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Glenn-Bogue-IMG_cropped-20140522_151402Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview Glenn Bogue on the Sacred Matrix, Revolution Radio ( ~ May 25, 2014, Studio B from 8 to 9 PM, Eastern Time.

On this show we explore the connections between the ancient Gods, the Anunnaki and the lineage of royals and priests through modern times.

Glenn says:

Thank you for this opportunity. I realize how complex is road from EnKi to HeZeus. For clarity:

EnKi became Set Henoch (aka Red Ass of Jerusalem) but was tagged “Satan” after he cut off penis of Osiris the Black aka Enlil.

Ninmah as Isis resurrects Osiris but then leaves w Set henoch for Jerusalem.

There EnKi appears as Jesse and sires David aka Pharaoh Psusennes I.
EnKi then marries David s daughter and becomes Solomon. He presents Ninmah as Asherah Woman of Tree/DNA, opposing Enlil who said he was only god YHWH.

EnKi leaves for Greece and becomes HeZeus the Father ( he had fornicated with daughters of Eve to father homo sapiens sapiens). Ninmah becomes Athena.

EnKi then returns to Jordan River w his dove Ninmah The Magdalene, along with his wife, the Star of Bethlehem Damkina the Virge Mare.

EnKi is baptize by his son NinGi, aka The Baptist Lazarus who had head of his penis cut off as retribution by Osiris. The Baptism is where EnKi swears monogamy with his 2 wives only. This is proven in MM church in Rennes le chateau France, as part of Merovingian secret that went from David to Franks to France.


Sumer 3000 BCE Egypt 2500 BCE Israel 900 BCE Greece 500 BCE Israel 0CE Fatima 1917 CE
EnKi Set Henoch Jesse/Solomon HeZeus HeZeus Christos  
Ninmah Isis Asherah Woman of the Tree Athena Woman of the Tree The Magdalene Isis
Enlil Osiris Yahweh   Yahweh  
Damkina Nephthys Queen of Sheba   Virge Mare  


Glenn is a lawyer, Nutritional historian, Olympian, author of The Books of Isis series. Born in Toronto, Glenn Bogue attended Villanova University majoring in history and classics. He earned All-American honors both athletically and scholastically, along with an N.C.A.A. post-graduate scholarship. He competed for Canada in the 1976 Olympics and was inducted into the Villanova Hall of Fame. Glenn earned his law degree from Toronto’s Osgoode Hall. While working for the Canadian national track team, he tried to prevent the steroid abuses at the national center in Toronto, and resigned when the anti-doping rules would not be enforced against Ben Johnson, who would be stripped of his gold medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics for steroid violations.

Glenn began studying nutritional alternatives to steroids, and was shocked by the poor level of nutritional education of the very physicians upon whom he relied during his career. His firm stance on proper nutrition for his children resulted in the loss of custody of his five children by the court of Pennsylvania which felt that candy and dairy were “good for the body” His marriage ended in a divorce that the Catholic Church did nothing to prevent, even though divorce is prohibited by the 1993 Catechism of John Paul II.

van_Eyck_-_The_Arnolfini_WeddingGlenn turned to the scriptures for clues of what he had missed, and came across these startling words ascribed to Jesus Christ: I will not judge you. The one who judged you was Moses. John 5:45 This was diametrically opposed to the Nicene Creed wherein Jesus is supposed to come “to judge the living and the dead” Glenn began to search for the reasons why the church would deliberately obfuscate the words of Jesus. He found those answers in the creation tale of the ancient Sumerians and its history of The Black Madonna. This series of books is the result of that search.

On this show we will be asking these and other questions on these shows:
What prompted your research into nutrition and/or ancient texts?
You claim to possess the greatest secret of all time, forged around a sacred key…please explain.
Your work is backed by DNA, so how does this prove your theory?
You are the first to connect the Sumerians with The Gospel of John. Explain.
How did you come to realize that Jesus Christ was not born in Jerusalem?
You have solved the mystery of the Arnolfini portrait. What is background to that painting and proof of your solution?

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