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john_lear_2_lgJohn is the son of William P. Lear, designer of the Lear Jet executive aircraft, the 8-track stereo, and founder of Lear Inc. (now Lear-Siegler Corp., a large defense contractor). He wrote extensively about airplanes and other subjects and was Middle East correspondent for “Combat Illustrated” between 1975 and 1977 while stationed in Lebanon with a cargo airline. Mr. Lear retired in 2001 having flown over 150 different types of aircraft and as an airline pilot having flown over 19,500 hours in 60 countries for 25 different airlines.

John Lear tp4f977868He attended Le Rosey ‘School of Kings’ in Switzerland and in the summer of 1959 John became the youngest American to climb the Matterhorn in Zermatt. He majored in Industrial Design at the Art Center School in Los Angeles in college but left in favor of flying, quickly checking out single and multi-engine land and seaplanes, helicopters, gliders, balloons, and fighter type aircraft. In 1968 he pylon raced a twin engine Douglas B-26 Invader in the Reno Air Races, the largest aircraft ever raced at Reno at the time. At age 28, he was one of the youngest Boeing 707 captains to fly in airline commercial service. In a flirtation with politics, John was once a candidate for Nevada State Senate.

John-learLear is an amateur astronomer and photographer. He has won several awards for his photos taken during his worldwide travels and is also an accomplished yachtsman having skippered ‘Soliloquy’ one of the 5 5 America’s boats after changeover from the ‘J’ Class. Lear, who has four daughters, lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife. Marilee, a former actress with Warner Bros. and currently the only CSA (Casting Society of America) member in Nevada.

John’s Dad, William P. Lear, Sr. was President and Chairman of the Board of Lear, Inc. who in 1952 became the government’s primary contractor for anti-gravity. To the concern of the Pentagon, John’s dad was outspoken in his belief of the existence of extra-terrestrial visitors; however John did not become interested in the subject until 1985 when UFO stories captured his attention.

John Lear and Bill Lear Sr 0511004_3John believed that in 1954 then U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower met secretly with several ET’s at Muroc Flight Test Center (to become Edwards Air Force Base). Apparently no agreement of any sort was reached. Then, about 10 years later, in April of 1964, another meeting between ET and the U.S. Government took place at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. Three saucers landed at a prearranged area and a meeting was held between the aliens and intelligence officers of the U.S. Government.”

John Lear became a popular lecturer in the UFO circuit, and along with Mathematician Pari Spolter became convinced that Isaac Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation was wrong and that gravitational force is independent of the mass of the attracted body and that there is no basis for his assumption that gravitational force is due to and is proportional to the quantity and density of matter.

Lear Family John Bill Jr Bill Sr 0511004_2Lear also believes that there are no Hadrons of any size, shape or form and that Singular Mass Units orbited by Chargons make up the next smallest units of matter to Quarks and that there is a nuclear glue yet to be found inside the photon. ET’s shut down the large hadron collider before scientists were able to cause major damage to the world.

John knows what happened to Malaysia MH370 and believes its disappearance is a major worldwide conspiracy.

John believes in the work of Pari Spolter who, in 1993 wrote the book, “The Gravitational Force of the Sun” which scientifically and mathematically proved that Newton’s equation for Gravitational Force is wrong and that neither size nor density of a planet figures in its gravitational force.

John Lear 2355544tUsing the Bullialdus inverse square equation for the gravity of the moon, the moons gravity works out to be 85% that of Earths (worked as a 3 body equation) and provides a breathable atmosphere for the quarter of a billion humans (not originally from Earth) he believes lives on the moon.

John also believes that there are many civilizations far below the surface of the Earth, some looking like humans, some very strange looking and most of which mankind on the surface will never learn about.

John believes we (humans) were on the moon by 1962 and Mars by 1967 and that the NASA Apollo program was a hoax and never put a man on the moon.

He also believes that there are 40 planets in our solar system, not merely the 9 that NASA has told us about and that all of these planets and their moons have together thousands of civilizations including massive civilizations that are built in space and don’t use planets for a base.

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