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Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha (Alex) Lessin interviewed author A.K. Kuykendall on Extraterrestrial Radio on the Aquarian Talk Radio Network Thursday, April 24, 2014 on www.blogtalkradio.com/aquarianradio from 4 to 5 PM, HST, 7 to 8 PM Pacific, 10 to 11 PM Eastern. This is the first in a series of interviews with Mr. Kuykendall. The second takes place on June 15, 2014.

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“What took place on March 13, 1917 set in motion humanities closest brush with annihilation by an extraterrestrial race . . . ”

Why? This one-word question is one that many of us first learn and continue to use throughout our lives. Why did our government cover up the fact that the German fighter pilot notoriously known as the Red Baron shot a UFO out of the sky over western France in 1917? Why has our government kept the truths concerning the 1947 Roswell UFO crash incident under lock and key? Why has our government put such enormous effort behind whitewashing details in the John F. Kennedy assassination? Why haven’t we heard any official details from our government on the immanent alien invasions’ of 1942 and 1952?

 We want to know the why of it. Only once we know why, should we then turn to the other questions of who, what, when, where, and how. Alternative history has found a place in literature as we all seek to learn the why behind what happens in our world. For many times, we are not satisfied with the answers to questions that are spoon-fed to us through the media. 

Origins-cache_4088144657Conspirator’s Odyssey: Origins is a novel that will journey you back in time and slow walk you through history in order to connect the crucial dots so often haphazardly scattered about, making it virtually impossible for us to see the big picture. Is any of the book true? Is all of it true? Only you can match your own knowledge of historical events, evaluate the options found in Conspirator’s Odyssey and arrive at your decision. However, many readers have expressed that the concepts are logical, that the story presentation is excellent, and the characters are haunting in their respective roles.

 The U.S. Special Forces are known for their extremely specialized training and courage behind enemy lines to which Major Kalista Flaker knows all too well, but she also knows of a highly advanced global juggernaut; a powerful organization that she happens to lead that’s more clandestine and merciless—a ghost campaign known as Fierce Chicanery. Armed with her vast network of operatives, Major Kalista Flaker is actively on the hunt for a formidable hacker that poses a great threat to the world. Having boldly demonstrated the ability to effectively seize the world in his grasps; this hacker shut down all transportation systems, disabled the financial systems, and turned off public utility systems. This has ignited talks of a fire sale—an all-out cyberwarfare attack that performs a three-stage systematic assault on a nation’s technological infrastructure. The hacker behind the global intrusion becomes priority #1, but when the Major suspects that an old nemesis may be in league with the perpetrator; the pressure is on to find, to extract, and to learn from the hacker before his actions ignite World War III, giving those behind Project Aneman an even larger stage by which to highlight the supremacy of their new weapon.

Aaron with owners-5 It is in the midst of this pressing mission that the Major is hit with a reality that has her perplexed. She is told an unbelievable story of how on March 13, 1917 both Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen (Red Baron) and his wingman Rittmeister Peter Waitzrik took off from an airfield in Belgium to conduct dawn patrol over western France. That the pair sought prey, such as reconnaissance aircraft and enemy fighters, but instead they encountered something they initially believed to be a new American weapon. Doubtless, the Red Baron took advantage of the sun rising behind him and in his trademark red triplane he pounced on the huge UFO, which fell from the sky like a rock.That on this day German ground forces retrieved a number of dead and injured alien beings, but for two who they witnessed escape through the woods. That the escaped occupants were, in fact, interplanetary guardians in possession of two royal embryos and that she, herself, hails from a star system ruled by an alien species known as the Cel’jul; commonly referred to on earth as the greys. That her origins lies beyond the heavens because she and her brother are heirship to the galactic royal family. She is then told of an incident that took place in 1952. A planned invasion of planet earth due to the fact that the American government held hostage for eighty-seven years the Cel’jul King and Queen, which were her actual mother and father. That they were the occupants of the craft that was downed in 1917.

