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Andy Lloyd: Fine Artist, Planet X Researcher, Author, Novelist, Book Critic, Paranormal Investigator & Muralist

Welcome! (web site:  This website offers a broad selection of articles, art, books and reviews by Andy Lloyd, all under one roof. I’m best known for my decade-long research into the possible existence of a sub-brown dwarf in the outer solar system – an object I first described as the Dark Star back in 1999.  Since then I have had 3 books published on the subject, and my Dark Star Theory website is fast approaching the 1 million hit mark. I also paint prolifically, and am well known here in Gloucestershire for my artwork.  Additionally, I have reviewed well over 100 books, offering rare peer review in the eclectic field of alternative science. andy-lloyd-followers-of-horus-foh_andy

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy browsing through this new site. Contact: Book Reviews: I’ve always enjoyed books and find them much easier to digest than page upon page of online material.  I’ve been writing book and conference reviews for years, offering peer review in the alternative knowledge field.  My book reviews are set firmly upon two main pillars: Firstly, I actually read the book.  Secondly, I present an honest evaluation of the book, based purely on my opinion of its relative merits or shortcomings.

andy-lloyd-researchers-citizenpicI hope that these reviews are also thought-provoking articles in their own right, enabling the reader to get a quick insight into the subject in question.  Where possible, I create links to Amazon for you to easily find your chosen book book on-line (as well as Kindle) and keep an eye out for the best prices. I have divided the reviews into sections by subject.  Alternatively, at the top is a link to a webpage showing the books listed alphabetically by both author and title on   The next section contains reviews of my own titles.  You will also find sections on gigs and conferences towards the bottom of the page.   Enjoy your reading!

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