Aliens, Anunnaki, AR Bordon & Us ~ Michael Lee Hill, Karen Christine Patrick ~ 07/03/15

AR Bordon 2014-07-04 14.19.04Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin join Michael Lee Hill & Karen Christine Patrick in a discussion panel on the 2nd episode of a new series on Aquarian Radio ( called Aliens, Anunnaki, AR Bordon & Us.

On this show we’ll discuss AR Bordon’s life, his groups and participation with many extraterrestrials especially the Anunnaki. Michael has new information on the messages behind the crop circles: ( and how the Anunnaki are communicating with us.  Which faction is in control and what is their agenda? How do they regard humanity and what are their plans for us?

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Michael Lee Hill. Karen Christine Patrick–both of whom knew A.R. BORDON, our late representative to the Linkage Institute.  Michael, Karen and the Lessins discuss the current war between Nibiru’s King Nannar and his cousin, Prince Marduk.  Nannar and Marduk lead opposed lineages within the same royal clan of ex-king Anu. These tall white people all hail from the planet Nibiru.  On Earth, the both Nannar’s Nibiran and halfbreed operatives compete with some 300 of Marduk’s to control the institutions of the power elite who pit Earthling nations, religions, ethnic groups, men and women and even subpersonalities within each of us against each other.  Both camps of ETs that vye for control of our planet call themselves the Anunnaki.

The Linkage Institute works independently of our governments, businesses and spy networks. It negotiates with the Nibirans and other ETs invested in Earth to understand the evolution, motives and agendas of extraterrestrial races and their interactions with us and find solutions to the immanent disruptions concomitant upon the present nearing of Nibiru, the Anunnaki homeplanet. Non-human ETs that meet with our Linkage reps include several kinds of Greys, as well as beings with reptilian ancestries, insect ancestries, machine intelligences and robots–space faring beings invested in Earth affairs for whom it is profitable to interface with us out of self-interest and cooperative interest.
Michael Lee Hill will discuss his direct, face-to-face contact with Marduk and will relate the Prince’s intentions, as well as the counter-moves by Nannar’s assets.

The Legacy of AR Bordon

AR Bordon was the mysterious figurehead of a clandestine physics study group called the Life Physics Group, it was most active in the 1980s and 1990s. The participants did not use their real names and utilized unconventional tools for attempting to map out the energetic substrate of reality and to create what they called “The Working Model”. Also, AR Bordon and other members of the LPG participated in joint projects with human/human hybrid/extraterrestrial groups of various kinds. In the years before Bordon’s death in 2013, there was a now-defunct internet forum where new people came in to learn more about “The Working Model” and the writings of AR Bordon and other LPG material. Topics discussed included the coming new physics, extraterrestrial contact, the rise of humanity’s latent psychic abilities and other topics. More can be found elsewhere about this group and about AR Bordon, it’s a complex story.

AR Bordon also boldly asserted contact with the Annunaki and other ET races, claiming to go off-world to find out what is planned by galactic governance for humanity’s destiny. It becomes apparent to many associated with Bordon that this ET group has an entwined history with earthlings, but that the story is much more complicated than has been told generally. In the end, Bordon was a very complex individual, noted as being difficult to deal with at times even by his friends.

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