The year was 1939 and while on official business in Washington, Lieutenant Colonel Eisenhower was exposed to alien life (4 grey alien beings in glass tubes of formaldehyde) in the sub-basement of the U.S. Capital building. At that time he accepted an extremely sensitive mission ordered by both Secretary of State Cordell Hull and President Franklin D. Roosevelt. His mission was to broker an iron clad treaty between the human race and the royal grey alien alliance, to which we fractured by concealing the fact that we had in our possession two prominent members of the galactic royal family since their craft was shot out of the sky by German fighter pilot Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen (Red Baron) on March 13, 1917 over western France. Unbeknownst to our government, these two prominent members just happened to be their King and Queen.

 The treaty Lieutenant Colonel Eisenhower brokered was finalized on Sunday July 16, 1939. Hailed as a tremendous success for all mankind, he was collectively, but covertly praised by every world leader. What we didn’t know is that for over 25 years since their royal craft was shot out of the sky by a human in 1917, the armada of the galactic royal family has consistently and expansively searched our planet for their citizens. Having somehow discovered that the American government had been in cahoots with the government of Germany in the days following the downing of their royal craft over western France to which our government flatly denied when the question was asked by the greys prior to the signing of the treaty, coupled with the fact that this same government insisted that they lead the talks for the human race; our country was outright accused of detaining members of the royal family and our first brush with annihilation occurred following this message:

 “You have violated the treaty between our two species you yourself initiated. We believe you to have in your possession citizens of the royal galactic alliance. Hear us and hear us well. We will obliterate one of your American cities if you do not release the members of the galactic royal family at once. Our armada has been dispatched and will be in your airspace within the hour. The city we choose to lay waste; our destroyer will hover.”

 It was February 24, 1942 when this threat came over the wire to which the military forces in all 48 states were immediately placed on red alert and the, now, Brigadier General Eisenhower who had multiple command appointments in WWII was contacted directly by Franklin D. Roosevelt about the imminent threat and ordered Eisenhower to immediately make contact with the galactic alliance. And for the first time since accepting the title of mankind’s spokesman in 1939, President Roosevelt informed Eisenhower of the highly confidential Intel that brought about this rift in the treaty the General had so methodically devised.

 “Mr. President, we stand no chance of success against their armada should they act on their threat. It will take some time for me to make contact. Should they encroach on our assets, I strongly advise a heavy bombardment of artillery to stave off the positioning of their weapon.”     

As promised, the attack, soon thereafter, began. At first, unidentified objects caused a succession of alerts in southern California and a warning was swiftly issued by naval intelligence indicated that an attack could be expected within hours. Within moments, a large number of flares and blinking lights were reported from the vicinity of defense plants. A considerable amount of time passed before the initial alert was lifted, and the tension temporarily relaxed.

It wasn’t until early in the morning of February 25, 1942 that renewed activity began like the menacing swell of a wave. Radars picked up an enormous unidentified target 120 miles west of Los Angeles. Anti-aircraft batteries were alerted and put on Green Alert—ready to fire—a few minutes later. The Army Air Forces kept its pursuit planes on the ground and at the ready. Radars tracked the approaching target to within a few miles of the coast. Thereafter the information center was flooded with reports of numerous UFO sightings, even though the mysterious object tracked in from sea seemed to have vanished. Moments later, UFO’s were reported near Long Beach, and later a coast artillery colonel spotted two dozen UFO’s at 12,000 feet over Los Angeles.

The order was issued and four batteries of anti-aircraft artillery opened fire. For over an hour the US military unleashed artillery with such intensity that they’d forgotten that their actions was being carried out over a heavily populated American city and that the collateral damage could be immense. Soon the firing came to an abrupt halt as the armada was seen moving eastward before vanishing into the darkness of that early morning.

General Eisenhower had indeed made contact and informed the galactic alliance that, to his knowledge, no human of America or the world was in possession of whom they speak. He reminded them of the treaty agreed to back in 1939. That it was iron clad and a great thing for both our species. He went on to say that he would use his authority and standing in the US government to assist the galactic alliance in finding who they seek. He then asked who the members of the royal family were to which, for the first time, they revealed the identity of whom they sought. General Eisenhower, alone, held this knowledge.   

