Anunnaki Easter Discussion ~ 04/20/14 ~ Neil Freer, Gerald Clark ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Revolution Radio

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Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin joined Neil Freer, Gerald Clark, Robert Evans and other mystery guests in an Easter Sunday Anunnaki special edition as we engaged in a roundtable discussion of our beloved ancestors and creators, the Anunnaki, their role in our history, their role in our religions and especially, who is Jesus the Anunnaki God, King of the Jews?

We started part I on Friday, April 18th (click HERE) and now continue with part II of this discussion on the Sacred Matrix (SM), Revolution Radio ( on Sunday, April 20, 2014 from 8 to 10 PM Eastern (live broadcast), Studio B.

On this episode we discussed:

JESUS=HERMES=THOTH=QUETZCOATL=KUKUKLAN=NINGISHZIDDA: Scholars discuss the alternative stories of the Galalean fathered by an ET from the Planet Nibiru.

NEIL FREER, GERALD CLARK, ROBERT EVANS AND DR. SASHA AND JANET KIRA LESSIN discuss the Nibirans who Bible writers renamed, in addition to Ningishzidda, Yahweh was Enlil; Adonai, his brother Enki.  Their sister Ninmah embodied herself as Mother Mary.  Enki’s son Marduk was Ra; Enlil’s son Nannar was Allah. 
Neil Freer and Janet Lessin both related personal, face-to-face encounters they’ve had with Enki.  The scholars all conclude that Enki and Thoth are dedicated to freeing humanity from the Power Elite descended from Jesus that today rule the Earth. 
128_10_02_10_10_35_44Evans relates actual hard photographic evidence of how  planet-sized UFOs nowadays deflect solar flares that Nibiru’s perigee would otherwise wreck havoc on Earth.

We plan on continuing our discussion in the following weeks with various Anunnaki researchers.  The issue of our creators is upon us.  How they are affect our lives is critical now to discover and uncover for the survival of our species and the healing of our planet.  June 7-8th some of us are gathering at the San Diego Conference Center.

We fantasize our good parents, our Anunnaki forefathers and fore-mothers will appear, call into one of our shows, come down from the skies or materialize in the room and at last disclose the truth to us.  Join us in this online, ongoing group prayer/meditation/discussion/invitation to our father/mother God and Goddess who art in Heaven (space, Nibiru), hollowed be thy names.  We ask the creators of US (humans) to join us as we send our message all the way up to the Creator of us All. Oh Lord (or whatever), we need thy help now to heal humanity and this world before we destroy it.  The time is now.  Tomorrow may be too late.
In the meanwhile, carpe dium. Have fun now!

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This photo is from a time traveler that used chronovision. The photo is of (from left to right) Joseph of Arimathia (Jesus maternal uncle), Yehevau (Jesus) and his younger brother James

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