We the Anunnaki ~ 10/16/14 ~ Emily Cragg, Glenn Bogue, Janet Kira & Dr. Sasha Lessin



We the Anunnaki with hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin, guests Emily Cragg, Glenn Bogue on Thursday, October 16, 2014 on Aquarian Radio.  Among the many things we’ll discuss in this episode we will focus on hierarchy and how did it get inserted into the Anunnaki history and into our modern history that affects humanity to this day.  What conspiracies operate in the Anunnaki regime?  We’ll look at British history and when the hierarchy concept took over the British monarchy.

Outline of tonight’s topics:

Enlil > to Moses > Kingdom of David (Zechariah & King Zephaniah) > Tara, Ireland > Scotland > 1296AD London England
2. Secrecy quote from JFK (2 mins) Emily will run it. There’s also Anunnaki Hierarchy political-correctness that affects all public organizations.
4. VALIDATING AND REPUDIATING TELEPATHY WITH PHYSICAL EVIDENCE. Don’t just believe what you hear: check it out.

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british-monarchy-preview1 Royal-Family-Tree-NR3AT BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY




We’ll also discuss these pictures from Emily’s book and more.

Saints Or Sons of Perdition: UK’s George V & Edward VIII: Edward’s Daughter’s Version of History (Wisdom of YHVH Series) (Volume 8) Paperback – August 15, 2014
by Emily E. Windsor-Cragg (Author)

History comes down to us from the winners. And when we encounter the same same story over and over again, we begin to wonder, who wrote the story, anyway? Was it the people who lived it, or was there another agenda? Well, I’m Edward’s daughter, digging through his life. The biographies of the last three Kings of the United Kingdom were written from a Globalist agenda–not simply telling the Truth how things went. … I’m the daughter here to tell you, it was different than you heard officially, and my father was not what they say he was because he didn’t know the difference between a capitalist and a Nazi. Well, I do know the difference–even if the UK Monarchy no longer does. And I’m here to tell you, things were not as they seemed.


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  1. The Ana’kh are liars and have always ever been such. They did not quicken our natural evolution, they stifled it. Don’t be so quick to discredit Terran ingenuity. I am a Plejaren starseed brought here from Kaena of the Procyon stars. I remember Anunnaki [which more appropriately would spell as a-nun-na-ki almost ‘Those who fell from heaven.’ ‘a-‘ means hail/hailing [from] as opposed to ‘An’ meaning ‘of the heavens’ [literally Sun/Sol] or ‘Anu’ implying the children of Anu but even their own Shi’nar records show that many of them were from outside his line as well as with interbreeding methods; Nun as in Egypt was ‘the celestial waters’ a double meaning as to symbolize ‘from outer space’ or, as the Khenemennu of the ABYSS are veiled by Nun/Nwt/Nuit – or Tiamat “the Mother who gave life…” – and Igigi “the Watchers” [large Grays/Draco] – not to stray to far from my purpose, but here it is: I remember Procyon – and the Pleiades (at least Alcyone and Maia) but mostly I remember the occupation of ‘Mystery Babylon’ and my forced-relocation to Gaia where I, as Plejaren royalty still received far better treatment by my ‘captors’ than the Terrans – who themselves had erected Atlantis and Lemuria to Kemet [Egypt] and India. There were no ‘alien’ hands in the crafting of the Great Pyramids, be they in Egypt or Peru; or on Mars for that matter. They are no different than you save for a few more chromosomal activations and unnatural longevity via monoatomic gold. They were the ‘Tower of Babel’ to confuse your tongues. They were the cursed serpent of many scriptures. They were the cruel gods who gave us systems of control – monetary exchange; unnecessary, institutions of ‘organized religion’ and even more so those of ‘Mystery Religion’ for they are as well, systems of control and finally, they have fully divided for conquest, human being against one another. If violence begets violence than surely ‘PEACE BEGETS PEACE.’ Nibiru draws near and I have known some of the ancient council personally. Enlil/Zeus [Yahweh as he called himself to Jacob and Moses] – ‘Lord of storms’ and his estranged son Ninurta/Nanna are two who I remember with contempt. I did not know Enki/Ea well but his son Mardukka was an honorable man though, to the extent of battles, wars and wartime. Which, if any of these are still alive I wouldn’t even guess but I have seen them in Atlantis, Lemuria, Babylon, Sumer, Eqypt, Macedonia, Rome and in England and one thing is for sure: everything they touch turns to ruins. Does anyone expect that America will somehow fair differently? They live in secret societies – This is MYSTERY BABYLON and ‘Thelema’ and ‘Sharia’ are their Laws – “Do as thou wilt.” and “Convert or die! Oppress all women and mutilate young girls in the name of ISIS?” what happened to Allah. There is a veil here but most of you should be able to figure this equation with a few minutes on Google. Intrigued? Visit my page http://blessedmaat.org and I may be emailed their. I am not advertising, if it comes up. I honestly just need to make acquaintances with other starseeds/indigos. I have a million more things and a couple books out to speak of my memories and akashic knowledge. I am very ‘in touch’ with the Law of One. I am weary when I see this world and her people repeating themselves a million times fold and can only speak truth and love with light – We are all capable of so much more! We are, each of us, gifts to the earth. Saalomay!

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