Cosmic College ~ 04/11/14 ~ Anunnaki, Noah’s Flood, Exodus, Planet X Nibiru

2005  11_12_ 0719_anunnaki_arriving500pxJanet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin host Cosmic College on Freedom Talk Radio ~ ~ Fridays, 4 to 5 PM HST, 7 to 9 PM Pacific, 10 to 11 PM Eastern. Learn of the mendacious miasma, the matrix that mangles our minds. From macrocosm to microcosm, cut crap with Occam’s razor and contemplate the chain of existence with us.

IMG_0079Today we are joined by Researcher Robert Evans and conduct a roundtable discussion focusing on The Anunnaki, Nibiru, Planet X, The Flood of Noah, The Exodus and more.  How was the Ark built?  Did Enki warn Noah?  Who else was warned?  Who escaped the flood and lived to replenish Earth’s population?  What will happen next time Nibiru passes? What happened in the past?  How will Nibiru’s passing affect the Earth and humanity next time?  Do we have any hope?

I think we do.  Over the next few weeks we will explore our logic and what we’ve discovered.  More as we uncover it.

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From the Kolbrin Bible: The Exodus

“Behold, in the days long gone down into dust, the whirlwind came and earth poured out her wrathful breath, so that you were burnt. The evildoers were swept away by the waters, and the wicked ones were swallowed up in the fires. The days and years were shortened and the times of all things altered. The seasons were turned around, so that the seed rotted within the soil, and no green shoots came forth to greet the day. All buds withered upon the vines, the land lay dead under its grey shroud. The moon changed the order of her ways, and the sun set herself a new course, so that men knew not where they were and all were afflicted. The Stars swam in a new direction, and the whole order of things was changed. Yet, O Egypt, even from those days of calamity you emerged unbroken, your spirit intact, your heart unshaken. What has happened to you, O land of mine?”

“My land is old, a hundred and twenty generations have passed through it since Osireh brought light to men. Four times, the stars have moved to new positions, and twice the sun has changed the direction of his journey. Twice, the Destroyer has struck Earth and three times the Heavens have opened and shut. Twice, the land has been swept clean by water.”












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