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The Reverend John Marcus Polk was born in 1969 in Raleigh, North Carolina. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcasting, and another Bachelor of Arts Degree in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona. This university granted John the title of International Metaphysical Minister after his studies were complete. Rev. Polk is also a Reiki Master, and an instructor in Usui Reiki.

He is the founder of Wolf Spirit Ministries, LLC. In addition to all of this, Rev. Polk was gifted with the ability to be a channel and a medium. In his book, “Yahweh, The Biblical God, is an Alien” Polk adds his insights into Ancient Alien Theory as a theologian, in the area of exospirituality and how we humans should value our own human experience over what we are told is reality.

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John writes: I am channeling “Yahweh”, the Judeo-Christian and Islamic alien god featured in the Bible, the Hebrew Bible and in the Quran. For thousands of years, up to this present day, he has been masquerading as the real God and is pulling a collective veil over the eyes of most of the world. Ancient alien astronaut theorists comprehend this reality, but most of humanity has no idea.

Yahweh tells me the time draws near for full alien disclosure, so that we primitive Earthlings can be weaned off of the Mother Universe’s figurative bosom. He wants the world to know that he is an extraterrestrial, that he is not God and that all God-figures in all cultures are ET’s, not God. However, all creator-gods and Yahweh had wanted we humans to keep worshiping those creator-gods just like always. As collective humanity adapts to this knowledge, religion, culture and tradition need not change. For now, you may pray to the alien god you have worshiped all along but now, pray to the real God as well. The real God loves everyone regardless of their religion or belief system and therefore, he is the God for everyone. Make a deliberate point in your mind to differentiate between the two.

John Polk 3Until this planetary transformation event takes place, we will be kept in the dark, unable to reach enlightenment. Enlightenment begins with we humans understanding and worshiping the real, universal God-love consciousness alongside with the alien gods we learn of in our religious texts. Yahweh, and other alien creator-gods who promised to return in the future, can foresee this time approaching.

Instead of blanketing each continent with massive mother-ships, sending we indigenous Earthlings into a global panic, they are attempting to forewarn us of greater days to come. The extraterrestrials want to intervene in our lives on Earth because humanity is spiraling down in a negative direction. We are raping our planet of its resources for energy, for example, when there is an abundance of renewable and free energies being hidden from us. Additionally, our world leaders are doing a pathetic job of working together. Most of our countries’ leaders are inept because they are selling out. Everything is based on money and war, which is draining the loving spirit energy of our entire planet. Money, truly is, the root of all evil.

I am one of many chosen seers from around the world, whose mission is to communicate this message with the masses, so that when changes occur, it’s not a total electric shock. Before I die, full disclosure about ET’s and the world-wide disinformation campaign and cover-up will be revealed globally. Yahweh wants light workers, like me, to be mediators in this life-ascension event for all humanity.

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From John’s upcoming book:

“Yahweh, The Biblical God, Is An Alien”

Bones To Pick:

 The entire concept of UFO’s and extraterrestrials lends itself to tremendous speculation, controversy and debate. I take it that much further by design to spark interest into related subjects of taboo and to air out certain topics that require more attention. There are countless points of contention that I mention that are screaming for controversy. Next, I’m going to furnish you with a short list of those that are open wound sensitive and most likely to go viral the quickest from the publishing of this book:

1)  God portrayed in the Bible, the Hebrew Bible and the Qur’an is not the real God. He is an extraterrestrial creator god that goes by many names    dating back in history. However, for the balance of my book, I’m going to refer to him as, “Yahweh.”

***Throughout my manuscript, I will refer to Yahweh, the alien, as lower case god and when I refer to the real God, I will capitalize his name. I’m    sure that I will not be completely consistent in context.

2)  I channel Yahweh, the alien creator god as my inner voice, who masquerades as the real God, in the Bible, the Hebrew Bible and the Qur’an. Enoch (Metatron) and Archangels (aliens) Gabriel, Michael and Rafael round out the supernatural extraterrestrials that I communicate with at the    greatest frequency. In summary, I channel aliens that I thought were biblical figures.

