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Arrested for high treason0Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr.Sasha Lessin interview Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg on We the Anunnaki, Friday, February 6, 2015 from 3 to 5 PM Eastern on www.blogtalkradio.com/aquarianradio.

Emily’s been a super busy lady lately with many interviews.  She’s going to catch us up on her latest research into the Anunnaki bloodline from ancient times to today along with her claim to the UK Crown. A lot has been happening and we’re excited to catch up with her, add our two cents and see what emerges from the mixture.


I have to make a trip to London and speak before parliament.

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Daughter of King Edward VIII files Claim to UK Crown with Parliament, charges Elizabeth II Treason

Published on Feb 4, 2015

NOTE: You can access background and links while you watch this interview at the following. Thank you. Emily Windsor Cragg, Daughter of King Edward VIII, files Claim to UK Crown with UK Parliament, charges Elizabeth II with Treason

Emily Windsor Cragg: Illuminati Thrones

Published on Feb 1, 2015

Emily Elizabeth Windsor Cragg: Illuminati Game Of Thrones

OffPlanet Radio – 01-31-2015 – Randy Maugans with Emily Elizabeth Windsor Cragg, recorded 01-25-2015


History is written by the winners of conflicts, and TRUTH, relegated to the dustbins of time. Emily Elizabeth Windsor Cragg has spent decades re-assembling the torn pages of her own heritage, as well as the altered narrative of the Thrones of England (The Bloodline of The Abrahamic Covenant) in her book, “Saints or Sons of Perdition: Geo V & Edw VIII … the Story Never Told Before.” ; she has explored the mythos of Galactic History regarding the Annunaki’s +200,000 year influence over their Illuminati vassals and Planet Earth in “Come Let Us Make Man in Our Image: We Humanity Are More than We Knew (Wisdom of Yah Series))”; and has even taken on the history of the technological warlord Alpha-Draconians in her book, “Civil Life In Galactic History … the Dialectic Between Law and Bureaucracy”. She also works in the field of 9-11 Truth as the editor of, “Do We All Believe In Freedom of Speech? Why hasn’t 911 gone to Trial?”, by Dr. Albert D. Pastore, Ph.D

Using her unique skills of intuitive/clairvoyant researching; her background as a digital imaging expert and trainer for Xerox Corp., and an incessant desire to fully uncover the hidden truths about her own past and the past and future of humanity; Emily relentlessly pulls at the edges of time and circumstance to deliver a comprehensive view of how humankind now must seek rule through consensus and consent, and resist the globalist agenda whose dead end is transhumanism and eternal bondage.


I’m the Planetary Pindar, having taken over this aspect of HRMQE2’s majesty, who refused to serve in its capacity to inform. And this is what I have been given from Above, in order to figure things out and synthesize an explanation for people. Her Majesty’s silence makes her complicit in the top-down plan; and ISIS’ business in this regard makes ISIS a party to the activities. Here’s the DRILL mapped out over time.

ET-Annunaki established a human bloodline of telepathic humans (the Seed of Abraham) who were charged with governing humans according to their own (Bible Laws of Moses) Laws. But Annunaki are fragmented and fragmented into Satanist (sacrificial) and Luciferian (genocidal) factions for reasons of culling imperfections in Racial Performance according to the Emerald Covenant Treaty crafted by THE NINE at Orion Nebula after the Lyran Wars . . .
By the 4th century AD the Covenant got carved up (at the Vatican) into THREE factions: Law-abiding, sacrificial, genocidal. which stand together but operate differently even now. The faction running Earth today is the MJ12, Luciferian, genocidal faction; and its principals have attracted endless “commerce” and “high-technologies” IN EXCHANGE for human souls. This inter-dimensional business is insidious, not just “evil.” It is the marketing of mercenary regional war and terrorism for the purpose of slaughtering human beings to “free” the “souls” for capture and sale to ETs whose Races have run out of generativity. It is the discounting of human life itself to the level of cattle-for-sale.

This is also why the trade includes ever more lethal high tech weaponry, restored and recombined diseases, famine and sterilization of agriculture: to increase the human soul “yield” in compliance with the Georgia Guidestones’ limit placed upon population on this planet at 500 million, all the while media boo hoo about “humanity’s to blame for pollution.”

