Anunnaki Panel ~ 06/27/14 ~ Glenn Bogue, Robert Evans, Janet, Sasha

Janet Kira Lessin & Anthropologist Sasha Lessin, Ph.D., hosted We the Anunnaki, an Anunnaki Roundtable Discussion with researchers/authors Glenn Bogue and Robert Evans, Jr.  on Friday, June 27, 2014 on

Who are the Anunnaki? Which gods rule the planet and are behind the Illuminati?

(Patience request: Click the arrow on Anu’s chest in the icon below. There’s a 2-minute blank spot to suffer through on this episode, before the actual music and show begin. Let the player play awhile, then you’ll be able to hear the dynamite show.)

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Evans relates how the skeleton of a Grey was found on Malta in the Mediterranean, associated with the Atlantean structures there.

Malta ruin reconstruct: Hal Tarxien

Malta ruin reconstruct: Hal Tarxien

Evans also discusses irrefutable photographic evidence that protection huge spaceships–probably Anunnaki–have been providing by zapping meteorites incoming and modulating solar flares to protect Earth from the devastation predicted in the third Mary Message, that solar flares would scorch most life from Earth.



solar protectors zap

 Bogue, who has intensely studied modern and ancient visitations by Ninmah-Mary Magdalene , most recently in Spain, develops the thesis that Enki and Ninmah never left, and married, with the blessings of Enki’s other wife, Damkina, in Jerusalem when BCE met CE.


Mary vision

Anunnaki  factions  war with one another.  They use us as slave labor and cannon fodder in their endless wars. We’re disposable units, slaves, designed for short lives that keep us clueless, pawns in their chess game that has existed for eons.

Will we wake up in time to free ourselves from this perverted matrix? Will we continue to recycle through our many lifetimes, unaware that we’re being used in a never-ending game?

Join us weekly as experts in ancient aliens, extraterrestrials, inter-dimensionals and the Anunnaki come together with the various pieces of the puzzle to unravel the mystery of our many lives. Together, we co-create a divine paradigm, the sacred matrix unconditional, unlimited, universal love.

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