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Complete Patriot Guide 516f+-GoBYLHosts Dr. Sasha (Alex) Lessin and Janet Kira Lessin interview author Ethan Indigo Smith Tuesdays from 11 to 12 noon, HST, 3 to 4

The Complete Patriot’s Guide surpasses the left right dynamic and just like its namesake The Theory and Practice to Oligarchical Collectivism from Orwell’s 1984 in the Guide I explore the solutions to institutional takeover at the cost of individuals.  In short it’s the five freedoms of first amendment.  In the book I explore the global oligarchy historically and present day.  When I first published it left wing people attacked me for the word patriot and right wing folks attacked me for various ideas.  It is centered and balanced look at politics though Orwellian lens, no sides are taken.

ethan idigo finalmatrixI define oligarchical collectivism and patriotism, as individual questioning institutions.  In 1984 there are the proles, outer party, inner party and brotherhood, in the Guide I present and define idiots, zealots, elitists, and patriots and relate them to 1984 and also the characters in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

The ideas surrounding 4 inspired my next book, The Matrix of Four.  Through the number I explore human consciousness in an inspiring way.  I start with the four aspects of our reality, related to the idea of mind/body/spirit only with the fourth part that is missing there, included being the reality we are in, earth, our surroundings.  As in the mental/physical/spiritual/natural.  There are very few things we can say are absolutes.  However I start off with absolutes as the basis, 4 operations of arithmetic, the four seasons of equinoxes and solstices and more loose absolutes of the four parts of breath and the four aspects of consciousness (not scientifically absolute of course) that the symbol Om presents, one of the oldest symbols.

In Matrix of Four I break down consciousness and the archetype that is the righteous rebel through examination of systems and examples of psychological, mathematical, scientific and spiritual ways in which four reflects a universal means to explore and develop consciousness.

41LCQPRS8nLIn researching the number 4 I met a physicist and yogi…he told me about 108.  108 is a highly spiritual number and maybe the most metaphysically symbolic number there is.  I write the 108 Steps to Be in the Zone after not only researching aspects of it, but coming up with many more new ideas in relation to developing one’s being and intuition in relation to 108.  One of which is that 108 represents the trinity of time, 1present, 0past, 8future.  I think your listeners in general would like the metaphysical nature of this one.

nuclear fascism

nukes or nugs, it turns out marijuana/hemp can cure, as well as of course alleviate comfort cancer while nuke waste of course causes it and general causes disease .

And it really comes back down to energy oligarchies…hemp is the oiliest plant there is…

This recent one covers aspects of 4 and 108 and is more metaphysical than political but lies we are in…

When I first wrote the complete patriot’s guide to oligarchical collectivism people called me a conspiracy theorist and x,y,z…now of course it all panned out, more Orwellian now than before.  Pollution destruction of environment leads to fascist secrets and Orwellian repression…Japan 2014



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