Luciferians established this business in order to get an upper hand and total control over this planet and its resources–absolute control of populations.

And if the People don’t take out MJ12 (and their legalist and federalist minions) and restore Lawful Authority, this entire planet is going to have to get scrapped by YHVH the Sylph Who built it (as in the Noah’s Flood account), or this plague of SOUL-Slavery will continue to spread across the Galaxies.
Emily Windsor-Cragg, January 27, 2015

Bio: Emily Cragg was adopted out of the Reptilian bloodline and into Secular Commerce. Genus: Human being; Race: mixed; Mate: Yes and No; Culture: Consenting or Withholding Consent. Age: 70 but Hoping for Eternity. History: Checkered. Experience: Suffering and Joy. Attainments: Healing and Progress. Acquisitions: Few. Memory: Dim and Dimmer. Goal: to know, understand and write, what’s really going on, the lies and the Liars. But with Faith, Hope and an attachment to Truth itself, We’ll get there, to a form of Zion at Peace.


Saints or Sons of Perdition: George V & Edward VIII: Edward’s Daughter’s Version of History Paperback – October 20, 2014

From Where Does The Idea Of Royalty Originate…??

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Dear Lightworkers and students of the archane wisdoms,


Some may ask the GFL, about the actual cosmic origins of the concept we know as a royal family….what are the actual cultural and societal origins, of such a tradition….?? The answers may surprise some……


On Earth, the concept was first put into practice by the Atlantean elites and was a step placed within Atlantean society, before the final stage of creating a genetically engineered limited consciousness, upon an experimental section of the population…These subsequent flood survivors became the human race we know today…The Atlantean elites themselves having vacated earth after the destruction, and retiring to Hadar…….(“Hades”)


Then the Anunnaki stepped into a full post flood earth-governing process and established a limited-conscious “royalty,” to act as intermediaries for their dark rule…These became their Illuminoid royals…their minions…The Cabal we know today, with it’s families, are decendents from such traditions, with banking families marrying into European and Asiatic royalty….


It is worth mentioning that the concept adopted by both the Anunnaki, as well as the former Atlantean elites, that we call royalty, with kings and queens, ruling in the name of the “gods,” originated offworld….Indeed, the originators were from the land of Quart’Ku’Sarq’Rp, of the Sigma Draconis system…


The Sigma Draconians were the “Prussians” of our cosmos, at one time, being extremely warlike….They are now at peace with the GFL, but were once kingpins and prime movers and shakers, within the Anchara Alliance…that dark alliance that created so much conflict, during the cosmic wars…


It is this dark template that all human royals now utilise….They may be humanoids on earth, but to compare them with Draconian reptillians, is not as far fetched as it may sound….

And a very good reason as to why so many earth humans, who have established some real spiritual connectivty, and viveka, find the idea of being presided over by royalty, as repugnant and certainly an “alien” concept, at odds with our thirst for achievable merit and freedom…

Each earth human is truly a sovereign being, with no need for a royal overlord concept, to play a part in our societies…

Moreover, there is a traditional term used in Europe, for the Planetary Logos, among secret sacred societies, such as the Knights Templar and others and that is “Rex Mundi” or the so-called “King of the World.” In truth, the Logos does not hold such an office as “King” and the label was placed upon the role, by those who had become culturally acclimatised to accept the idea that society could not function without a royal presence of some sort, at the helm….


With continued spiritual advancement, surface human societies eclipsed the concept of the divine rule of kings, starting with the English civil war and continuing on over the centuries, through to the American revolution, thence the French and Russian revolutions……etc.


In spite of a continued presence of this dark inheritance (from Draconis,) we call royalty and monarchy, human beings are more ready than ever to rise and claim their cosmic birthrights as sovereign beings, loyal to spirit and the common planetary good of the common man, above all else….


Just as a child puts away his toys, when he becomes a man, so must modern society put away the childish things of yesteryear, the slavish worship, we know as royalism and instead assume the adult mantle of Planetary Guardianship, within clan structures and full consciousness, as once before, during Lemurian times…Golden times that predate forced survitude, serfdom and dark designs, upon planet Earth.


Selamat majon JaTa khan-a…! (Sirian for rejoice in our Creator’s OverSoul essence)


Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (East England Sector)

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