Planetary Liberation Conference ~ 01/31/15 ~ Temple of Peace, Haiku, Maui, Hawaii

Saturday January 31, 2015 – 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Temple of Peace, Haiku, Maui, Hawaii

11:00 AM – 1:00 PM – ANUNNAKI ARCHETYPES & ARCHAEOLOGY AMP ASCENDANCE – Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. & Janet Kira Lessin
anunnaki_4aSasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.) and Janet Kira Lessin, Ninmah Consciousness expert, show slides and share ancient Sumerian stories of the Anunnaki, our creators from the planet Nibiru.  In this workshop you get a feeling for Alalu, Anu, Enki-Adonai, Ninmah-Hathor, Marduk-Ra, Enlil-Yaweh, Ninurta-Indra, Nannar-Allah and Inanna-Aphrodite. You feel your resonant inner voices and get their gifts to humanity.  You understand the origins of the conflict that began with our forefathers, our Nibiran creators which continues to this day. You access the continuum and the interplanetary game, overcome and co-create a conscious, civilized civilization that better serves humanity, the Anunnaki and all beings on Earth (and around us in space), all creatures, features and Mother Earth herself.
1:30 PM – 3:30 PM – PLANETARY LIBERATION – Rob Potter
freedomforallblogtalkradioAt this conference space family contactee Rob Potter shares information on the subject of ongoing Interplanetary Cultural Exchange. This information’s designed to help people understand what is being called “The Event”, through “Disclosure” of the whole truth which Potter shares with humanity to free our minds from ignorance, superstition and fear. Rob explains the arrest plans for the worlds political and financial criminals at large, the intended return to a just, honest and transparent financial system crucial to realize liberty for all.
Rob tells how the earth’s societal infrastructure can heal through each person’s individual connection to his or her soul experienced through a special meditation technique you experience at this workshop.  He reveals advanced spiritual technologies and purposefully hidden truths that may shock you and is revealed to all with plenty of time for questions and answers.  This powerful plan of planetary liberation is shared to reinforce the message that we have the power within us to bring peace to our world.
3:30 PM – 5:00 PM – Panel with Rob Potter, Janet Kira Lessin & Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. – Q&A from audience

CALL 808-244-4103 or 808-214-3442

REGISTER ONLINE or cash at the door

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Temple of Peace Maui
575 Haiku Road

Haiku, Maui, HI, USA 96708

808-575-5220 (for directions)

Janet Kira Lessin ~ Bio

Janet Kira Lessin & Sasha (Alex) Lessin, Ph. D.JANET KIRA NINMAH LESSIN’S BIOGRAPHY Janet Kira Ninmah Lessin, the ultimate radio personality, whistleblower and interviewer writes about alien, contactee reintegration, cult deprogramming, paranormal, pastlife, walk-in, near-death, interdimensional, multidimensional, astronomical, genetic, shamanic, tantric, polyamorous and ancient anthropological phenomena.  She has integrated these fields of study and experience in a highly readable series, Dance of the Souls and has already published the first book of the series, Pierce the Veil (available on
In Pierce the Veil, Janet brings together all her fields of interest and shares her own direct, upfront and personal experiences with the Anunnaki, Greys, the military working with the ETs as well as her adventures at the base the ETs and our clandestine military hide under Johnston Atoll in the Pacific.  Janet regularly downloads messages from Ninmah, the Anunnaki mother of humanity.  Janet’s book, Anunnaki: Legacy of the Gods, includes many of Ninmah messages from humanity, messages of how to transcend the matrix of hatred that ensnares us and how to create a civilized society that can gain admission to gallactic society.
Janet, assisted Dr. Sasha Lessin  hosts internet radio programs on Revolution Radio and, where she interviews the top researchers and experiencers in UFO, conspiracy, disclosure, ancient anthropology, science fiction and Anunnaki studies.  She is a student of Zecharia Sitchin, who certified her in Sitchin Studies.  She attends various UFO and Ancient Alien conferences and interviews these conferences outstanding presenters.
She has posted and archived nearly 1000 radio shows and articles in ufology, experiencer integration, paranormal experiences and spiritual philosophy on her sites,,, www.Extraterrestrial,,, and

