Philippines Storm Report, Ankor Wat Ancient Aliens Tour

Ankor02 Wat Reconstruction

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Angkor: Land of the Gods : A Digital Reconstruction of Angkor Wat

Hear first-hand report on PHILIPPINNES RECOVERY EFFORT & ANGKOR WAT, Cambodia Expedition to establish the relationship of ancient Sumerian, Indian and Cambodian gods and their half-breed descendants. Bruce Cunningham tells of the March 2014 when he, Rita Louise, Stephan Knapp and Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin take select visitors to the site and educate as well as discover together.

Bruce reports on the progress of recovery from areas in the Philippines hit by sustained 230mph typhoon winds.

The Lessins and Cunningham discuss the whole Earth-wide and interplanetary grid of the ancients, as well as the role of the regressive Plieadians’ half-breed Illuminati that are depopulating Earth through the Fukashima meltdown they caused with a HAARP-generated tsunami.

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Using 3D image technology and years of archeological research, we can see what Angkor Wat originally looked like in its gilded glory.

 Angkor: Land of the Gods : The Mystery of Angkor’s Palace

The appearance of the royal palace has long remained a mystery. But with new data from French archeologists and the writings of a 13th century Chinese diplomat, a visual is starting to take shape.

Angkor: Land of the Gods : The Longest Bas Relief in the World

Angkor Wat’s entire outer gallery is covered from floor to ceiling with ornate bas-relief carvings that are a masterpiece in and of themselves.

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