Ancient Aliens/Anunnaki Panel ~ 08/16/14 ~ Andy Lloyd, Glenn Bogue, Chris Berman

Aaa Nemesis & Solaris systemsANUNNAKI PANEL ON NIBIRU, NEMESIS, GALACTIC POLITICS AND EXISTENCE ~ with Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interviewed authors/researchers Andy LloydGlenn Bogue and Chris Berman on the Alien Contact Organization, Saturday, August 16 on

In a wide-ranging, matrix-busting discussion interspersed with directed visualizations, discuss how the sun’s  binary-system partner Nemesis , Nemisis’ planet Nibiru and the moons of Nibiru affect us on Earth.  The panel explores  the simultaneous embrace of both unity and division.

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Andy Lloyd

Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interviewed author Andy Lloyd on Saturday, July 19, 2014 on We The Anunnaki on Aquarian Radio.  On this show we examined when Planet X Nibiru is inbound and may affect our world just as it has in previous passings of Nibiru such as the time of Noah’s flood and the Exodus of Moses from Egypt.

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Lloyd, author of “The Dark Star: The Planet X Evidence” shares the latest findings on the huge planetary body, 20 astronomical units from Earth inferable from its effects on a belt of frozen rocks that surround our inner solar system.Lloyd and interviewers Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin–experts on the ancient goldminers from the planet Nibiru–sort out how the movement s of Earth and Nibiru have affected our history.

These and more were discussed in this amazing one hour conversation between researchers Andy Lloyd, Dr. Sasha Lessin and Janet Kira Lessin.


Andy Lloyd and Lloyd Pye

Brown dwarfs, Lloyd says, provide enough heat and light to provide habitable environments on planets orbiting these failed stars.

The Dark Star: The Planet X Evidence

Lloyd says that one might well be circling the sun, in the comet clouds that make up the bulk of the solar system’s volume.



The book recognizes the difficulties that detecting such a body present – however, Lloyd puts forth a convincing argument with over 220 pages pages of research, 39 pictures and graphics, many in color and not in the original hard copy book. There are hundreds of scientific references that offer compelling evidence for the existence of Planet X!

Ezekial One

Journalist, Bill Bainbridge suspects foul play when his informant in the Intelligence community dies suspiciously from an extremely aggressive form of cancer. The last piece of correspondence Bill received from Lyn described a secret NASA project code-named ‘Ezekiel One’. Determined to discover the truth behind the ‘Ezekiel One’ mystery and a possible connection to her untimely death, he finds himself the subject of surveillance, intrigue and an attempted assassination. His courage in the face of adversity leads him to the greatest government secret since the Manhattan Project. But Bill quickly finds that the Truth itself is the highest obstacle of all. Set in the last months of the year 2012, Ezekiel One is an action-packed story of conspiracy, terror, and the End of an Age of Innocence.

The Followers of Horus

Author, Andy Lloyd, Dark Star: The Planet X Evidence continues the story from his novel and Sci-Fi thriller, Ezekiel One with The Followers Of Horus. NASA’s super-secret spaceflight to the Dark Star is barely a third of the way into its fifteen year mission when everything begins to unravel. Tensions between the crew of Ezekiel One and their mysterious mission controller, Etienne Lille, are building, with potentially disastrous consequences. Meanwhile, on Earth, an unexpected lead brings journalist Bill Bainbridge back into the hunt for the location of the Dark Star – information that will shatter the entire conspiracy. Unknown to him, his actions are being manipulated by a tangled web of Military Intelligence operatives, aided by the enigmatic “Tall Man”, Nathan Keye. When the Ezekiel One black project runs into serious trouble, a third power emerges, aided by the uncompromising Followers of Horus. For the first time in millennia, humans experience how it feels to become slaves of a god. As Ezekiel One finally approaches the planet Nibiru, the crew members wonder if the situation could possibly get worse.

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This is number 15 in a series on monthly blogs about Planet X, all things Sitchin, and various other bits and bobs.  July’s is currently being written.


Chris Berman 1_

“Chris Berman covers a lot of science as well as a great deal of speculation , history and military history. Chris says he’s been involved in astronomy since the age of 13. “When I look into the night sky, I see it differently than the majority of people. I see the invisible lines connecting stars and the constellations come to life.

“If I look at the constellation Scorpio I see the red heart of the scorpion, Antares, not just a point of light, but as a huge red super giant star with a bloated and roiling atmosphere big enough to swallow a thousand suns. I look at the constellations and my mind sees the three dimensional distances that separate the stars. In lyre, with Vega just 26 light years away and Beta Lyre a dozen times further distant.

“I read information on quantum physic and it’s not just something abstract to me, and I see a reality of multi-dimensions, parallel worlds, and the possibility faster than light travel as well as trans-dimensional travel. I feel strongly that Earth had been visited in the past by an alien race, certainly the tales of the Sumerians indicate this was possible. Recent close encounters such as that of Betty and Barney Hill point to a disquieting possibility that an alien invasion is already in progress.

As a military historian, I examine the aspects of human behavior such as our natural aggressiveness and our acquisitiveness as products of our evolution to understand warfare, tactics and that a battlefield during combat is almost like two living organisms made up of hundreds of thousands of components, like rival ant colonies fighting each other. That includes the cultural understanding of warfare. For example in 1588 when the Spanish Armada attacked the English fleet, each side’s cultural expectations of the battle and how to wage war at sea were totally different, really totally alien to each other.

“In a book like RED MOON, I go into what has always been the reaction of nations to the discovery of valuable resources. They do not cooperate; they compete and often go to war with each other to master those resources.


“Robert Bigelow, Chairman of Bigelow Aerospace is quoted as saying, “The Moon is the only thing I can think of that’s worth a quadrillion dollars.” Astronauts Norman Thagard and Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14) loved RED MOON.



“In DAS BELL I look at the mystery of what happened to Adolf Hitler. The skull held by the Russians is not his. My focus in the book was on the Bell, perhaps a piece of ancient alien technology that the Nazis were trying to reverse engineer. It certainly had the characteristics of creating a Tesla field that negated gravity as well as being able to tap into zero point energy. The Vril, led by Maria Orsich, believed the Aryan Race was created out of enhanced humans and was the product of an alien race form the star Albederan, in the constellation Taurus. Could such an alien device have been used to open a doorway into the multi-verse and accessed an alternate Earth, providing safe haven for the Nazi elite?

In all my books, I go after theories and possibilities and paint them as reality in the guise of fiction. For example, every fact in my books is accurate, only they are rolled into a fictional story for my own safety”.




Chris Berman’s Bio:

Chris Berman- Science fiction author and military historian. Berman’s six books currently in print are acclaimed by authors Ben Bova, Brad Linaweaver, and David Brin, astronauts Ed Mitchell, commander of Apollo 14, and Norm Thagard, as well as military historians. He is the author of Ace of Aces, a WW II time travel adventure, and Condosaur, a horror novel set in South Florida. Das Bell, released in July, is a tale of Nazi deception, a parallel universe, and the ultimate goal, conquest and domination of our world under the Nazis’ Fourth Reich. Berman holds a master’s degree in military history as well having extensive knowledge of the US and Russian space programs.

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