Alien Contact Organization ~ 07/19/14 ~ Janet Kira Lessin, Theresa J Morris, Richard Lennie

Alien_Grey_and_Hybrid_FamilytnHosts Janet Kira Lessin and Theresa J Morris and guest Richard Lennie bring you Alien Contact Organizations, Saturdays, 11 to 1PM, HST, 5 to 7 PM Eastern.

On this show we talked about how we, the hosts got interested in UFOs and extraterrestrial studies. TJ and Janet have contact going back to the crib.  Richard started later in life but what we realize from our research that frequently (not always) those who find they have an interest in UFOs and aliens may have had contact earlier in life but it has been repressed. The more we explore the more we realize we are not alone in the universe.

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Often experiencers when they come together experience more because they tune in to the environment and notice more. Most go through life unaware and rarely look around and observe their surroundings. Some can only see or hear a limited spectrum.  Night vision goggles help you see what’s already there and once you learn how to observe, you see more.  Meditation and spiritual practices can help individuals open to other dimensions, expand their consciousness, expand their abilities, broaden their spectrum and experience more.

Alien Contact Organization International with Theresa J Thurmond Morris aka TJ Morris of Kentucky, USA and Richard Lennie of United Kingdom and Janet will be sharing stories in Cosmology, Paranormal, Super Natural, Spirituality, Ancient Wisdom, New Thought Teachings, UFOlogy, Space Anomalies, the Cosmos, NASA and GOOGLE Earth findings in space and on planet earth. Alien Contact includes all types and those of the FAE.

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