Cosmic Conspiracy ~ 07/22/14 ~ Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J. Morris

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snowdenCosmic Conspiracy with Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J Morris.  It’s the one year anniversary of  Edward Snowden’s asylum in Russia and now he is seeking another year asylum in Russia.  Or will he come back to the USA and face the music?  Seems that he’s requested another year and may remain in Russia for a long time if not the rest of his life, unless things change.

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21-mh17-crash2 malaysian-airliner-mh-17-shot-downWe talked about MH17, the Malaysian airline that was shot down 07/17/14 in the Ukraine.  Where are the bodies?  Did the relatives get their remains? Is it true that these bodies are actually rotting corpses, some long dead? If so, what happened to the people who were on the plane?  Is this just another conspiracy?  Who’s behind this? Was it intentional or an accident or did it happen at all?   Who did it and why?

These and many more questions were asked. But we don’t know the answers.  We’re not sure we ever will.




AP_ukraine_plane_debris_jt_140720_16x9_992Armed pro-Russian separatist stands on part of the wreckage of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 plane after it crashed near the settlement of Grabovo in the Donetsk region MH-17-Missile-Attack-Questions










Rebel Leader Says Plane Crash Bodies Were NOT Fresh, Reeked of Decomposition!


What is the phantom timeline?  Is Charlemagne a fabrication? What was Constatine up to at the Fifth Ecumenical Council?  Are we missing 300 years of history?

We touched on the Roswell conspiracy which we will continue next week.

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