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Published on Dec 17, 2013


12/17/2013 Today we analyze newly released footage from China, depicting the lunar surface taken after having successfully landed the first moon rover on our celestial neighbor in 4 decades. But what exactly do the new images contain? Stay tuned for updates on this monumental achievement.


Apollo 20: Alien Spaceship On The Moon UFO Footage – Mona Lisa EBE Moon Alien In Command Module

Published on Apr 11, 2013
Apollo 20: Alien Spaceship On The Moon UFO Footage – Mona Lisa EBE Moon Alien In Command Module – YouTube Video

Apollo 20 E.B.E. Mona Lisa 16 mm film supposedly shot inside the lunar command module. Sections of this video are unscheduled transmissions made from the lunar command module while in orbit released by William Rutledge. This is the Mona Lisa EBE secret mission carried out by NASA.

US military has crafts which reach Moon in 90 min and we went to Mars

Listen carefully what Cernan is saying after 8:00 mins of video. You think it may be a slip!!! I doubt it.

Despite the fact that there’s no physical evidence that corroborates the claims of Al Bielek, Preston Nichols, Andrew Basiago and Laura M. Eisenhower, that US military has developed secret programs on space-time travel, since the ’40s, I consider this video, a smoking-gun whistleblow ’cause the persons you will hear and see now, have done astonishing revealings about this subject.

People please open your eyes

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