Roundtable Discussion ~ 11/01/14 ~ Expanded Citizens Disclosure Panel I

Alien Council MeetingRoundtable Discussion – EXPANDED CITIZENS DISCLOSURE PANEL I

This episode was broadcast on Date: Saturday,  November 1, 2014, 11 AM HST, 2 PM Pacific, 4 Central, 5 PM Eastern time and lasted for 3 hours. This roundtable discussion included Participants: Janet Kira Lessin, Dr. Sasha Lessin, Alfred Webre, Laura Eisenhower,  Ray Kosulandich, Tolec, Theresa J. Morris & Elizabeth (Diamond) Mulligan

    1. Duration:  three hours 

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  1. Panel: Eight panel members, Janet Kira Lessin and Dr. Sasha Lessin moderate. 
  1. Questions:  four to five questions (depending on length of answers). 

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We will try to get to questions during the last part of the show.

  1. Scenario:  Imagine an expanded Citizens Hearing on Capitol Hill records your testimony for documentaries for Congress and key world leaders. 
  1. Bio:  Participants send Janet ( a one to three-paragraph bio. Make its first summarize who you are and what you do.  Janet or Sasha will read that paragraph to the radio audience before you first speak. 
  1. Timed Rounds Five rounds.  First round – Each panel member is given 5 minutes max to answer. Panelist can pass before 5 minutes are over but at the 5 minute mark a chime will go off and the panelist completes his or her sentence and stops talking. Subsequent rounds are 5 minutes each round.  Please plan your opening remarks and responses so they fall within the 5 minute time limit. 
  1. Question 1 – ETS, THEIR BOONS, OUR RULERS’ LIES:  Based on your experience as a whistle blower, investigator and/or contactee, what evidence and logic will you present today that Extraterrestrials are real and are visiting this planet, that reveals the truth behind black projects, technology, cures and hidden information that affects all of humanity?  Please begin your testimonial now. 
  1. Q2 – WHO RULES. Based on your research and direct experience who really governs this planet and what is the true configuration of our governments and how do those in power really govern (control) the planet and our resources?  Do they have agendas and if so, what are they? 
  1. Q3 – DISCLOSURE’S EFFECTS: What do you think will be the outcome of these scenarios.  When and how will we have disclosure?. Who will disclose the truth?  Has it already begun? What can we do to help facilitate disclosure? 
  1. Q4–SOLUTIONS: Please summarize possible solutions for what ails our world. What outcome do you see for this world and her people?  Will we ascend, shift, experience Earth changes or WWIII?  What will life on this planet look like after disclosure?
  1. SUMMATION: address what the others panelists said or summarize your logic and add what you like. Say how can people can contact.  Say your web site or facebook link.  Final round 3-5 minutes – This round is 3 to 5 minutes depending on how much time remains.
  1. Let Us Promote You: Please give us a short bio for your intro and you may also provide a long bio and photos of yourself (1 to 3) for your bio page on our web sites.  Give us links or words or pics for your articles, illustrations, books, products, services, web sites, youtubes, etc. We can search the internet for such things but you may have information you favor so best we receive these materials from you. If you wish to remain anonymous, please select an avatar that bests resembles what you wish to convey to the world how you are energetically.   We are here to support you and your work.  Together we create a new paradigm of love for all beings.

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