Jesus & The Anunnaki ~ 04/18/14 Neil Freer, Janet & Sasha Lessin, Robert Evans, Jr., Alex Teplish Roundtable

Jesus the Alien

Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin joined Neil Freer, Robert Evans, Jr. Alex Teplish and other mystery guests in a super special Good Friday Anunnaki edition of the Cosmic College in a roundtable discussion of our beloved ancestors and creators, the Anunnaki, their role in our history, their role in our religions and especially, who is Jesus the Anunnaki God, King of the Jews.

On this show: JESUS AND THE ANUNNAKI ~ Scholars Review Evidence and Share Personal Experiences on Internet Radio

In this wide-ranging roundtable discussion, leading scholars of the Anunnaki–the Giants from Nibiru who adapted their genome to Earth to make us–and Nibiru (the planet of the Anunnaki) discuss the struggle of Anunnaki factions with which Jesus contended.

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NEIL FREER relates direct, face-t-face contact he, at age 12, had with ENKI, the Anunnaki who protects and nourishes humanity. JANET KIRA LESSIN, likewise, shares her contact experiences with the Anunnaki.

Robert Evans shares photographic proof of planet-sized UFOs deflecting solar flares that Nibiru’s perigee would otherwise wreck havoc on Earth.

Alex Teplish shares his project, showing the Anunnaki story graphically.

art13We continue with part II of this discussion on the Sacred Matrix (SM), Revolution Radio (, Sunday, April 20, 2014 from 8 to 10 PM Eastern (live broadcast), Studio B.

In the following weeks we dialogue some more as the issue of our creators and how they are affecting our lives is critical to discover and uncover for the survival of our species and the healing of our planet.  We stop at the end of the conference or when the Anunnaki come down and disclose the truth to us, whichever comes first.   Join us in this online, ongoing group prayer/meditation to our father/mother God and Goddess, Creator of US (humans) all the way up to the Creator of us All. We need help now to heal humanity and this world.  The time is now.

(the graphics and widgit to hear us takes a bit of time to come in, as does the long musical opening of the show, but hang in there, listen, and see Janet’s pix.)

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This photo is from a time traveler that used chronovision. The photo is of (from left to right) Joseph of Arimathia (Jesus maternal uncle), Yehevau (Jesus) and his younger brother James










Nibiru Anunnaki – Jesus Taught Hermetics – Know What Is In Front Of Your Face !

Uploaded on Feb 5, 2012

Nibiru Anunnaki – Jesus Taught Hermetics – Know What Is In Front Of Your Face!

All Credited To: 5T4RSCREAM233 ,and His Hard Work & Discovery!

Jesus, Planet X, and the Anunnaki

 The Anunnaki of Niburu (interview w/ Gerald Clark ; re: his book) pt. 1 /2




JESUS WAS A CAPRICORN by Kris Kristofferson



For the bigger story, from the writing of Sir Laurence Gardiner, before his suspicious death, click this link

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