Cosmic College Interview ~ 06/06/14 ~ Glenn Bogue With Host Janet Kira Lessin



Host Janet Kira Lessin interviewed Glenn Bogue on Cosmic College on Aquarian Radio on Friday, June 6, 2014.

Both Sitchin and Ancient Aliens provide a more credible explanation for our dramatic and sudden rise in Ethiopia just 200,000 years ago, as proven by DNA research entitled The Geographic Project. All races can now be traced back to one woman, an Eve, who had to choose between subjugation to a Lording god, who wished for her not to have wisdom, and another being HaNachash, long thought to mean serpent, but more likely means THE Shining One, who offered her many secrets.

Show from 06/13/14:

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Show from 06/06/14:

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#14To help us fashion a more accurate history from the Garden in Sumer up to the crucifixion of HeZeus Christos, Glenn Bogue, historian, lawyer and author, has been given a Sacred Key that sets forth the truth about Eve, and the scientist who fashioned her genetically, and the trials of the latter, as Isis in Egypt, Athena in Greece and The Magdalene in Israel. Just why do the Templar Knights assert Isis and The Magdalene are the SAME person?

Who are the Anunnaki?  Who is Ninmah, Enki, Thoth, Jesus, Mary?

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