.  My psychic skills have increased exponentially and I have learned the importance of meditation and connecting with the greater consciousness of which we’re all a part.  In addition, I’ve been able to take a peek into some of the other lifetimes that I’ve lived (or more accurately, am living).  These include Atlantis, ancient Egypt, medieval times, and a Tibetan monk, just to name a few.  All of these lifetimes have provided me with a greater understanding of myself and my soul’s journey.  Perhaps the ones that have made the greatest impact are my lives in other worlds or dimensions.

I’m now on the journey to discover and understand other worlds, beings, dimensions, contact, as well as human reactions to these things.  After my divorce I began to once again get back into the practice of meditation.  During one of these meditations I was told to discover and learn to practice Reiki.  So I did exactly that.  During my very first Reiki class, soon after I had my first Reiki attunement, we were practicing on each other.  While I was working on another woman in the class I looked up and saw a beautiful being in the corner.  While I couldn’t make out the details of it’s body, I could see an amazing gold and white light shining out from it creating an outline of a humanoid form.  As I stood there looking at this being, I could feel my hands getting warmer and warmer and was aware that I was channeling a large amount of energy at that moment.  I just remember thinking how incredibly beautiful the light was emanating from this being.

Once I started practicing Reiki it seemed my experiences went to an entirely new level!  During meditations I almost always had some entity visit with me.  Whether it was spirit guides, angels, elementals or et’s, someone was always there to teach me something new.  I already knew that I have a concurrent lifetime in Ancient Egypt and at one point, I started to receive visitations for the Egyptian god Anubis, though he told me to call him, Ishmuth.  I would also channel a language that sounded like Arabic, which was a bit familiar to me.  We lived in Saudi Arabia for five years when I was a child and during that time at school we all had to take Arabic class, so I remember bits and pieces of the language.  With that knowledge, I started looking into hieroglyphs and the spoken language during Ancient Egypt.  I began to teach myself how to read these hieroglyphs and understand a bit more about the language, and got to the point where I was able to decipher the messages I was receiving.

The next phase of my discovery began with two very lucid dreams.  The first of which I remember being on a ship while flying through space.  It was as if I was on a tour of our galaxy and it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.  While I didn’t see my tour guide, I knew he was there.  The second dream was a very intense dream and I awoke sitting upright in my bed.  I remember looking around as if expecting someone to be there.  When I saw that no one was, I laid back down to go to sleep.  The next morning I couldn’t remember much from the dream other than one particular scene.  That same scene was stuck in my head for about three days before I finally thought to draw it.  I thought that perhaps putting it on paper would help my brain process it better.  In the scene I could see two short grey aliens peeking up over the edge of the table I was on, just looking at me.  A little further back was a mantis being, wearing a burgundy colored robe with gold details.  For some reason it was very important for me to draw the robe just right.  I had drawn it one way but then received communication that, no I had drawn it wrong, and was shown a close up image in my mind’s eye to give me a better perspective. While I remembered this as a dream, I knew it wasn’t.  I can clearly remember the curious nature of the two greys as they watched me and the wisdom and kindness that radiated from the mantis. It was this feeling that led me to look further into the idea of et contact.  The more and more I learned, the more things in my life started to make sense.

As time went on I came to understand through a series of synchronistic events, that I also have a lifetime (I prefer not to use the past tense as these lives are currently happening) as an Arcturian.  One of the most definitive moments that I’ve experienced with a UFO was what led me to this remember this information.  I was driving home from my daughter’s orchestra concert.  All the while what appeared to be a large star (much bigger than a planet would appear) kept following me, and stayed in my view through the passenger side window.  At one point during the drive home I pulled over and, using an infrared filter on my camera, had taken a picture of it.  As I drove the 20 minutes home, through three towns making a series of turns both left and right, this object stayed with me.  After I got home I was still able to see it in the sky outside my kitchen window.  I knew this meant something but I wasn’t sure what that was.  When I looked at the pictures what I saw was a red orb with blue points coming out from it.  Later that night I fell asleep wondering exactly what this was that I had seen.  The next morning I decided to do a little research.  I looked up a sky map for my area the night before, to try and rule out a planet or star.  There was nothing large near that area of the sky, except for the star Arcturus.  I’d never heard that name before but was struck with idea that perhaps I should look into this further at some point.

