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eve-lorgen-1Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview Eve Lorgen on the Sacred Matrix on Revolution Radio (www.freedomslips.com), studio B from 8 to 10 Eastern.

Bio ~ Eve Lorgen, M.A.

Eve Lorgen, Author of “The Love Bite: Alien Interference of Human Love Relationships,(Elogos and HHC, 2000) and “The Dark Side of Cupid: Love Affairs, the Supernatural and Energy Vampirism (Keyhole Publishing, 2012) is a 20 plus year researcher and hypnotherapist in anomalous trauma. This spectrum includes alien/ET encounters, paranormal experiences, milabs,  and other dimensional visitations. The focus of her two books reveal taboo aspects of how love relationships have been orchestrated, interfered with or disrupted by paranormal sources.

Eve also holds a B.S. in Biochemistry as well as a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. Her scientific and intuitive Eve_4-3-012crskills have contributed to her success in understanding these otherworldly experiences. While research is important, her priority is in support, healing and empowered sovereignty for her clients.

Her inspiration into the anomalous started early in life with her own paranormal experiences. Her inspiration came through the work of the late Dr. Karla Turner and the UFO and alien abduction researcher, Barbara Bartholic.

Eve has presented at many UFO/Paranormal/Conspiracy/Spirituality venues since 1998, authored numerous articles internationally translated in several languages. She appeared on Destination America’s “Monsters and Mysteries” on an episode featuring alien abductions, implants and the alien matrix. She is a frequent guest on alternative radio talk shows and Round Table Discussions through RISE Multiversity.

(http://www.risemultiversity.org) Her web site is http://www.evelorgen.com

The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships Paperback – February 14, 2000

eve lorgen bio

Cosmic Awakening Show- Eve Lorgen- The Dark Side Of Cupid

Published on Mar 27, 2015

Join host Michelle Walling and special guest cohost India Irie Sanatana Dharma as we chat with Eve Lorgen. Eve is an author, researcher and consultant in anomalous trauma. We discuss the toxic “love bite” relationships, dark side of Cupid love connections, vampirism, and some recent cases like the Reptilian hosting and strip club update. Eve will talk about the various relationship issues people are dealing with from getting involved with these psychic vampires, as well as how healing and clearing are necessary to free oneself of these entities.

Find Eve’s website here: http://www.evelorgen.com

Eve Lorgen: Hyperdimensional ET intervention in Love, Spiritual warfare, “Satanic” cults

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  1. Laura /

    I believe I had a similar Love Bite experience back in early April of this year. I and the other male involved had a shared dream and believed it to be divine intervention with both of us being Christian. I’d love to speak to others who have experienced an intervention in the love realm so I can better decipher if there was indeed outside forces at play and not heavenly help.

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