 Since that incident on the 24/25 of February 1942, we were tittering on the edge of an all-out war with the greys, which came to a head at 11:40 p.m. on Saturday, July 19, 1952 as the grey alien royal brigades began their strategic maneuvering around Washington with an even heavier presence around our U.S. Capital building where we held the beings. Fresh off the heels of World War II and having recently thrown his hat into the ring for the presidency in January of 1952; the covert relationship General Eisenhower had formed with this race of beings since 1939 led him to brokering the deal that prevented an all-out assault by the grey alien alliance on our world to which we (the entire human race), as was the case in 1942, was ill equipped to fend off. This assault was to begin with the annihilation of Washington before their global strike. During negotiations the grey alien royal brigades kept up their show of force until the talks concluded on July 27, 1952—the last time that amount of force was ever displayed by the greys.

 Again, Conspirator’s Odyssey: Origins is a novel that will journey you back in time and slow walk you through history in order to connect the crucial dots so often haphazardly scattered about, making it virtually impossible for us to see the big picture. Is any of the book true? Is all of it true? Only you can match your own knowledge of historical events, evaluate the options found in Conspirator’s Odyssey and arrive at your decision.

Riddle me this […] how does an officer rise in rank at the rate of speed Dwight D. Eisenhower did?

Lieutenant Colonel, Regular Army: July 1, 1936

Colonel, Regular Army: March 11, 1941

Brigadier General, Army of the United States: September 29, 1941 (One Star)

Major General, Army of the United States: March 27, 1942 (Two Stars)

Lieutenant General, Army of the United States: July 7, 1942 (Three Stars)

General, Army of the United States: February 11, 1943 (Four Stars)

General of the Army, Army of the United States: December 20, 1944 (Five Stars)

Commander in Chief (President) United States of America: November 4, 1952

Please, never dismiss the probabilities and possibilities in my body of work even for a second. We have never been alone! Think about JFK—the all Seeing Eye on our dollar bills—Illuminati—the very dark forces that caused the Mayans to abandon their earthly post. It’s all connected!

 The infinite purpose of these aliens is, has, and will always be to deceive mankind, to inveigle mankind, and primarily, to obfuscate mankind. History, as it is written, is extremely convoluted, but the connections are real. Research, verify, explore, dig deep, but please don’t dismiss my relevant theory; no matter how entertaining my story may be.

BIO A.K. KUYKENDALL ~ web site: www.thewriterofbooks.com

SKMBT_C45214040816031A dedicated husband and a father of three, A.K. Kuykendall was born in Albany, Georgia and grew up as a military brat on the Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) located in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii and later at the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base located in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

 A Corporate Executive Chef by trade, his true passion in life is writing thought-provoking novels that blends the concepts of fact and fiction. Conspiracy, espionage, horror, and suspense literature are particular favorites! He has an infectious love of bringing women to the surface in his literature where so many men and/or women authors fall short. This is why Mr. Kuykendall prides himself on writing stories with women as his protagonist’s.

He’s passionate when he says, “Why not women? Hell, they’ve been giving life to our children and putting up with us men since the day of Eve and Adam. I can’t see any other gender deserving of my pages. And it’s about time an author writing mainstream literature stepped outside this great big literary box known as the status quo to bring our walking, talking, and oh so beautiful gods to life.

“My love for women is sparked by an unprecedented admiration for the strength displayed by my mother and my friend, Lillie Ruth Best. She raised three sons practically on her own while dealing with the hurdles of her own social and emotional development. My love and respect for women have greatly influenced my creative leanings. When I write, a woman comes naturally to mind. Women are strong, whether some think so or not. I’m firmly of the belief that if you touch a woman’s heart, her strengths amplify at an alarming rate. With this strength, one will never go without, and one will always be protected.

“Be it a superhero battling to save the world, a detective in search of a serial killer, a soldier of fortune, a double agent, a thriving serial killer playing on the typical male mindset that can’t picture a woman performing such deeds, or the President of the United States proving her critics wrong with her every move on the world stage. Whatever role I choose to fathom a strong female character will always be at the helm displaying the type of subtle strength I continue to find fascinating.”

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the site where truth reads through fiction! The author hopes that you enjoy your stay and would ask of you to revisit occasionally for updates.

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