The Maui UFO Report ~ UFOs Over The Sun Crater Vortex

 Haleakala-Crater-MauiMAUI’S Haleakala Crater, known as the Crater of the Sun to the ancient Hawaiians, has been the scene of dozens of reports of UFOs, creatures, and occupants. After a wave of sighting reports in 1972, my assistants for our Department of Interplanetary Affairs, Paul Groover and Nick Cole, decided to drive our staff car tothe summit looking for UFOs. They returned and said a disc shaped UFO came down very low over the car near the summit.  When Rodney Sumpter, our Xian ambassador from Australia heard that report, he asked to borrow the car and go take a look. Rodney returned that evening saying he had seen a UFO near theover ten thousand foot summit.
Haleakala Science City astronomyAt the summit are the domes of Science City, where there are powerful telescopes. Many sources in the eighties told us that President Reagan’s Star Wars Defense system lasers were there too. Some people felt these weapons were designed to shoot down UFOs. A UFO was tracked from Colorado across thewestern states and over the Pacific Ocean. It was sighted cruising past the Sun Crater and then was reported crashed into the ocean off West Maui. A large, extremely strange looking ship arrived where the crash allegedly was located. This ship had a deck and cabins covered with complex electronic scanning and monitoring equipment, and looked like a mega-spy ship!
haleakala-observatory-science-cityThe cover story was the ship was owned by Howard Hughes and was mining off the Lahaina coastline. However, geologists said there was nothing to mine in that zone. This ship, the Glomar Explorer, did not even look like a mining ship, but rather a Cold War espionage vessel. When I exposed this information in the news media, a new explanation was released that the ship was looking for a sunken Soviet submarine with nuclear missiles. However, the exploration was in a zone where the Soviet ship would have been totally illegal. Some retired military intelligence people came to Maui and told us that the ship had found the crashed UFO.
 Haleakala 27755006In 1973 an astronomer based at the observatory at the summit came into our office, and filled out a UFO report form he had been tracking a large UFO stationed over the Crater!  Due to his government job and clearance we could not reveal his name.  However, several hikers said they saw that UFO.  That year 3 hikers encountered a huge, landed UFO while hiking in the Sun Crater. They said it was cylindrical, had windows, was silver and metallic, and about as long as a football field!  The hikers said they hiked within a few yards of the object, which then emitted a loud noise, blew dirt all over them and took off. Another expedition said they found a landing mark in the soil there.
Haleakala-Crater-Maui-Hawaii_72195In 1973 Bob Lewis, director of the Department of Interplanetary Affairs for Maui Island then, hiked into the Crater on an expedition with a camera. They photographed a silvery UFO flying up with a vapor trail beam under it under clear blue skies. We found a photo of an identical UFO taken, I think in Oregon, and sent it to Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who had been the astronomer for Project Bluebook, the former Air Force UFO investigation. Hynek wrote back that he was amazed to get two UFO photos from different parts of the world of identical craft, which is rare.
Another report told of a tall alien being with orange skin seen in the Crater. On the slope of the Crater is the town of Kula, where some men said a UFO landed near their home. A witness said that a humanoid being with blue skin emerged from the craft, and took vegetables out of their yard. Reports of UFO occupants taking samples of Earth farm produce are common around the world for decades, and allegedly they are studying our plant life and food to determine how dangerously we have polluted it.
haleakala_hiking2In 1974 Kent Liscum, who took over our office when Lewis relocated in France to set us up, was having a party at his Kula home. He said a UFO landed in back of the house, sat for a while and blasted off.
In 2013 a Makawao woman who supplies Internet UFO research to us, named Carol, said she got a good look at the only Chupacabra we have on file in Hawaii. These are very short, green skinned creatures with large glowing eyes, and reptilian/goat features, often seen with UFOs in Puerto Rico, the desert Southwest USA, and Mexico.
01Makawao is on the slope of the Sun Crater. In May 2014 a UFO report appeared on the headlines of the Maui News, which is famous for ignoring UFO reports. The daytime sighting was by too many people to ignore. The Air Force debunked it as a missile off course (again) but the erratic trajectory was like no missile. Besides it was coming from the opposite direction as the missile launching on Kauai.
In 1990 I led a UFO expedition hiking from the top of the Sun Crater, all the way through overnight, looking for UFOs. As we descended the summit, the 5 of us clearly saw a formation of moving, bright glowing UFOs under clear, blue sunny skies. Among the witnesses was Mark Huber, an aviation identification expert who flew spy planes over the Soviet Union in the Cold War, and investigated UFOs for Naval Intelligence and the DIA Pentagon brass. He said these were definitely ET craft! Other witnesses included Dove Joans, Director of our Department of Dolphins and UFO expert, her friend Paige of Xian Planetary, John Lewis directing our UFO department at our new world center; and a man I do not recall the name of.
Science City Haleakala 5415545238_2853d0941c_zIn the 1980s a great friend of mine, Brian MaCafferty was driving his car down the Haleakala crater highway at night, when he saw a UFO.  Suddenly Brian said he blacked out, and what seemed a moment later, found himself driving on ANOTHER HIGHWAY over 30 miles away in Kahului! Brian said he had lots of missing time. There is evidence he was abducted by the UFO.
 During the filming of the Hollywood movie Rainbow Bridge, most of the cast stars were hiking up the trail leading out of the sun crater, when they saw a silver, saucer shaped domed disc overhead.  Paul Gebauer said the ship monitored the hikers as they hiked up the narrow, winding trail.  The Warner Brothers cameraman was riding a donkey, and unfortunately was said to be drunk. He looked at the UFO, fell off the donkey and injured himself. By the time he staggered around and set up the tripod and the huge, heavy movie camera of 1970s, the UFO shot off over the Crater ridge out of sight. However, over 7 people clearly saw it.

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