Dr. Sasha Lessin ~ Bio

Sasha Lessin, Ph. D. 2014 suitSasha Lessin – SASHA ALEX LESSIN, PH.D. – Dr. Lessin, co-author with wife Janet Kira Ninmah Lessin of Anunnaki, Gods No More, Legacy of the Gods, Great Relations, How to Really Love a Woman,holds and M.A. in Counseling and a Ph.D. in Anthropology from U.C.L.A.  Each week Dr. Lessin and Janet host experts in ancient aliens, extra-biological entities contact, ufology, conspiracy, centering, tantra and relationship counseling on internet radio for Revolution Radio and Aquarian Radio.  The late Zecharia Sitchin asked Lessin to teach about ET s on Earth so we may transcend the ideologies for which we fight, die and enslave others.  The Lessins live and broadcast from their community in the mountains of Maui, Hawaii.

Sasha Lessin Ph.D. (U.C.L.A. Anthropology, Ph.D.), author of Anunnaki: Gods No More and producer of the hugely popular web site,, studied with the late Zecharia Sitchin, for many years. Mr. Sitchin asked Lessin to create popular internet, book and college-level courses to revise ancient anthropology. Sitchin asked Dr. Lessin to help disseminate written, graphic and traditional stories of ETs, hithertofore considered mythic “gods” on Earth from 450,000 – 300 BCE as well as the latest findings in astronomy that relate to the planet Nibiru from which the ETs came to Earth for gold to shield their planet, Nibiru.

CurvedSweet_IMG_0929Janet Kira Lessin, a lifelong scholar and experiencer of ET contacts, and a student of Sitchin as well, is the voice of Ninmah consciousness and is dedicated to bringing the wisdom of Ninmah to the world. She has co-authored Anunnaki: Legacy of the Gods with Dr. Lessin.

Together, the Lessins us through an evocative history of giants from the planet Nibiru. They share evidence the giants created us from their genome work for them from the ancient past till now. This info, they say, frees us from the god-spell, the nation-spell and the materialist-spell, the master-slave, god-devotee, boss-worker, lord-tenant model ETs from planet Nibiru imposed on us. Our true history frees us to create our own future, activate our latent Nibiran genes, better our genome and join galactic civilization.

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(We live in Maui, Hawaii so please be aware of the time difference when calling).

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Robert Potter ~ Bio

Robert PotterRob Potter has been researching healing and consciousness for over 40 years. He has given seminars all over the world including Egypt, Canada, Germany and USA. He has been experiencing UFO contacts since 1975 with (the late) Dr. Fred Bell in Laguna Beach at the age of 18. He has traveled extensively in his search for truth, and has spent time with Sai Baba in India. Rob is considered an expert in pyramidology and the uses of crystals. He is a master healer in the art of laying on hands and almost every modality of massage.

Web site:

The Promise Revealed


My entire life has been filled with a calling and a longing. These longings and search for love and truth have been a blessing and a curse. I have always wanted to know who am I? Where did we come from? What is our purpose here? Why is there so much suffering and discord and anxiety on our planet? Why is the world so distorted and fractured, and so caught up in wars pollution ignorance superstition and fear?
Even as a small child I could see the answers to many of the world’s problems that were simple and easy fixes, if mankind would but realize the folly of his ways! It seems every question that was answered opened up 10 more. It seems I was never satisfied.


In my youth, I could really not understand “why” this planet was such a bloody mess? Once when I was pondering such questions as an 8-year-old, I asked my mother: “Mom what is out there in outer space? Where does it go? When does it end?” She replied: “It never ends.” I nervously laughed, as if to deny the responsibility of accepting an infinite ever-expanding consciousness, and replied: “It has to end somewhere.” She laughed and said: “Where then? At a wall?  Or do you suppose there is a chain link fence? If so what is on the other side?”

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