Later that same day, I was on the internet when I “randomly” came across something entitled, “Traits of the Arcturian Soul” on YouTube.  Normally I wouldn’t have thought anything of this and would’ve gone right by it, but what were the odds that a star I’d never heard of would come up in two different places within less than a 4 hour period?  That got my attention.  As I watched the video I felt an immediate sense of knowing.  Almost everything they were saying resonated with me in a way that went beyond the typical, “oh this sounds like my personality”.  It felt as if I had finally found my family after years of searching.  I knew with every fiber in my being that this was true for me.  Was it something that I could prove to a hardened skeptic?  No, of course not.  But did I know that it was true?  Absolutely.  As time went on I learned to meditate in a way that enabled me to connect with my Arcturian self, and in doing so I continue to learn more to this day.  I have also learned several hand gestures to use while meditating that connect me with my Arcturian self.  I have learned my name, Neema.  I have received downloads in my Arcturian language.  And everything started to make sense for me.  I reveled in my new-found family, where I finally felt that I fit in.  The Arcturians have shown me things beyond anything I could’ve hoped for.  Their plane of existence is in the 5th dimension and I’ve learned that by connecting with my Arcturian self I’m able to experience that sense of freedom that having an energetic body, without the physical restraints we have here, can provide.  Some people go to a spa to feel rejuvenated, I go to the Arcturians.

When talking with people I have referred to myself as Arcturian, feeling that this was a better fit for me than “human” was.  All the while, I was also aware that I was more than this as well.  Knowing that our soul lives many lives and has many experiences can be a difficult thing for us to truly understand with our human brains.  And I believe that at moments we may resonate with one lifetime more than another.  This is absolutely appropriate in my opinion.  I believe it helps us gain a better understanding of ourselves and life in general, whatever that life may be.

Most recently I have made a new discovery about myself.  While in deep meditation I received a visit from a large reptilian.  Of course working with experiencers as I do, I had heard of reptilians.  I found them fascinating and wanted to learn more. I had never had an experience with them myself, but I wasn’t afraid of them.  I felt that regardless of their negative reputation there was no way that all of one species could be bad.  I knew there were also people who talk of positive encounters and perhaps this reinforced that belief.

I had gone into a meditation without any expectations, simply being happy to get to a place of deep inner quiet.  Anytime I go into a meditative state I always go in with an open mind.  This time was no exception.  As I sat there in that silent, etheric space I heard and physically felt the vibrations from a series of booming footsteps.  Suddenly a large, imposing figure began to appear. At first I saw the feet, which looked like something you would expect a dragon to have.  The two huge feet with large talons supported an equally imposing body.  The well-defined musculature was impressive.  As I panned up I could see a large head with a face that looked kind with chiseled features, though it was reptilian in shape and form.  However, perhaps the most noticeable feature of all was the spines that went from the top of his head all the way down to the tip of his massive tail.

As I sat there silently watching this creature walk around me I felt a loving feeling both welling up within myself and coming from him.  I recognized instantaneously that I knew him.  He went from an interesting creature to someone quite dear to me.  He circled me, not out of intimidation but as a protective gesture.  I knew that no one was going to get by him, physical or etheric.  I heard a voice in my head telling me that he was always around me protecting me from harm.  I soon learned that his name was Kuma and that he was my partner in a reptilian lifetime.  While this was quite surprising to learn, it also made sense.  As a child I always loved reptiles and amphibians, having many pet snakes, lizards, and turtles.  From the earliest I can remember I was always obsessed with dinosaurs.  In fact it amused my parents and they would tell me that I was the only five year old they’d ever met who said she wanted to be a paleontologist when she grew up.  As I grew up my love of dinosaurs stayed with me but I turned my focus more towards living animals and to this day my house is always full of them.

I know that I am far from understanding everything about myself, the world around me, the multi-verse and our very existence itself.  Each and every day I look forward to adding more pieces to the puzzle and to watch how my understanding of myself evolves.  One thing I know for sure, the reason we are here on this planet is to learn.  While our lessons may be different, I understand that we are still one and the same.  But the most important thing that I’ve learned is that love is what truly matters.  Whether I’m an energetic being, a repitilian being, or a human truly doesn’t matter.  What does matter and what’s most important is that I know love.  Love is both the cause of our existence and the reason to continue existing. Here’s my two cents, use it as you will:  There may always be darkness and horrible events that happen in this lifetime.  While it’s important for us to acknowledge those things and try to learn from them, it’s also equally important not to get caught up in them and make them the main focus of our lives.  Live your lives to the best of your ability, learn from the journey, and try to enjoy it in the process.


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