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Anunnaki: False Gods Paperback – March 21, 2015

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By Nowick Gray on March 22, 2015

Format: Paperback
The title of this ambitious work tells us a lot: that the gods we know from mythology were not actually divine, but extraterrestrial; and their relevance is with us today in the institutions driving humanity to ruin. The book description gives the overview of the story; the book itself fleshes it out in painstaking and vivid detail. What emerges is virtually an alternative Bible text, with a chronology and litany of personages that overlaps that largely accepted history and goes far beyond. From it we can understand not only the basis of Near Eastern empires and clashing civilizations, but such mysteries as ancient architectures and technologies, and the seed of hierarchy and greed in human institutions. The Anunnaki, by this account, are truly the missing link in the evolution of humans genetically and culturally, from our more natural beginnings to the GMO versions we inhabit, unwittingly, to this day. The rendering of the ancient texts in this book is faithful to the archaic prose of Sitchin’s translations, but balanced by up-to-date summary and commentary delivered in punchy, concrete prose that is both comprehensive and persuasive. Highly recommended for all students of alternative history, ET intervention, and ancient architectural mysteries such as the pyramids.

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