Isis Hathor Ninmah - Aquarian Radio - Janet Kira Lessin & Sasha Lessin, Ph. D.
ENLIL, ENKI, NINMAH, giant Homo Sapiens who live so long they seem immortal, remain and still influence what we do on Earth. Enki and Ninmah generate CROP CIRCLES and MARY HOLOGRAMS/projections.

Enlil’s got control of the Vatican and the three major religions he established, JUDAISM, ISLAM AND CHRISTIANIANITY, so he could dominate, control and manipulate humanity keeping us in a state of continual global wars so we don’t realize what’s actually going on and remain corporate, economic slaves. War and drugs are the major financing forces generating power for the greedy Enlil clan that hates humanity and uses us as slaves.

Ninmah and Enki and their clan are working to free humanity from the matrix and all this mind control. People are waking up more and more every day, realizing that they are slaves. We can chose to WITHDRAW and free ourselves by not participating in their games. Poisons in the air, water, land and food (GMOs, additives), keep us short-lived, ill and enslaved. We can hardly think.

Imagine_No_ReligionYet the more natural we eat the better. Grow food. Save real seeds. Protest, even if it’s just signing and creating petitions. Facebook things. Spread the word to all who can hear or will see. Soon we’ll wake up and the VEIL will fall like the Berlin Wall did in the 1980s.


Janet’s newest book, “Dance of the Souls: Pierce the Veil” models ways to open to direct contact with Anunnaki who seek humanity’s ascension.

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