Tantra Ancient & Modern Rituals & Diet for Transcendence ~ 07/04/14 ~ Glenn Bogue, Ethan Indigo Smith

founding-fathers-declaration-of-independenceHappy Independence Day as we celebrate with hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin in a roundtable discussion with authors Glenn Bogue (Book of Isis series) & Ethan Indigo Smith on Friday, July 4, 2014 on Cosmic College.

On this show:

We reflect on Independence Day, from a rather unique point of view.

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As envisioned by our founding fathers, and enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, we have the RIGHT to be free and independent, a status held sacred by so many Americans throughout two and a half centuries, that is today under severe repression financially, sexually and psychologically. We passionately expressed our deepest desire wrapped in true concern to protect and preserve the constitution of the United States which since it’s inception has been a gift to the entire planet. This concept of freedom must be preserved for all humanity. As citizens, not only of the US but of this planet we must question all and not simply lie down passively, but pay attention to the constant overt and subtle continuous attacks and strategies that erode our rights. If we do nothing soon we lose all we’ve struggled for thousands of years over countless generations to gain.

signingConstitutionWe talked about taxation and how Congress has a broad power to tax; however it is regulated by two clauses:

1) indirect taxes (like on alcohol) must be uniform

2) direct taxes (on wages) must be apportioned equally.

Originally income was limited to profits from real estate and corporate activity. Today sadly corporations like General Electric paid no income tax last year and half of our corporations are parked off shore; while IRS clamped down hard on middle class.

Each participant–Ethan, Glenn, Janet and Sasha, related to the concepts of Independence, interdependence of the national and mental states. We discuss the US Constitution and how to build our sexual constitution and the union of our United States in many ways!


The show focused on tantra as a means of transcending separation, achieving empathy for all and identification with Source in all its infinite forms, latent and manifest.

Diet affects sexuality and our desire and the energy required to feel sexual and connect sexually. Foods we cannot digest cause wetpack where there is a greater need for water to flush the lymph system. The #1 food that we cannot digest is any cooked protein – chicken, meat, turkey, egg whites, beans. The QX machine in Sweden shows these proteins damaging and blocking the kidney leading to higher retention of water, and less communication.

Tantric Couple CircleThis is WHY Glenn Bogue spent years progressing with enzymes and now owns the formula for one of the best digestive and probiotic combos in the world, named Star Fire. The enzymes get into the blood and organs in about 8 minutes after ingestion. You can get Star Fire on his web site (insert link here). For the brain use pure cholesterol from liver via raw veggies along with brains main mineral magnesium, either in organic broccoli or supplement from Albion labs magnesium chelavite.

Glenn always recommends nutrients in their plant state. ORME is produced by the 8 precious metals found in seawater fish, and grapes. Also, he promotes the scientific fact that consuming foods that cannot be digested increases the water in the lymph s interstitial tissue, resulting in a wet pack state (as opposed to a drypack state) whereafter communication between the cells is greatly diminished. We want dry pack state with minimal water between the cells.

tantra swing_love (1)Dr. Lessin described ancient Sumerian group sex rituals, as well as the sex-swing Inanna of Uruk used for her Kings once a year.  We went on to discuss the united states of love. Bouge gives the diet that facilitates ejaculatory (amrita) orgasms in women,and Janet Kira Lesson shares how she–and you–can contact extraterrestrials, like Ninmah-Mary as well as Source and all its treads in dyadic or group tantric ceremony.

roses-in-cloak1We discussed the significance of the Anunnaki gods who spread from Sumer throughout the world and how individuals perverted sacred sexuality misinterpreting and purposely perverted sacred rituals to cruel ritual sacrifices. The Gods created a global culture with Mary (Ninmah) appearing around the world in an attempt to set the record straight. Her appearance as the Lady of Guadaloupe is one of many Mary/Ninmah appearances (live and holographically). In a previous episode we discussed Mary’s appearance at Fatima.

Yoga Master God 531410The show focused on tantra as a means of transcending separation, achieving empathy for all and identification with Source in all its infinite forms, latent and manifest. Glenn Bouge, Ethan Indigo Smith, Janet Kira and Dr. Sasha Lessin share practical information and techniques you can actually try as you hear the show and learn how to incorporate into your life to improve life for yourself and all you love.



roses-in-cloak1Ninmah aka Lady of Guadaloupe, Mary, Mary Magdalene and Isis.


roses-in-cloak1  olguadalupe Our Lady of Guadalupe at Shrine ourladyofguadaloupe9494949 OURLADYOFGUADALUPE roses-in-cloak1




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