Alien UFO Mission – Roswell By Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

Artwork-Roswell-Craft_photo_mediumThe Crash in the desert near Corona and Roswell on or about July 4th 1947 was an accident. Normally there is a belief that there are no accidents. But, in this case an accident was not planned but one did happen and there was an implosion of an alien spacecraft that was to return to the flagship whence it came with the four pilots. It took two to fly an alien spacecraft telepathically.

One can simply put their fingers in the four grooves on the panel and this accomplishes nothing. The two have to know how to work telepathically and even then must be chosen by the Allied high Council of the alien UFO spacecraft kept by the governments in the world will not fly. The weapons systems cannot be used. The governments have the equipment without the manuals!

But, what they do not know is that there are two beings that have been chosen on earth to fly the spacecraft as needed. The two can also command a whole fleet of alien spacecraft. The two beings intentions are good and are totally involved in saving earth as a planet with live inhabitants. There is a real reason for the Alien UFOS and the two who were chosen to maintain the alien connection.

I have been seeing some different variations on the truth and the lies help make the truth stand out in the open.

The two UFOs one in pieces and one left intact were left by the allied high council. The four beings were actually another humanoid species and are considered a greyish color and small beings of approximately 4 feet.

There are many who would like to still associate this with the misinformation such as a weather balloon project that was classified at the time. This is not the case.

Those who worked in the U.S. Army at the time know this. Most have already passed and it was Stanton T. Friedman who gets the credit as the Investigator on the case and Stan just happens to be on the Board of Directors of Mutual UFO Network or MUFON as they are known on most websites these days.

Glenn Dennis actually took a phone call regarding the small caskets and keeping the bodies on dry ice. The bodies at least two were deceased. One was badly and severely injured and one was only injured but had been shot by a human in army uniform assigned to the location.

There was a 30 X 30 spacecraft not of earth origin that was in pieces and was collected. The pieces were collected by the U.S. Army and taken back to the closes army base at the time, which happened to be in the town of Roswell, thus the fame of the name Roswell as it involves UFOs.

The other 30 X 30 that had landed in tact had been placed on a flatbed truck and covered during the night and taken to be hidden. The intact had been to Area 51 and later to White Sands to a secret underground facility. These underground army bases were originally built underground for the military in case of war. They became the place where we could deal with many classified projects that were dealing with such things as aliens, UFOs, and the technology.

There are many stories out there that contradict the truth and there are reasons for the disinformation and propaganda campaigns.

There are many reasons why the U.S. Army saw to the classification of what they thought at first might be Russian in nature. They soon learned that this was no foreign spacecraft that was of earth.

The spacecraft was moved and kept with its door open. But, the spacecraft could not be maneuvered, flow, activated, or learned about until forty years later when a certain man had been chosen to apply his knowledge and skills.

The reason that this man was able to use his skills is that he had been chosen based on his DNA and the Allied High Council of the Outer Universe had chosen him as the one to make a difference one earth and in space.

The reason that the man was chosen by the United States government was based on his special weapons training and all the schools that were listed in his training. The government computer searched for a match and came up with one man that could be considered the foremost weapon expert in the United States and the world at the time.

This man was not told where the spacecraft had been obtained. The man was chosen based on his prior experience. The U.S. Army did not know that the Allied High Council and the Supreme Beings had chosen him.

Then after certain test had been performed on the pieces of the other craft that had been delivered in pieces, certain pieces had been distributed to different locations including Fort Worth, Dayton, and Washington, D.C.

After various tests had been performed, it was realized that a certain woman had also been of use in the past based on understanding of the Long Island, Montauk Point, and Houston Nasa connections. These two, both male and female, had prior military training: the male in U.S. Army and the female in U.S. Navy.

The male and female learned that they could control mentally certain aspects of the alien spacecraft not of earth’s origin.

They learned that together they had two positions that needed to be filled by humanoids while still having been chosen by the Allied High Council and the Supreme Beings. They each had an understanding and knowledge of the spacecraft and the Allied High Council.

The story begins with each of the male and female not trusting the other when they meet.

The male with the U.S. Army training had much more extensive training in military schools and weapon training.

The female with the U.S. Navy had medical training, and investigative training that allowed for better communication and diplomacy with beings.

Both the male and female could be useful to both the aliens and the government.

There were many years that passed before all the pieces of the story could properly be pieced together.

