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Denise Chavez-Goforth is the host of Beyond Ordinary News Radio

Denise Chavez Beyond Ordinary News Radio

Denise Goforth, author of The Awakening into the New Dimension, attended the University of Arizona and University of Washington DC School of Law, where she studied International Relations, History, and Law. She has worked as a lobbyist in Washington and interned for Senator John McCain at his constituent office in Arizona.

Denise is a life-long extraterrestrial experiencer and remembers at least one MILAB experience as of late. She is currently the host of Beyond Ordinary News Radio and is a Nibiru/Anunnaki/ET researcher.

The links below are samples of her work as well as of her experiences.

1) Interview with Gerald Clark, Author of The Anunnaki of Nibiru:
2) Secretum Omega – Vatican Leaks Nibiru Secrets
3) SuperWave –

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