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Omnec-Onec-2222IMG_0079Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin Interview Venusian Omnec Onec on the first half hour of this show. Next we bring on whistleblower Bob Evans and we discuss the Anunnaki, large craft coming into the solar system and around the sun, the Anunnaki and Eisenhower and the Anunnaki and the Vatican.

We will be discussing the photos at this site: during the second part of our show.



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Published on Jul 21, 2013

2005_11_12_0719_EIT_304_enlarged_showing_a_starshipWhistle Blower Bob Evans UFO Investigator into SOHO Images that could be the Anunnaki Winged God And Much Much More!! Thirdphaseofmoon Exclusive Interview! Quote By Bob Evans”Please compare the above ancient Sumerian wall carving of their Anunnaki Winged God to the image above it … in this image you can clearly see the God Figure in the center, with a nice Harness holding him to a large set of Birds Wings … the Birds Wings have landing gear, shown as a long pole, with round wheels attached at the bottom … the Birds Wings look so damn close to the white ship in the image above the carving”


2011  09  09  0048  Anunnaki Firing weapons

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