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Lynette-AnneLyneLynette Mallory Horn is the co-author of the book “Humanity’s Extraterrestrial Origins”, which was researched, written and published with her husband, noted Yale physical anthropologist, Dr. Arthur D. Horn. Lynette is presently completing her next book, “Wisdom of the Knowing”, due for publication in 2014, along with her memoirs. She devotes her time now to serve with inspiration and aspiration toward humanity’s higher spiritual evolution, as well as the integration of the human species evolution for the new intelligent design – homo gnosis!

Lynette currently lives in the remote wilds of Northern California staying close to nature.

Book Humanitys Extraterrestrial OriginsHumanity’s Extraterrestrial Origins

Dr. Arthur Horn

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Author of “Humanity’s Extraterrestrial Origin: ET Influences on Humankind’s Biological and Cultural Evolution”. He is an anthropologist, and a scientist, and believes ETs were heavily involved in our biological, cultural, and evolutionary development, even starting our first civilization. Unfortunately, the negative forces have mostly been in control throughout the 300,000 or so years of history. He was bothered by the extremely rapid rise in humans in the last 10,000 years or so. A spiritual event happened that changed his mind about Darwinian evolution and has set out to study the spiritual and physical world.

Dr. Horn is from a small Kansas town and was raised in a Christian family. He was bothered by the different sects and strife throughout history and eventually became an atheist. His engineering interests shifted to philosophy, but since he was drafted into the army, he spent a lot of time reading Darwinian books. He became a Darwinist and eventually got a PhD in anthropology at Yale. He married Lynette, a very spiritual person, in 1988 and in 1989 they had a spiritual experience that caused him to abandon his materialistic point-of-view. He resigned his professorship at Colorado State and they moved to the Mt. Shasta area of northern California.

For him the Mesopotamian accounts of our origins are the best. There are many holes in Darwinism, that is not recognized in academia. For example, for the origin of life on this planet, as currently stated, the odds against random chemical combination are calculated to be so unlikely, that it can be ruled out. Also, the fact that homo erectus lived for a million years, but only 25- 30,000 years ago the Cro-Magnon man, a fully modern human, suddenly appeared.

The tradition of oral history made it possible for us to have very old records. The Mesopotamians made copies of the Sumerian cylinder-seals, and the same accounts can be found in Acadian and Babylonian histories. There have been many, many mistranslations because we didn’t have the knowledge to make sense of them.

Dr. Horn relied heavily on Sitchin material, saying this should be viewed as our real history. We were created as a hybrid race from native hominids to replace workers that had revolted, in their gold mines. Our father is Annunaki and our mother homo erectus. The first were infertile, however, and the chief engineer, Enki, was called on to make us fertile. The cloning through use of “Adam’s rib” was the first genetic engineering on humans. Chapter 2 of the Bible reports on this. He differs with Sitchin that there is only one type of hybrid, since there is evidence of other attempts at the project.

Agriculture was begun, even though hunting and gathering was easier. This led to over population which lead to the spreading of diseases and droughts that were designed to control mankind. The first civilization had a few elite that dominate the rest, just like today.

The Annunaki and the first humans had reptilian characteristics. They had faces that resembled frogs, with 3 fingers and 3 toes. The Annunaki had shape-shifting abilities, and some Sumerian statuettes are definitely reptilian. Around 3,000 BC many ETs left Earth and the regressive ETs took over. (Horn says that progressive ETs were responsible for cloning us but regressive ETs saw an opportunity to dominate and did so.) They have kept us controlled by distorting and altering our spirituality. The massive coverup continues today, and Darwinism is part of this. They don’t need the secret societies anymore, since they have the secret government.

All birds and mammals bond with their offspring, and at least one parent cares for the young. Reptiles don’t do this. Reptilians are less capable of spiritual evolution. The typical grey seems to have lost its emotions by being bred out and reproducing by cloning.

We humans have the responsibility to straighten this out. Now that we know all this, we can make a conscious decision to evolve spiritually. The progressive ETs are helping with this in the form of individual inspiration. However, the regressive ones appear to be doing this too, but are lying to us. Our spiritual evolution depends a lot on our emotions – most especially love.

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