Planetary Oligarchy ~ Oligarchs Keep Us Opiated, Murderous & Broke: Duarte, Smith, Lessins Rap

venturaReynaldo Durarte, author of Elementary, My Dear Walid, tells hosts Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin how Queen Victoria, an opium addict, ran the British Empire with heroin poppies from the Indian Subcontinent and how the Oligarchs–Warburgs, Rothchilds and company–run the world, pitting us against each other with false flag events like the WTC demolition to create wars and protect their heroin trade.

Ethan Indigo Smith, author or Oligarchy:The Complete Patriot’s Guide, describes how Idiots, Zealots, Elitists and true Patriots make the world not-so-merry go round and how we can meditate out of the matrix

Ethan Indigo Smith:  Please consider sharing this idea demonstrative of society and inspiring thinking.

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georgeorwells-1984-imagineentertainmentSome philosophical work is so profound as to be influential for thousands of years. Plato’s ‘The Republic‘ is one such series of dialogues. It explains and explores the relationship between state institutions and individuals, and has provided humanity with lessons in politics, philosophy and individual enlightenment since it was penned some two thousand years ago.

One of the central dialogues in The Republic is called the Allegory of the Cave. The lessons the Allegory of the Cave provides to today’s world are numerous, and its depiction of our insidious societal structure is extremely accurate and insightful — despite often going unacknowledged as such. Through its exploration of our political outer states, it also explores our psychological inner state as well.

The Allegory of The Cave proposes that what people take to be ‘reality’ in total is only a partial reality, or an all out illusion. As is all similar philosophy, the allegory is layered, but it is partially about breaking from mainstream thinking and seeking individual knowledge; the ascension of perspective; being in a cave and coming out of a cave. It’s about how we can ascend from the bottom to stand face-to-face with the golden Sun.

Socrates begins: “Let me show you in a figure how far our nature is enlightened or unenlightened Behold! Human beings living in an underground cave”.

The 4 Characters of the Cave

obama-big-brotherIn the Allegory there are four character types. Most people are chained, forced to watch images on a cave wall. Some however, the second character type, are unchained. They need no force; they are so transfixed with the imagery on the wall that the shadows are all they care about, and remain in the cave by choice. The images are cast on the wall by the third character type, the captors, who use a fire behind them to produce various shadows, to keep the prisoners entertained. The prisoners interpret the shadows and whatever noises are made as reality in total, for it is all they know. The fourth character type is the freed prisoner.

The narrative of The Cave hypothesizes what happens after the prisoner is released from the false imagery to which his society is subjected. In the film The Matrix, Neo is the freed prisoner; in 1984, Winston Smith dreams of being the freed prisoner.

The Freed Prisoner

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