12_cartoon_drugs_largeIn this episode of the ongoing series, THE PLANETARY OLIGARCHY, Reynaldo Duarte and James Clayton share with hosts Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin the meticulously-documented evidence from “Elementary, My Dear Walid,” the matrix-shattering tome they wrote about the genocidal monsters that rule the Earth.

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War on drugs - some wars 3903284Duarte and Clayton show how the CIA and the clandestine world government, through the CIA, “deals with the Mafioso, provides cover for drug traffickers, floods the streets of countries throughout the world with massive quantities of heroin and cocaine, launders criminally obtained money through call centers India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and subverts democratically elected governments throughout the world.”

The CIA, Duarte and Clayton prove murders whistleblowers like reporter Gary Webb, who exposed secret CIA bases, the heroin processing plant the CIA ran as a Pepsi Cola factory in Laos, the distribution of crack cocaine in America’s Black ghettos, and the funding of the Contra murderers in Nicaragua and El Salvador. The CIA got police to say Webb committed suicide by shooting himself twice in the back of his head.

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