Nigel Kerner Interview ~ 04/27/14 ~ Grey Aliens & the Harvesting of Souls

nigel_kerner-1Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interviewed author Nigel Kerner on Sunday, April 27, 2014 on the Sacred Matrix on Revolution Radio (, Studio B, 8 to 10 PM, Eastern time.


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Alien_Grey_and_Hybrid_FamilytnWith clear, step-by-step logic, UFO phenomena researcher Nigel Kerner exlains the chain of consciousness to hosts Janet Kira and Dr. Sasha Lessin.  The chain of consciousness leads, says Kerner to a singularity that generates all subsequent consciousnesses in a series of natural dichotemizations that comprise the dimensions of the levels and varieties of consciousness.  Those that are conscious can exercise CHOICE.  They can reflect upon their own level of consciousness and upon the consciousness that is reflecting on their consciousness and so on up the chain of existence to the source, big bang, metacosmic void. Each of us maps out a unique route through the many possible existences back to Prime Creation.
Kerner shows logically how conscious species developed machines, robots and computerss  that could travel intact through space.  One such traveling robot type is the Greys.  Greys are currently hybridizing with contactees here on Earth.  These Greys, as robots, lack the ability to reflect on their own existence.  Each planet Greys settled has had its conscious life destroyed as Greys hybridize with conscious species in their doomed attempt to gain consciousness which, they can never achieve because they only exist from the time of their programming by beings who were conscious. 
Janet Kira Lessin discussed the possibility that robots and greys can develop consciousness, as can Minerva, the mind of Earth’s internet.

Nigel Kerner Bio

Nigel Kerner is an author and freelance journalist. He was born in Sri Lanka, his mother from a British planting family and his father an officer in the British Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm. This international family base provided the background for an obsessive and serious interest in international human affairs and how these interface with science, religion and philosophy.

He has felt driven, from his young years, to expose the humbug and hypocrisy in modern scientific and religious and social thinking. His formal graduate education is in biomedical science and human behavioural psychology.

pex_nk5_DJacobsHis fascination with the puzzling and enigmatic phenomenon of UFOs resulted in his first book ‘The Song of the Greys’ published by Hodder & Stoughton in 1997. This serious work on the subject is now noted world-wide for its radical view on the phenomenon. His latest book, ‘Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls’ published by Inner Traditions/Bear & Company is the second in a trilogy about the UFO phenomenon and its social repercussions on humanity. His books and numerous articles have established his unique thesis as part of the canon of serious literature on the subject.

Nigel Kerner lives with his wife and family on his estate in middle England. He has a passionate interest in projects on behalf of the deprived and disadvantaged of developing nations. He is at present working with his family and a team of European friends and volunteers on a medical and agro-development project done on behalf of the rural poor in a country in the Far East. This takes up much of his spare time.

His hobbies include reading science literature and journals, wild-life videography, wildlife conservation activities, singing and song writing. His sporting passions are Cricket and Rugby Union.

exotica-soul-harvestsongofthegreysGrey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls

The Conspiracy to Genetically Tamper with Humanity

  • Exposes the agenda behind the bio-robotic grey aliens’ genetic manipulation of certain human races.
  • Reveals the Grey’s nature as sophisticated self-aware machines created by a long vanished extraterrestrial civilization.
  • Explains how their quest to capture human souls appears in the historical record from biblical times.

In 1997 Nigel Kerner first introduced the notion of aliens known as Greys coming to Earth, explaining that Greys are sophisticated biological robots created by an extraterrestrial civilization they have long since outlived. In this new book Kerner reveals that the Greys are seeking to master death by obtaining something humans possess that they do not: souls. Through the manipulation of human DNA, these aliens hope to create their own souls and, thereby, escape the entropic grip of the material universe in favor of the timeless realm of spirit.

alien-genesisKerner explains that genetic manipulation by the Greys has occurred since biblical times and has led to numerous negative qualities that plague humanity, such as violence, greed, and maliciousness. Racism, he contends, was developed by the aliens to prevent their genetic experiments from being compromised by breeding with others outside their influence.

Examining historical records, Kerner shows that Jesus, who represented an uncorrupted genetic line, warned his disciples about the threat posed by these alien interlopers, while Hitler, a pure product of this alien intelligence, waged genocide in an attempt to rid Earth of all those untouched by this genetic tampering. Despite the powerful grip the Greys have on humanity, Kerner says that all hope is not lost. Greys exist wholly in the material world, so if we follow the spiritual laws of reincarnation and karma, aiming for enlightenment and rising above the material–a state the Greys are unable to reach–we can free ourselves from their grasp.

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