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Aliens-help-humanity-BFHosts Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J Morris interview Experiencer/Contactee Nadine Lalich and Researcher Richard Lennie on Alien Contact Organization on Saturday, September 6, 2014 from 11 AM to 1 PM HST (Hawaii time), 2 to 4 PM Pacific time.

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Nadine Lalich – Researcher – Author – Artist

It was June, 1991 while camping in a remote area of Sedona, Arizona that Nadine experienced a dramatic and conscious contact with what appeared to be intelligent, non-terrestrial life forms. Having no previous interest and very little exposure to the ET abduction phenomenon, the shock of the experience was staggering, resulting in fifteen years of denial and suppression of the secret, known only to the friend who had been present during the initial experience.

Subsequently, the bizarre contacts have continued over the years revealing an extraordinary amount of potential data worthy of investigation regarding a variety of non-terrestrial species that may be visiting the Earth. Revealed during these contacts have been advanced technology, human experimentation and testing, genetic cloning and hybrid production, tracking and recording devices implanted into humans, psychological and emotional manipulation, revelation of future events, and a human military/alien conspiracy. Most importantly, the information gathered over the years has been derived primarily from conscious recall, without the aid of hypnotherapy.

In early 2005, she joined the respected Mutual UFO Network where she met Barbara Lamb, a researcher with whom she shared her story. In 2008 Nadine and Barbara co-authored the book, Alien Experiences, 25 Cases of Abduction, which highlights the Sedona experience and many subsequent experiences in the chapter, “Marie.”

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Alien Experiences – 25 Cases of Close Encounter by Barbara Lamb & Nadine Lalich

Many current and ancient sources suggest that UFOs and extraterrestrial beings have been visiting the earth and interacting with humans for thousands of years. If this is true, monumental implications arise regarding the origin and evolution of humanity and the future of our planet. This book discusses the highly controversial subject of alien abduction and recounts twenty-five alleged cases of close encounter. The summaries included have been selected from the case files of psychotherapist, Barbara Lamb, who has been working with abductees since 1991.

Although it cannot be scientifically proven that the extraterrestrial contacts depicted in this book have occurred, the events are accurate in that they have been presented as they were described by the individuals who experienced them. These are normal men and women living average, responsible lives who have been subjected to extremely unusual circumstances. These individuals display such a compelling sincerity and marked emotional response to their strange experiences that it is obvious they have experienced some kind of anomalous event.

As a reader, you may simply be curious about the subject, or you may be a confirmed skeptic. You may also be someone who is investigating unusual occurrences from your own life. Whatever the case may be, if you will allow yourself to simply ponder the possibilities set forth in Alien Experiences, you will certainly find it to be an intriguing and eye-opening adventure that may actually change the way you view reality.


Nadine Lalich (January 21, 2014) Part 1

Published on Apr 17, 2014
Part I of presentation by Nadine Lalich relating experiences and hypothesis regarding UFOs and alien contact at the UFO and Paranormal Society of Los Angeles on January 21, 2014. Topics discussed include: UFO sightings, alien abduction, alien species, hypnosis and memory, alien technology and agenda, testing, implants and related.

Alien Experiences – 25 Cases of Extraterrestral Contact

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