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rob-potterHost Janet Kira Lessin &  Dr. Sasha Lessin interviewed Robert Potter and he interviewed us on a simulcast of the Sacred Matrix and Victory of the Light ( shows, both on Revolution Radio (, Studio A and Studio B, Sunday, November 2, 2014 from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time.

On this episode we talked about “The Event”, when it might happen and what will it mean for humanity and our dear planet.  Take a look at more information on the Prepare for Change web site (

Who and what is the Agartha network?  What civilizations reside in Middle Earth? Which species rule the Earth right now?  Are the royals Reptilians?  Who is arresting whom when?  What about Obama?  What side is he on?  Who’s running the mind control grid.  What about Planet X, Nibiru?  Where’s Valiant Thor?  What was his role in humanity’s history and what’s he be up to? Which races are coming here?  What’s with the underground bunkers and seed vaults?  What is a Ra and where are they?  What is the promise? ( Who and what are the Archons?  What did Alex Collier tell us about humanity’s ET history?  What happened at Dulce?  These and lots of other questions and issues were asked, addressed and answered.

You decide.  You are always, as usual, the chooser.



ET First Contact Radio Robert Potter about The Event

Robert Potter on ET First Contact Radio Revealing Top Secrets

Robert Potter on ET-First Contact Radio 07-Jan-2013


Special Announcement :

I am happy to announce that the Victory of The Light Radio Show will now also be on Thursdays at 7pm Eastern and 4:00pm Pacific time. Its now double your pleasure and double your fun with Rob and his guests. I am joining the Pyramid One Radio Network which has a large presence in Australia as well. This show will be a one hour extravaganza of Light, Love and Knowledge to heal the planet and further the goal of planetary liberation.

So please go this site on Thurdays nights 7pm eastern time to listen and see all the good news this station has to offer. We will be on in Australia at 7pm on fridays on their server as well. all shows will be archived on this page and on my Facebook page here: Rob’s Victory of The Light Radio Show on Facebook

Please go here and enjoy the show

Dear Friends,

I still will continue with my Revolution Radio show also called “The Victory of the Light”. This show is still on every Sunday from 5-7 PM Los Angeles time and 8-10 PM New York time on Revolution Radio Studio A. The website to listen to this broadcast is Go there to Studio A and listen to the show every Sunday live and be sure to get into the chat room. If you miss the show, the show archives will be posted on webpage on this page here .

Every show will also be archived on this Facebook page: Rob’s Victory of the Light Radio Show on Facebookin a sound cloud format I will also ask you to like my victory of the light radio show/blog on facebook. On every Sunday around 5:30PM Los Angeles time I will try to do a 10 minute update about the PFC website and new information on the “Event”. We will to to always take questions on air. This is an ongoing opportunity to have new and old members get updates on a weekly basis. Anyone receiving this message is encouraged to send any questions to me at and I will answer your questions on air.

Thank you for being here.

In love and light.

Rob Potter

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