Inanna & Nergal

Inanna & Nergal

113. ENLILITES RULED SUMER Though Ninurta’s Gutian cavalry beat Inanna, she and Nergal continued to plan to rule Earth.  Ninurta enforced peace in Sumer.  We review how Nannar ruled Ur’s Third Dynasty and used commerce and debt to control Earthlings.  But when the Enlilite Earthling King, Ur-Nammu died despite Enlilite blessing, Sumer destabilized.

Marduk Captured Harran. Enlil, acting on a vision from Galzu. made Enlil Abraham, son of his Earthling agent Terah who’d Enlil had ensconced in Ur to assure Nannar’s loyalty,his General.  Abraham’s mission:  Stop Marduk

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