3)  Jesus Christ was an alien human hybrid of Yahweh and The Virgin Mary through a calculated mixture of their genetics and DNA. Christ’s supernatural powers came from Yahweh and the loving, nurturing and human side came from Mary. Remember in Exodus 11, god or Yahweh, murdered the first born Egyptian sons, children. That’s why Yahweh couldn’t fashion an exact clone of himself. Mary’s genetics were necessary to make Christ more human and humane. Biblical Yahweh was capable of murder. Is this your god? He’s not mine.

4)  Creator god aliens can place their own omnipotent soul into an alien human hybrid or clone of them self. Harvesting bodies is not just limited to    humans, they can genetically manipulate Reptilians, Greys, Insectiods, almost any intelligent being that they would deem worthy of possessing    suitable DNA to create a deity.

5)  Yahweh created Judaism, Christianity and Islam to fashion a divine trinity within himself through religion, conflict, prayer energy and souls.

6)  If you pray to and worship a god long enough through your physical 3D Earth plane existence, that god will capture your soul when you die to go    through his version of heaven. After, you cycle through that alien creator gods’ heaven, you eventually make it to the real Gods’ eternal light before you reincarnate again.

7)  Our omnipotent soul or God self lives in multiple physical bodies on numerous planets, spaceships and dimensions simultaneously. This can    also be referred to as the Quantum Hologram Theory or a multi dimensional existence. In other dimensions, our soul inhabits aliens.

8)  Geodetic markers constructed from stone on acupuncture like power points lying on the Earth’s grid, amplify prayer energy exponentially combined with the Earth’s spirit that emanates from these hot spots. Examples include: Temple Mount, The Great Pyramids, Teotihuacan’s Mexican pyramids, Ankor Wat Temple in Cambodia, Carnac Stones of France, Stone Henge, Big Horn Medicine Wheel in Wyoming.

9)  Yahweh is absorbing prayer energy and souls from 1,000’s or more stars, planets, moons, spaceships from multiple dimensions all at the same time to feed his exponentially growing spiritual and metaphysical powers. He may be in possession of 100’s of billions of souls and religious followers   prayer energy from around the multiverse. (Multiverse meaning there is more than one universe.)

10) I allege that President Barrack Hussein Obama is an alien human hybrid. Go online and reference the countless photos of him where flies are    landing on his face and rats mysteriously appear around the White House. If he’s not an extraterrestrial or hybrid then he is possessed by an evil    demon that lures dark energies. Certain animals, insects and empaths like myself are sensitive to his infected nature.

11) Most ancient cultures depict gods descending from heaven, the sky or the stars. Every other culture chronicles their gods coming from inside the    Earth or the underworld. According to Judeo-Christian ethic, every other god ever worshipped is a false god, only god, Yahweh is real. Every other    culture in world history is wrong and all of those believers are going to burn in hell for an eternity. Is this your god? Is this your religion?   If you are a Jew or a Christian, it is.

12) Yahweh is the father of Moses, Abraham, Jesus, Enoch, Noah, John The Baptist, Ezekiel, Elijah, Muhammad, Solomon, The Fallen Angels, all the   apostles, arch angels and most biblical figures among others in his pantheon. In other words, he genetically engineered them with a watered down    version of some of his DNA and powers or he blessed them with supernatural gifts so they could serve as revered patriarchs, angels etc.. Another   mission was for them to proliferate his religions and nurture his faithful worshippers.

13) The Fallen Angels or The Watchers were cast out of Yahweh’s mothership and descended to Mount Hermon. Genesis 6: “The sons of God saw that the  daughters of men were beautiful so they married any of them they chose. The sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by  them.” (The Nephilim) Angels having sex and creating offspring? Is this possible? It is if angels in the Bible are human like extraterrestrials.  All biblical angels are in fact aliens.

14) Based on the amount of drone activity I see flying curiously low over my home in Orlando, Florida, I know that the police and or our black ops clandestine government military is conducting surveillance on me and the UFO activity in the skies above my house. I attract extraterrestrials and    their crafts and the powers that be know it.

15) Full disclosure of extraterrestrials existing and visiting Earth will come to fruition within my lifetime if not in the next handful of years or less. That’s why so many ancient culture’s elites and world leaders were mummified because their alien selves are going to reunite and inhabit their old bodies when the ET’s return or they’ll fashion a clone of themselves from their preserved DNA.

