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Neil Freer Cowboy HatNEIL FREER is a generalist, futant, futurist, lecturer, author, poet, contributor to the Arlington Institute think tank; advisory board member of the institute. He is currently working with C.B. Scott Jones on his Plan C for the academic world. Neil and his wife, Ursula, have lived in the Eldorado area since 1994. Neil holds a BA in English and did his graduate work in Philosophy and Psychology at the New School for Social Research. He has taught college courses in Philosophy and History of Religion, gives private and public seminars and lectures and has done over three hundred radio and TV interviews. Neil Freer

Neil is the author of Breaking the Godspell, ’87, which explores the archaeological, astronomical and genetic proof for our being a genetically engineered species and presents the ramifications of this new paradigm of human nature that resolves the Creationist-Evolutionary conflict.

In his second book, God-Games: What Do You Do Forever? he explores the ways in which we will live when, individually and collectively, we attain the unassailable integrity afforded by the restoration of our true, part alien genetic history. He outlines the racial maturity of the new planetary civilization and describes the new human.

Neil published a third book last year, Sapiens Rising: The View From 2100, through on Kindle (only, no paper, no trees falling). and it is already in the hands of Michelle and Barack Obama, M Gorbachev, C.B. Scott Jones , John Petersen of the Arlington Institute, the Dalai Lama, Pope Benedict, Klaus Schwab (of Davos), Presidents Clinton, Carter, Charlie Rose, Bill Moyers, among others. Neil was invited keynote speaker in February 2010 at the International UFO Congress.

His presentation was advertised as Sapiens Rising to Cosmic Citizenship: The Script for a Stellar Species Performance. As a philosopher, futurist, futant, contactee and generic human, Neil says: We are already into a profound transmutation which will characterize this 21st as our species Century of Transformation. We are being invited into stellar society and have the keys to integrate our past and present as the new humans and meet the conditions for acceptance. Let us reclaim our planetary identity and dignity, our part-alien cosmic credentials, and prepare to matriculate into the heavens, into stellar society as, finally, Sapiens Sapiens, the truly doubly wise. There are dangers but let us face them together. I stand to speak for all of us, a young but wise species, to urge us all to make it so for our children.

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Published on Sep 26, 2013
For the first time Neil Freer international author Anunnaki contactee sits down to give this very personal interview on his experience with the Anunnaki, his work, and a special message to Humanity. TV Host: Antara Davis

Published on Apr 28, 2013
Are you wondering what might be up with ancient Anunnaki bloodlines that are still alive on our planet, Nibiru/Planet X, government cover-ups of alien contact, and much more; All of this will be covered in detail with Neil Freer who is by far the most level headed person I know when it comes to looking at all of this using common sense, historical facts, and a great deal of personal experience. Be sure to JOIN our You Tube Channel and also visit the Lotus Guide website for more information that has a direct affect on you and your world.

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