By the time that the female had completed one mission in Hawaii, there was another mission in Texas. This was to prove her training and to complete what she had personally set out to do, to converse telepathically with the Commander and to meet him.

This was allowed by both the alien Allied High Council and the government on earth.

Now, it was time for the male and female to decide how much could be accomplished together to complete the mission that was meant to happen in order for the alien High Council to complete the mission on earth.

The mission was to make sure that the whole earth could be monitored therefore leaving all five (5) spacecraft around the earth in strategic locations.

The male and female that could telepathically fly and maneuver the vehicles were taken. On many occasions, their training had to be off of the world.

This was when they learned of each other, the importance of the mission to earth, and that the aliens and Allied High Council had always been. There were many questions that needed to be answered but, at the time, the male was doing all the questioning and agreeing to accept the mission for the reason of weapon training on the alien spacecraft.

The female had agreed to accept the responsibility for all communications and training of earth’s inhabitants. This was an unbelievable mission for one person so she asked if she could recruit personnel on earth for assignments.

The assignments would be for training of the real knowledge of the future intelligence and possible warring by alien hostile races that could come towards earth from another location in the universe via wormholes.

The alien Allied High Council could maintain order among the over 87 different humanoid species who were intelligent, peaceful, and many were telepathic. The aliens that were the concern were those who had already destroyed some worlds that the Allied High Council was aware of throughout the universe.

The male and female of earth were simple plain human beings and could not understand why they were chosen for such a monumental feat of bravery.

There was no explanation when they both asked except the female always knew she had volunteered when she had been in positions on earth to physically check out of life on earth and made deals with whoever would listen. She accepted this as her mission and fate based on the fact that she did not die when she should have on several occasions and was always obtaining certain telepathic memories, and certain instructions in dream state and in other times when she asked for clarification of her mission on earth.

The male on the other hand had been one to accept his military calling and yet did not understand why he was the one chosen to deal with this piece of foreign equipment. Finally after many months underground, he decided to cooperate with the alien spacecraft at the time he learned much that could be used in the future if the need appeared on earth. The spacecraft was able to communicate with not just him but the allied high council and the rest of the main fleet.

The male and female spent years in training together on and off earth in a manner of speaking in order to learn to work together and to learn how their minds could cooperate for the good of the whole.

Many years passed and they learned of the difference in time and space variations and the many different reasons they existed on earth. The female decided that she wanted to leave earth and return to her place of origin. The male decided that he wanted to stay and wanted to spend his remaining days on earth. There had to be an agreement made between the two in order to get along on earth and to accept their mission as their own.

The male agreed to carry out his part as Supreme Commander when the time comes, but he gave the Co-Commander power to the female in order that she could carry out her mission with recruiting others to the understanding of what the mission would be and who would be needed when the time comes.

The female agreed to spend her life on earth communicating to others what would happen in the future on earth while the male simply did his time on earth all the time knowing that when the time came, the position of Supreme Commander was his to command based on his DNA and the Supreme Beings. The female would simply accompany him with all those who had decided to commit their lives to saving the world that was inhabited by humanoid intelligent beings.

There are others who have come before these two and there have always been these two positions to be filled based on the Supreme Beings and the Allied High Council chosen by DNA.

The two in the past are not listed on earth and are not known and cannot be found unless the decision to share the information is made by the Supreme Beings and the Allied High Council.

For now, the two who must fill the positions are only thought about and talked about but the positions are real and the two people are not known to the world. There is no need to know and there is no reason the world should have to be told about the future of possibly being attacked by another species of beings from outside of the earth’s atmosphere in stellar space and in the far reaches of the universe.

There is knowledge by the male and female that there is a 19-year lead from the time the invaders would come through a wormhole and reach earth. At the time that they are needed, there will be time enough for the Allied High Council to activate the power and the positions that are kept by two humanoids at all times one earth.

The two people on earth are monitored and watched continually and their lives are monitored by the alien spacecraft on earth which is sent back to the main flagship that travels outside of the galaxy in space with four carriers that cannot be seen from earth or by the telescopes used or the satellites.

The alien UFOs that come and go from the earth’s atmosphere is simply monitoring and practicing maneuvers in and out of the earth’s atmosphere as they have always done in the past.

Humanoid Intelligent Beings come and go from the planet called earth and most never know about aliens, UFOs, and missions of earth and the inhabitants needed to prepare for an earth invasion.

First Presented on UFO Digest as Alien UFO Mission – Roswell (by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris, 3-27-2008)


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