16) In the near future, if I get audited or arrested for child pornography, soliciting a minor, rape, murder, hookers, drugs, anything that goes against my character, it’s because the government, illuminati and others want to keep me silent. In my opinion, I allege that Herman Cain was set up in a similar fashion with prostitutes when he announced his candidacy for president. What better way to shut me up than to put me in prison or even crucify me through character assignation. Disinformation is a valuable tool employed by our underground world government who controls the   media. If I end up in jail, suffering from some terminal disease, missing or dead for whatever reason, this is my formal disclaimer to the world.

Please take this as seriously as I do.

© Reverend John M. Polk, 2015 All Rights Reserved.


 Section I. The Chapters Or Alien Oracle Scrolls Numbers 1 Through 59:

 God, Angels, Aliens And Religion Scrolls 1 – 21:

1)  I’m Channeling Yahweh and Archangels (Aliens).

2)  Yahweh’s Alien Human Hybrid Son, Jesus Christ.

3)  Creator Gods Cloning Themselves Or Donating DNA To Create A Deity.

4)  Souls Obtained By Creator Gods.

5)  Some Aliens Are So Evolved.

6)  Yahweh, The Alien, Created Judaism, Christianity And Islam.

7)  The Bible, The Hebrew Bible And The Qur’an are Alien Handbooks.

8)  Demons, Yahweh And Solomon’s Ring.

9)  Old Testament Yahweh Is An Alien That Kills, He’s Not God.

10) God In The Bible, A Tale Of Two Aliens.

11) Repent, The Wildcard To Escape Hell.

12) Faith.

13) Make Christ Your Savior Or Burn In Hell.

14) Homosexuals Burn In Hell.

15) I’ve Been Praying To Aliens.

16) Reincarnation As An Alien.

17) Streamline The Earth Species.

18) Home Planet Energy.

19) God And Other Earths.

20) Multi Dimensional Existence.

21) Creator Gods, Deities And The Countries, Regions And Religions They Established.

Sciences Scrolls 22 – 30:

22) Implants.

23) Tree Evidence And Rollers.

24) Cow Mutilations.

25) Seismic Energy Along Fault Lines.

26) Video Disturbed By Aliens.

27) Phasing Electromagnetic Fields.

28) Hubble And Kepler Airbrush Photos.

29) Many UFO’s Are Made Of.

30) Earth Astronauts.

Various Topics Scrolls 31 – 59:

31) Earth Is Extremely Important To Aliens.

32) Nuclear World War III.

33) Alien Schools.

34) Vibration And Frequency.

35) Government And Aliens.

36) The Men in Black And Majestic 12.

37) Grey Aliens, Good And Bad.

38) DNA Stores The Akashic Record.

39) Dark Factions Of Aliens.

40) Other Side Needs Energy, Black Holes And Suns.

41) Alien Anesthesia.

42) Traversable Earth Core Spirit.

43) Caves Instead Of Condos.

44) Caves, Alien Gods And Influential Leaders.

45) The San Bushman.

46) Exorcizing An Alien.

47) Aliens Can Shape Shift Into A Spirit.

48) Earth Time Travel.

49) Wernher Von Braun Time Travel.

50) Sub Space.

51) Cheating Time In Another Dimension.

52) Petroglyphs.

53) Ice Age Drives Humans Underground.

54) 13,000 Year Earth Cycle.

55) Earth’s Alien Shield.

56) ET’s Are Running The Show.

57) Disclosure Keeping Religion In Tact.

58) Disclosure And Mummies.

59) It’s Hard To Believe.

Section II, Experiences:

1)  Aliens On My Balcony.

2)  My Alien Hybrid Daughter.

3)  Taught How To See Ghosts.

4)  My Alien Self.

5)  Multi Dimensional Existence.

6)  Psychic Medium Attacked.

7)  Reiki.

8)  Haunted By Indian Ghosts.

9)  Taught A Friend To See Ghosts.

10) Voodoo Was My Matchmaker.

11) Faking Out The Greys.

12) Missing Time At Disney.

13) Crystal Activation By An Old Flame.

14) I Channel Aliens And Angels In My Writings.

15) Dressed As A Priest At A MUFON Meeting.

16) Linda Cortile And The, “Experiencers Speak III,” Conference.

Section III, UFO Sightings And Ghosts:

The 1980’s.

2009 to Current.

Section IV, Conclusion:


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