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Richard.Dolan.10-09Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha (Alex) Lessin interviewed Richard Dolan on the Sacred Matrix, Revolution Radio (, Studio B on Sunday, February 9, 2014, 8 to 10 PM, Eastern Time.  

RICARD DOLAN INTERVIEW on  Sacred Matrix’s FreedomsLips at Revolution Radio Studio B

Researcher Richard Dolan, author of UFOs for The 20th Century Mind, tells hosts Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin, how the U.S. clandestine government created the false flag attacks at Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin and the World Trade Center as well as the murders of President Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe.


This shadow government hides the alien presence and suppresses the free energy that could free us from oil pollution and the growing radioactivity of 60+ years of nuke tests, reactor leaks and uranium shells that’ll deform Iraqi babies Iraq for millennia. 

Dolan says the revolution of communication via the internet, 3D computer replication and free energy will collapse the pernicious New World Order of the secret rulers.

Richard Dolan is among the world’s leading researchers and historians of the UFO subject. He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State volumes one andtwo, as well as an analysis of the future, A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact. He is a regular guest on Coast-to-Coast AM radio, has also appeared on many television specials for The History Channel, SyFy, BBC, and elsewhere. Since 2012, Richard has hosted “The Richard Dolan Show,” airing on KGRA Radio every Saturday evening, from 8-11 pm EST.

In his books, articles, and many interviews, Richard has analyzed the destruction of our political liberties as a result of the UFO cover-up, the possible nature of the non-humans themselves, what their presence means for our civilization, why he believes the cover-up will end within our lifetime, and what is likely to happen after that.

richard-dolan-666999Richard is near completion of another ground-breaking work: UFOs for the 21st Century Mind. Due out in mid-2013, it offers a fresh analysis of this phenomenon for a world in the midst of social and technological transformation, and may well redefine ufology in many important ways.

Richard is available for speaking engagements and media consultation. Contact him

UFOs21stCentlorinUFOs for the 21st Century Mind

A Fresh Guide to an Ancient Mystery

This is the new must-have UFO book. For beginners and experienced researchers alike, historian Richard Dolan covers the full range of this incredibly complex topic in his uniquely engaging style.Read the Introduction here.

Paperback: Createspace or Amazon
(for fans of Richard Dolan: a purchase on Createspace earns him an extra royalty).
ebook on Kindle  ~

He offers fresh insights on everything connected to UFOs: ancient aliens, modern encounters, abductions, channelers, the politics and cover-up, the black budget world, the bizarre science, the social dimensions (read YouTube and Facebook), the future, and much more.

Toward that end, Dolan gives practical insights on how to distinguish and investigate UFOs in today’s world, where we are flooded with claims and videos and data of all types.

richard-dolan-23336666555In addition, as one of ufology’s pioneers in the deep analysis of the cover-up, he offers an original perspective on how it all works and why the cover-up, despite being so entrenched and insidious, is nevertheless bound to end. He also writes on the nature of contact, speculating on who these “Others” might be. Finally, Dolan takes the reader through the “weird science” of UFOs, covering everything from propulsion to spacetime to consciousness and more.

UFOs for the 21st Century Mind is a roadmap pointing the way forward in a field filled with uncertainty and obfuscation. In so doing, it is set to reposition an ancient phenomenon into a contemporary state of mind, reminding you just why the greatest mystery of our time is also one of the most important.

With a Foreword by George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM.

486 p. Illustrated

1. What Are UFOs?
2. Theories of Ancient Visitation
3. Into Modernity: Airships, Foo Fighters, and Flying Saucers, 1896 to 1969
4. UFO Secrecy and Those Who Fought It
5. Digging Deeper-The Breakaway Civilization
6. High Strangeness-UFOs from 1970 to 1990
7. UFOs, 1991 to the Present
8. Contact and Abduction
9. The Growth of Ufology
10. Who Are They? What Do They Want?
11. Weird Science: Propulsion, Energy, Spacetime, and Consciousness
12. Into the Future, Into Ourselves


“In a field that can be so confusing, so complex, Richard Dolan has taken his many years of thinking about UFOs and written a completely fresh overview of the entire subject. . . . This is an ambitious work that truly ties the many different aspects of the subject together. It’s rare to find something like this, especially considering the care and thoroughness that went into it.”
– George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM.

“As a follow-up to his previous books exploring the relationship between UFOs and the National Security State, historian Richard Dolan widens his perspective to explore all aspects of this provocative phenomenon. In this role, he takes us on a journey that brings to life the subtlety and depth of this rich subject, a truly captivating read.”
–H. E. Puthoff, Ph.D., Director, Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin

richard-dolan-event_12704027“UFOs For the 21st Century Mind represents a new kind of book – one that clearly and intelligently addresses literally every aspect and implication of the most maligned, misunderstood and compelling subject in human history. Richard Dolan’s newest work is perfect reading for serious students of ufology as well as the absolute beginner. Inspired, particularly well written, and the product of a first class mind for this or any other century.”
–Peter Robbins, coauthor of the U.K. bestseller, Left At East Gate: A First-Hand Account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident, Its Cover-up and Investigation

“This is an invaluable treatment of the known facets and seemingly endless implications regarding UFOs, with a much-appreciated focus on the human experience. A job well done, Richard.”
– Sam Maranto, Investigative Researcher

Publication Date: Jan 21 2014
ISBN/EAN13: 9781495291609

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